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  1. Ngog was just one of many fringe Liverpool/Man U players who showed promise in a good side but were found wanting after another club spent several million on em. See also - Ibe, Spearing, Mellor, Chadwick, Gibson, Wilson
  2. 25 homes 15 aways. Think it's my most ever
  3. I dont care if it's different times, different divisions, different players etc but if someone was once daft enough to pay 3.5m for Clough and 6m for Madine, I want at least 8m for the much much better Dapo.
  4. The Rags I know are gutted at that result, so that'll do for me. Allez
  5. It was Dave Richardson he kept mentioning when he was buying us/dropping paper all over the place wasnt it?
  6. It did. It's what rags fans miss when they're slagging City off for splashing the cash. Utd were at the forefront of changing the rules on gate receipts, the launching of the premier league and the Champions league which was solely designed to keep all the cash amongst a select few. I think it's great that City and hopefully Newcastle have gatecrashed their private party. It's almost worth the human rights abuses both are tarnished with!
  7. Iirc Wednesday's owner was chucking loads of money in, expecting to get them up. When they fell further away from the PL promotion spots, he was complaining that FFP prevented him from chucking more in. They can probably afford to continue paying the high wages until they get back into the Championship
  8. They've a few loanees to go back and a history of shooting themselves in the foot but I rate Neill as a manager. I think they'd be strong again next year, more so than Wycombe or Wednesday would.
  9. I'd like Sunderland to go up. We've got Derby to replace them next year and I think they'd go up as champions next year if they miss out. Wouldn't be surprised to see Moore get the chop at Wednesday now.
  10. Thrown out - 0 Refused entry - 0 Mingling - 3 Arrested - 2 Pitch invasions - 3 at Burnden - Fulham, Wigan and bizarrely Darlington in the FRT. 2 at Reebok. 0 away. Banning order - 1
  11. So he did! Could be his new agent trying to work miracles
  12. Re Pogba, is it not just his agent trying to keep his stock and his wages high? On recent performances, who's going to pay him what the rags are right now? I'm sure City are no more interested in him than they were Ronaldo.
  13. Anything above 9th counts as improvement and I think we're perfectly capable of that. As said, given the strength of others, next season will be just as tough
  14. He most definitely did play for us. Saw him score for us at Doncaster and Blackpool amongst others. I think he fractured his skull after us, possibly when playing for Bury. Signed for us with BSA, Dave Sutton, Asa Hartford and Derek Scott. Charlie Wright was shopping in the veteran, freebie market that summer.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61365153 I see the chino wearing charlatan is at it again. Cleaned us and Tranmere up then got thrown under the bus. Scunnys relegation definitely not his fault.
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