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  1. That all inclusive cruise with your stalker pal must have looked an attractive alternative after an hour
  2. Yeah, I'm assuming and hoping that's how it's been done. The team have always seemed like a tight unit, with Sarc front and centre so I'm quite sad at this happening. Still, it'll all be forgotten if we win today.
  3. Have Stockport paid his contract up with us? If he's not been sacked and hasn't asked for a transfer, he's entitled to the remainder. That would be a slap in the face if we've done that as well as missed out on a fee.
  4. Duck Egg


    How much has Steve Dale made from the sale I wonder?
  5. He looks an awful lot like Richard E Grant
  6. Cant see us scoring. Cant see us keeping a clean sheet. 0-1 loss
  7. I think this is a very fair point and has had implications for us too. I know of several Wanderers fans in my age group (40s-50s) who were brought up in Tyldesley, Atherton, Leigh etc That next generation in those areas not already hoovered up by ManU and City, are probably more likely to go to Wigan than come to Bolton, now we're on a par with each other.
  8. The few times I've come across her this season, she's been loud and leery but no better or worse than the group she's with. As you say, many who should know better. I was stood close to a few last night who seem to equate supporting their team with just shouting abuse at opposition players and opposition fans.
  9. What a shit night. Bloody drenched. No taxis available so had to drive up to the ground, no spaces left so dumped the car on some side street. Get soaked going in, watch in disbelief at us being even worse than Saturday, get further soaked going back to the car. Bolton fookin Wanderers.
  10. Hoping to do the same but i imagine the demand has just rocketed!
  11. Just ducked into a pub to avoid the rain. It's gone bloody biblical!
  12. Had 2 pints of Devon rock in there this afternoon. That's strong stuff! Much easier drive down than anticipated too. 👍
  13. I'd have agreed with that a few years ago I hate ManU but considering them as rivals is just ridiculous. Same with Bury. The disparity between the 2 clubs in either scenario, just prevents it imo. Blackburn would be perfect. Similar size club, support and history and next door geographically but they have Burnley. Wigan are our closest rivals imo. Close geographically, much smaller in terms of history and support but they've been in similar divisions to us over the last 30 years and kids in Tyldesley, Atherton, Leigh, who years gone by would have followed us if they didnt go to the red scum, are now more likely to go there. Plus, they're cunts.
  14. Set your stall early and get him told. You're not going to want to miss all the big games we've got coming up over the next 5 years.
  15. That'd be a feckin dark day in this club's history if that was true. I've lived here 40+ years and could count the number of Wigan fans I've met in that time on one finger.
  16. Aye plus the cleaning bill for wiping the extra seats down after them scummy cunts have been sat on em
  17. Been ages since I've seen that. Gave me goosebumps! The limbs on the terrace after SJMs winner!
  18. Cant believe we've outsold Ipswich for this. Great effort.
  19. Dapo doesn't get enough protection from referees. In the league cup game at their place he was kicked from pillar to post. Ref took far too long to get his book out. Bloke last Saturday was no better.
  20. They were neutral in WW2. Are you suggesting that the sending of the telegram, however ill conceived, means they were the enemy?
  21. They did but Ireland was largely neutral during the war, the Taioseach (sp?) even sending a telegram of condolence to Germany on the death of Hitler. The poppy is a mark of remembrance for the deaths of British soldiers. Hardly surprising that groups totally opposed to the presence of British soldiers, wouldn't want to be associated with it. McLean could have just worn it and not made a fuss, and after the death threats he received afterwards, I'm sure there were days when he wished he had, but his stance, whether you agree with it or not, took courage.
  22. John 83 Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary
  23. I actually quite admired McLean's stance on the poppy. It took balls to stand up to it and why would a Derry boy from a fiercely republican family, want to wear one anyway? He doesn't help himself though with his general demeanour and twattishness on the park. Evatt dismissed the link with him before he'd even signed for Wigan, so I'm inclined to believe his version that it was bullshit from McLeans agent trying to get Wigan to up their offer.
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