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  1. P- Sheff Wed, Barnsley PO's - Peterborough, Portsmouth, MK Dons, Ipswich Us 7th or 8th Relegated- Cheltenham, Shrewsbury, Forest Green, Cambridge Utd
  2. In our first 6 games we play 4 who finished above us, plus a giddy promoted side and a collection of physical shithouses we always struggle against. It's a tough start, no question. Its only June and doubts are starting to creep in!
  3. Charlton away on a Saturday for once would be good, as would Bristol Rovers. Be nice to start off with a home game again.
  4. I think you're right. Years ago I expect a player would look at wages, the area, size and potential of the club etc and weigh everything up. Nowadays, I imagine the agent shops around for the biggest payer for them and the player, then says "you're going here".
  5. He was good but best in the world? GTF! Socrates, Falcao, Maradona, Tardelli, Platini, Littbarski all better midfielders than him at the time.
  6. He'll have been caught urinating on the Queen's grave, fathered another child to some posh totty who he's then employed as a cabinet official, lied to parliament almost weekly and been found to be on Putins payroll and someone on here posts "It's not the right time to change Prime minister"
  7. Duck Egg


    The difference between them and Bury perhaps, who had no serious bidders. We were issued a final warning while FV were in talks with the administrators. Agree re the fixtures though. Ours and Burys were out at the time and the league season had kicked off before they were expelled. Suggests Derby may have a few more weeks yet before things become critical.
  8. Duck Egg


    Surely the EFL must be at the point of issuing a final deadline and withdrawing the golden share? Even if they can prove they've got the funding to cover the next 2 years and I dont see how, they currently have just 5 contracted players and the fixtures are out Thursday. I wouldn't wish it on them but they do seem to be getting greater leeway than us or Bury got.
  9. We'll be in the championship with Antoni Sarcevic as our manager. It would have been Eoin Doyle but he was stopped on a cross channel ferry and deported to Rwanda. Derby will still be in administration.
  10. Club legend without a doubt. Always comes across as a lovely, humble guy. One of my all time favourites.
  11. Bazunu's being sold to Southampton. For £11m!!
  12. Aye, they were both shockers over here. Newcastle had another striker around that time too, Andreasson(?) who also couldn't hit a barn door. BSA used to say players needed something extra to do well here as well as on the continent. I'm sure physicality and heart must be factors.
  13. As long as the rags continue to struggle, that'll do for me. I fear though that they could be on the long road back. City Liverpool Chelsea Spurs Utd Arsenal
  14. Duck Egg


    In case anyone was in any doubt, at least it's exposed Nixon for the absolute charlatan he is.
  15. Duck Egg


    What a shithouse. Plan B Mike Ashley will be along shortly to rape and pillage what's left.
  16. 'The game of their lives' about the 1966 North Korean world cup team was a belter. One of them bursting into tears at the mention of Kim Il Song with "I miss him so much" was a bit of an eye opener. The world cup films on Amazon are good viewing to, particularly 74 and 78 for me.
  17. Duck Egg


    From what I was reading on their forum last night, the suggestion was an Ashley takeover would see a 15pt deduction but Kirchner's proposal wouldn't. I well remember the stress involved around ours with it seeming to drag on, Bassini popping up and trying to get my head around complex finances. It's hard not to feel for them. Kirchner refused to go on air with talks sport?
  18. Duck Egg

    FV and IE

    Particularly as it's Lostock!
  19. Other than 1966 our record in tournaments has been sketchy at best. Beaten semi finalists in the WC and beaten finalists in the EC is our best ever performance in successive tournaments. Under the same manager. Yet folk aren't sure about him?
  20. He equalled his world cup record with a semi final appearance in his 1st tournament and smashed Robson's Euros record (1 failure to qualify and 1 out at the group stage after losing every game) by getting us to a final.
  21. 2 decent world cup campaigns and 2 appalling Euros. Southgate's record has already long surpassed his.
  22. I think if he was coming here it would have been done by now. His agent's told him to hang fire and said he can get him 2 or 3x the salary we're offering and a division higher. Good luck to the lad if he's going to PNE, Sunderland or similar. Go to Wigan though and I'll wish him nothing but serious injury or death.
  23. Aye, it'll be a shame if we miss out on Fossey but not the end of the world. He'll go to a higher level on more wages, we'll find an alternative. Onwards and upwards
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