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  1. Potentially a game changing decision that and a clear red for me. This referee is an utter prick, he reffed the debacle at Accrington last season. Disappointing as we were in the second half also think the free kick for their winning goal was also very soft. We’ve bounced back from other setbacks recently so we hopefully we do so again next week.
  2. Spot on Frank! Munich fans must be controlling VAR now, how the fuck was Maguire not sent off?
  3. bulldog

    Keith Hill

    Keith is doing away with the chinos and dog walking outfit this Saturday!
  4. Don’t you need to get back to shagging your sister dingle, instead of wasting your time here? Sad fucker
  5. bulldog


    I know some of the threads touch on Gartside but I can't recall seeing a recent one specifically for this so thought it was time to start one. Freedman needs to go now but so should Gartside as he is at fault for much of the mess we find ourselves in. If Freedman does go can Gartside be trusted in making another Managerial appointment? I think not. Before anyone complains I know we've had some good times under his chairmanship but we are now in a really shit and dire state and amongst a number of gripes I start with: - Freedman - it was his choice as Manager, I was surprised at the time when he was appointed and to be fair I have given him a chance but cannot give him any longer as he is ruining our club and turning us into an unforgivable embarrassment. - Communication - is it me or when the times were good Gartside was happy to hog the limelight. His silence in clarifying the present situation is deafening and an insult to the fans. - Salary- some may know better than me but is it correct than he still takes over £600000 per annum from BWFC? Whilst doing so he has presided over monumental losses that has seen our debt spiral to crazy levels in recent years. Sure someone who posts on here could do better at a fraction of the cost - unfortunately it's not like we don't need to save money! I am hoping when I wake up in the morning that Gartside and Dougie will have reigned but I am not expecting to that this will happen in which I will be looking for paint and an unwanted sheet ready for Saturday.
  6. Just seen the goals - bloody awful too many players look like they could not give a shit. This lot a fucking disgrace to our beloved Wanderers.
  7. Jesus wept - what a bleeding mess. I was there in the 80's and it was bad at times then but this feels worse and could get worse yet unless some action us taken quickly. I feel sorry for the loyal fans who travelled there tonight. I've listened to the interview with Jack D, Dougie sounds more bloody clueless by the second, he needs to go now we are heading for league 1 & he is turning us into a laughing stock, I can't believe that he will be in charge on Saturday. I think that slimeballl Gartside is getting off lightly, it was his appointment and ED should be firing him off too. Rant over its bedtime.
  8. I've slept on it but still can't believe how depressingly bad we were yesterday, where do you start with that? This is the worst team we've had in 30 years and worryingly this lot are utterly spineless and most of them don't seem to give a shit about our beloved Wanderers. The last time we were this bad was back in the 80's but most of that team probably earned not much more than the average man in the street, are we still paying the likes of Pratley 17k a week? Can't remember him even making a successful pass yesterday. One powderpuff shot on target is an utter embarrassment and like many have said Freedmans selections are a complete mystery? Where was Danns (he is one of the few players I have got time for). Craig Davies doesn't get a start and he brings Beckford on first. Is that Moxey really a footballer? Even Eric Snookes was better than him. We are heading in one direction and not even sure this lot would be much above the league 1 drop zone, DF needs to go now before it's too late and gartside should go as well. He picked this joker and cannot be trusted to get the right man in. Rant over.
  9. Goal scorer Bradden Inman. Bloody John Inman would run rings around our inept defence
  10. Well done chorley, really enjoyed being there. BWFC will always be our first team but it was great at buxton and cost me less 60 quid less on just gettin me and the kids in compared to hillsborough. By the way bloody fantastic that fc scumbag were the team chorley beat to the title.
  11. I'm hoping you've done the decent thing and resigned when I wake up in the morning dougie. You are wrecking our proud club, I cannot believe how embassing this is.
  12. Not sure we can give him any more time. Can we get rid of gartside too? After some of his choices in recent years can we trust him to get it right?
  13. Just seen the goals, fuck me, what a fucking shambles cannot believe how bad the majority of them were.
  14. Agree with some of the earlier posts. The players need to get in their overpaid pockets and refund the ticket costs and travel for every one of the loyal supporters who endured that debacle.
  15. I know this won't go down well with the liberal brigade but did you hear the classified scores on 5 live today? Some miserable sounding woman who I think normally reads the shipping forecast, she sounded more interested in shipping. Bulldog says reading the Saturday scores is a mans job, grrrrrrrrroooowwwwwllllllll. Didn't improve my mood away from the reebok.
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