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  1. He'll always revert to conservative, dull, boring stuff when the chips are down. Too loyal to faded talent. In the end he'll never quite make it, despite the talent available to him.
  2. He does. If all goes well he's going to be the very best we've had. You don't fear for him like you did for Gascoigne or Rooney do you.
  3. "Living within their (very meagre) means", in debt, letting most contracted first teamers leave, transfer embargo, wage cap, relying on kids & end cuts, -9, -12 or -15 points, gates of 3,500. Lovely, and as they say, jubbly.
  4. He did. He signed a 2┬ŻYr contract December 2016. Saved them from relegation & left in June 2017. The guy must have earned more in compensation that actual wages over the years.
  5. Agreed ... but we need a slap for slipping away. Derby spent sooo much ... it was like getting a loan to clear your credit cards and saying "great, my cards are free, let's start spending". If they don't go up I see them going for Admin a 4th time (or it it 5 ?).
  6. I can't believe Palace brought Hodgson back. Short term, immediately available & knows the club are all well & good but ....
  7. Their fans on line seem to think its a storm in a tea-cup, they're not guilty, they've done nothing wrong, it's only one year that's being investigated, it's covid's fault, it's Uzmanov's fault, Moshiri is stinking rich & will sort it all out, other clubs are as bad, they're being victimised.
  8. Oh, don't. v Wiggin at home was the nearest I ever came to walking across the pitch & punching our manager. Week after week he either subbed him off or benched him. What a useless God-bothering, tennis-playing fanny that pratg was.
  9. How long will Spurs put up with Conte, who today said .... "Tottenham's story is this - 20 years there is this owner and they never won something. Why?"
  10. They spent money they weren't supposed to have, big time. Back into Admin if they blow it ?
  11. Drew, while 'uddersfield won. Despite Blackpool getting taytered Wigan return to the bottom. 8 games left & it'd take 3 of them to get out of the relegation zone even in all others got nowt.
  12. Not paid on time for the 4th time ... then, a week late, are offered PART payment. Jeez, it'd be better not to pay them at all. If my understanding is correct they have till next Friday, or it's Admin. & an extra -9 points NEXT season, not this.
  13. Can you say all that again ... but slowly.
  14. ... &, today it's Patrick Vierra. Owd pea-head bites the dust.
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