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  1. I'm not watching today, but see we've had 9 corners so far, what is the routine today? Is Santos even goin up for them??
  2. Played cricket against him when he was a Kid playing for Bootle, used to walk around the pitch when they were batting doing keepy ups the whole way round
  3. we only play like this when we're losing, what does that suggest? that when on level terms we just expect to go ahead.....they're good enough but just need shaking up!
  4. i always see james vaughan playin against us and always think he'd slot in well for us
  5. This is why they're all League 2, consistency, gone from a bangin 0-1 away win at Cheltz, to this.....still, my bet is bolton win and BTTS today, could be 3-1 in a hours time and we're all runnin about with chubbies
  6. 12/1, lovely, minute steaks and a bottle of blue nun tomorrow
  7. £5 double goin in on us and Forest toneet. Hoping for a win out of nowhere!
  8. Evatt and the Boys loving you diverting the attention away from them in the immediat aftermath
  9. bit of direct, bit of long ball......bang, goal......wait until 85th minute every week to go that route
  10. Do you reckon the ad's on Fulham I Follow are as bad as ours, carrs pastys and ropey furniture shops?
  11. 15 years ago to the day we was in Istanbul playing Besiktas
  12. Comley and Baptiste linking up ..... it's like they're trying to out shit each other
  13. Sean Davis, 3 years....3 games...
  14. But he ain't got no.... Telephone...?
  15. How cold was that new years day against Bradford..... Never been colder than that me
  16. The replay was a bit of an anti climax really, I think I read Fulham had to park their coach quite a distance away from the Stadium due to all the narrow roads around Hilton Park!
  17. Arsenal v Chelsea - Charity Shield 2005, was the day England beat Australia at Edgebaston - Harmison gloving off Kaprowicz - managed to find a walkabout to watch it in with the mrs - place went beserk........footy was a bit of anti climax after... Fulham v Leigh RMI - 1998..... brill day out - mixture of city / utd / wandrers and egg chasers in the Leigh end - Dave Felgate looked like he'd just arrived from outer space. Top Performance!
  18. When you're biggest rival is Wrexham 😂😂😂
  19. Andy Kellet is available on a free, remember him? Despite a debatable hair cut I remember thinkin he looked alreet when I saw him play at sheff wed... Bolton lad n all.
  20. Listening to him is like when ur stuck in a daze reading the same page of a book over and over and it still not sinking in.... Feel sorry for the players that have to sit and listen to the Keith Hill show during training and match days....
  21. We gotta forgive Lowe one, not often he go's mental. We can stay up. We'd have taken this at the start of the season?.... Crazy win spree and were up there. Coyfwm!
  22. Look forward to getting out of this league ASAP, having the likes of Doncaster, Lincoln and Accy Friggin Stanley all over our radars reminds me how far we've dropped!
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