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  1. 8 years between getting 50,000 for a game and 2,900 for a game.
  2. Aye, every club has them. Still shocked me though! I did laugh at a daft confrontation between a bloke and a woman on the way out last night "Don't call me a slag ya 4 foot nonce!" 😂
  3. Cheers! I'm holding you responsible if I join in next time and get funny looks! The minutes applause for Don Megson was well observed, despite who is son was, but why on earth were some of our lot booing them young lasses with the 'Her game too' banner?
  4. Excellent backing last night by the way. Wanderers in good voice and I heard an unfamiliar song "We've got super Ian Evatt..." Anyone know the rest of the lyrics?
  5. Came away from the ground last night buzzing with a point. On reflection this morning I can't help feeling it was a missed opportunity. Not wishing to sound negative but we've got to find a way to turn possession and dominance into tangible chances. It's not a new issue, I came away from Hillsborough 16 months ago feeling the same, but it's the difference between being a good footballing team and a promotion winning one.
  6. Thanks for the response but I'm still a bit lost. I have a pension from a previous employer that I could withdraw from in August. If I carried on in my current job with its own separate pension scheme, does this change allow me to put more money into that scheme and in theory get more paid into it by my employer too? 🤔
  7. How does this work in practice? If I start taking my private pension this year, where do I send the 10k a year to? Presumably its done to boost my state pension when/if I get to 67? Or have I got this all arse about face?
  8. If funds were tight, why did they give Richardson a 3 year deal then sack him about 6 weeks into it?
  9. It was called the Associate Members cup in its first year. An Internet pound to anyone who remembers our 1st game in the competition.
  10. Who's going to be waiting for open sale? Don't you have to be a member to purchase tickets anyway?
  11. Wembley have always been c*nts for this kind of thing haven't they? 1989, supporters mixing freely and no issues. Get to the turnstile and they're confiscating the sticks in everyone's flags in case they're used as a weapon. You could collect it again on the way out.
  12. This sounds very much like our Anderson days.
  13. Seems like a pretty accurate take. Well done Gary!
  14. Duck Egg

    Ipswich Home

    Didn't we finish 9th(?) last season? Anything above that and a cup final is progress. As long as we're moving forwards and upwards, KTF. We'll be reet.
  15. Duck Egg

    Ipswich Home

    He's gone and no point fretting about it but he offered something no one else did. The ability to draw defenders in and shooting outside the box. Those late winners at Accy and Fleetwood wouldn't be scored by many of the current lot. They'd be too busy looking for a safe, short pass!
  16. Duck Egg

    Ipswich Home

    7 games 7 wins 3 assists and a goal. He ain't doing badly tbf!
  17. Djibril Diawara did do something memorable at Arsenal. They didn't have a shirt to fit him and had to borrow one off one of our largest fans outside the ground and got the Arsenal club shop to screen print his name on it. He was a shocking footballer though.
  18. Duck Egg

    Ipswich Home

    When Toal first broke into the team wasn't he playing at LCB? I much prefer Jones at RCB or RWB
  19. I don't know whether that's true or not but I'm not sure of the relevance. One was a bloke making appalling misogynistic remarks. The other was a bloke expressing a political opinion.
  20. Definitely Mansfield on the day the national had a false start. Seagraves equaliser was a pivotal moment in the season.
  21. I thought you frowned at oil money? Liverpool seemed to do OK without it today though 🤔
  22. I've moved jobs a few times these past years but had 26 years in the local government pension scheme, the gold plated one according to some, and naively assumed that would see me right. In theory I can retire this August. If I can manage to live on £7k pa that is. I suspect like many others on here I'll be working till I drop.
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