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  1. Duck Egg


    Feel for the Derby fans. A proper club and fans, who're just unfortunate to be the latest victims of the money madness. Fleetwood are a bloated amateur club, who will revert to bumbling around the non leagues again if the worst should happen. Same as Salford and Wigan.
  2. I don't think we were lucky at all playing Ipswich when we did. It was inevitable they were going to start winning after the squad they'd assembled and it was perfectly set up for us to be the fall guys. Thankfully, we were too good and they won next time out instead at Lincoln. It's better this Saturday. Few neutrals will give us a chance. We might surprise one or two.
  3. I liked that post "After reading up on Messrs Bassini and Anderson, I'm thankful we have Mel at the helm" Like us and Wigan, once you've lost your wealthy fan/benefactor you're vulnerable to any shyster pitching up. Thank God we got Sharon and Co when we did.
  4. Duck Egg


    Similar parallels to us; a fan and owner that pumped in millions who's been desperately scrambling around trying to find a buyer. The running costs have just overwhelmed him in the end. Gone to Admin before a Ken came along. Feel for their fans though. Other than Wigan, i wouldn't wish it on anyone
  5. I think that was the only time i ever saw Jamie Procter score for us.
  6. Mine too. Saturday was up there amongst one of the best away days ever for me.
  7. Lots of lovely bits in it but if i had a criticism where were the shots of the players celebrating with the fans on the day? You see them after Crawley running to the gates but then nowt. The celebrations back at the Reebok that night looked amazing too but nowt. All be in Episode 3 hopefully
  8. Great day. 2 highlights that stand out in a number of many. The love and support for Kerchunga at the end, you could see how much it meant to him and the Ipswich fan leaving 5 minutes from the end giving us all dogs abuse. Walking out with his girlfriend, giving us the v's and getting a chorus of "Is that your sister, is that your sister?!", i bet he's still fuming now!
  9. Absolutely. One of my best away days ever. They'll be peed off because 2nd half we've played them off the park. There won't be many more win at Ipswich this season i reckon
  10. Agreed. Big shout outs to Jones and Joel too. So cool under pressure
  11. Quite the opposite so far. Been stopped a couple of times by Ipswich fans, they've all been complimentary. Hoarse and on the beers now!
  12. Aye. One of our players gets abused for the colour of his skin and someone is more concerned with their bonkers anti woke campaign, than condemning this for what it is.
  13. There's some right scum about. It'd make it even worse for me if it's one of our own supporters who's done this. Find em out, name and shame, make their employer aware if they have one and lifetime ban.
  14. It doesnt bode well this one. They've apparently been playing well but all the new signings haven't clicked yet. They're waiting for their first win of the season and next up, of course, is us. We get anything, its decent.
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