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  1. I'm really looking forward to it tonight but I do wonder where all the optimism is coming from that I'm seeing on social media. We're England. We always feck it up. They're Italy. Their record in tournaments and against us is damn convincing. I just can't see us winning, not this time anyway. Hope to God I'm wrong. I am aren't I?
  2. Blimey. Cheers chaps. Although I do feel a bit of a numpty now 😕!
  3. Really? Just asked the Mrs who works in a medical facility. She's since heard the same but they were only shown the nose swab as the way to do it. Blimey.
  4. Got our first dog in 2003. Rescue dog who'd had a poor start in life, all sorts of behavioural issues and quirks but in no time he became our absolute world and we became his. Taking him to the vets for that last journey, where I had to carry him in and out of the car just broke me. I'm filling up just typing this as I remember it. We got over it by volunteering at Bleakholt then 8 months later got our current chap, who's loved just as much the last. Best wishes Farny. Dogs are ace.
  5. I'm thinking I've been doing it wrong cos the tests we have, it goes right up your hooter rather than in your gob. Still bloody unpleasant mind..
  6. That was a Paula Yates quote. I'm sure he did corrupt Kylie though, the jammy bugger
  7. Handmaid's tales back. If you've not seen it, get on it. Great stuff
  8. Providing there's no restrictions then somewhere we could take a large following- Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday or one to make a weekend of it Portsmouth, Plymouth or Cambridge. It'll be Shrewsbury at home
  9. Duck Egg

    Boo Boys

    Which players taking a knee have said they're doing it for the BLM movement and that they support that groups aims? In the last few days, Southgate, Ferdinand, Rashford, the whole Irish side ffs have all been quite clear, that's not why the players are kneeling. For whatever reason, some continue to try to confuse and equate the two. I find it exasperating, so can only imagine how the footballers and many black people are surely feeling. On the upside, I'm glad that it means it's going to continue and will keep pissing people, and yes racists, right off.
  10. Duck Egg

    Boo Boys

    It's a fair bet that some of those booing players taking a knee and 'bringing politics into football', were also booing Aaron McClean for exercising his right not to wear a poppy on his shirt.
  11. That's phenomenal. 10 minutes every hour to have a nap, eat and do toilet 😳
  12. Duck Egg

    Boo Boys

    Beautifully summed up, as always: https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/jun/08/david-squires-on-the-unlikely-marxist-takeover-of-english-football
  13. Duck Egg

    Boo Boys

    It really really doesn't
  14. Some crackers in there. That one at Notts County(?) - wow!
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