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  1. For Wanderers was it Holdsworth (v Chelsea?)
  2. Forgot all about this. Just went on line and got 2 on the terrace, so still some left.
  3. Bizarre that they were time wasting from the start and had actually been the better side in the opening 15 minutes. They've got one or two great individuals but what a horrible team.
  4. Milton Keynes had an amateur side at the time. It still beggars belief that the FA/FL allowed the franchise to happen and I'm fairly sure it wouldn't do now. However, I'm of similar mind to Casino on this one. It's done now. There are young men who support MK who don't know anything else. Let them get on with it. I'm still not sure how they pay for such a lovely ground on such poor crowds. The sales of Dele Ali, Keith Andrews(!) & Scott Twine won't have been enough surely?
  5. Is ours the only L1 game without cameras there. Every other bloody goal in the division has been on SSN but ours.
  6. He's never even raised an "Ooh", hit the bar or had one saved from a corner has he? I love the guy but we could be in for a wait for that first one.
  7. Went there on a Tuesday night in the Parky years. We didn't manage a shot on target, the journey home up the M6 was horiffic with various junctions closed and lanes coned off and I got a parking ticket in the post a few days later. This one can get to feck.
  8. Good post. When you're a possession based side like us, hopeful punts into the mixer soon become a thing of the past. The trouble is, as you say, if you never speculate, you can then start trying to walk it in or just not get a shot off. Definitely a balance to be struck.
  9. Duck Egg


    Yep. Utterly bonkers. An old colleague who's against the merger thinks the Council will still fund them (FC) anyway, when they've no team to speak of. Splitting an already small fanbase can't work for either side.
  10. Duck Egg


    They already have been! From what I can gather it's supporters of Bury FC (aka F*ck the Phoenix) who caused the trouble and are responsible for threats on social media etc. They're urging for a No vote to the merger. They own Gigg Lane but have no team and won't get 450K promised by the Council if they vote No. The other lot, AFC, have a team that's thriving in the NW Counties and if merged could play at Gigg and have a reasonable attempt at getting back into the league. All the antagonism they've faced from the other lot, I imagine may lead to many of them now voting No too. 2 bald men fighting over a comb.
  11. From the highlights at Pompey today, their front 2 look a handful.
  12. Quite a lot of posts condemning Ms Dodd now MickyD. Rightly so too. Well done to the club on this.
  13. Scunny chairman criticised us for spending big at the time they were spending 120% of their income on wages.
  14. Hill gone from Scunny the absolute feck wit. Surely no one else will take a punt on this divisive charlatan ever again?
  15. Enjoy everyone. Bring em back.
  16. For those staying over and going on the lash, be warned that Plymouth is the worst town in the world for taxis.
  17. I know! I just couldn't stomach the thought of blindly paying out each year after their shoddy treatment. Thought I'd better start going again when we got relegated, as they'd need the extra support.
  18. Fair play to him and it was good you got sorted. My own experience was much less positive. I tried phoning and writing to the club and got no response. PG did that interview on telly with his "hindsight is a wonderful thing" & then out of the blue I got a letter from the club. A cut and paste job refusing to accept any culpability, no name attached and a deliberate unintelligible signature. I'd been a season ticket holder every year since 1982 and something in my relationship with the club died that day. I didn't attend another league game for several years and only started going again in 2013. Still annoys me now to think back to that time.
  19. It should be easy enough to pick them out.
  20. Jamie Mackie on ITV4 right now. His voice is like Zippy off Rainbow. Nails down blackboard territory.
  21. Prime example in the first half when Dapo's shot gets deflected for a corner. Their keeper dashes across to prevent it going out, linesman signals a corner, dickhead says goal kick. Shockingly poor.
  22. I hope they don't take the laces out of my boots at the turnstile
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