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  1. Josh Vela was laughed out of Hibs and told he couldn't cut it in Scotland. He's just won players and supporters player of the year at Shrewsbury. I think the SPL is stronger than many of us would believe.
  2. I'd like Blackpool to stay down because I'm bloody determined to see us win there one day. They're in good form though and I think they'll go up. Anyone but Bournemouth for the top division. Newport for L2 preferably.
  3. Duck Egg


    Great read that. Fair play to Liverpool too, paying that out for surgery on a lad who was going to be released.
  4. Excellent summary. Worth adding the 6 day war in 1967 where the Israelis triumphed over the Arabs, and used their victory to nick more land/reclaim back more of the holy state.
  5. They were, but as Micky points out, If they'd finished in the bottom 4 without any points having been deducted, then the deduction would have taken place the following year.
  6. You're right. Macclesfield actually stopped up last year but then a points deduction after the seasons end, sent them down instead of Stevenage. The club folded as a result.
  7. Their potential new owner, who has to show proof of funds to the EFL, has tweeted good morning with a picture of some fancy gaff. Another Twitter user has pointed out that he's lifted the pic from some random house thing on Tik Tok
  8. I'll be expecting Rotherham to be up there. They bounced back straight away last time and they have a good manager. Blackpool have done very well since shedding the Oystons and get stronger each season. I think they may win the play offs this time though.
  9. I was on an exclusion order after trouble at the Cup game with Barnsley in January. I was too scared to breach it so missed Wrexham and my first game back wasn't until a 1-0 home win v Preston.
  10. Watching all last nights celebrations on twitter from the comfort of my bed and thinking it looks great but a bit wet and cold.
  11. Bolton promoted and landslides for Burnham and Khan. Great day.
  12. Aye, feck it. We're massive, We're going up again!
  13. Aye. The step ups get bigger the higher you go. 3 decent sides coming down, particularly if Wednesday don't become a financial basket case. Sunderland and Ipswich both big sides. Whoever misses out on the play offs and then sides like Plymouth, Lincoln and possibly Wigan if they get new finance. It's going to be great pitting our wits against em.
  14. Big step up but with the right recruitment, no reason we can't have a good go. I'd snatch your hands off for 20th though now.
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