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  1. I think thise may be football goggles you're wearing.
  2. Even Citeh backed away from The Bell End, as did Leicester with their Walker's Crisp Bowl. They're bright enough to find other words to use. The Kamani's have moved into property in a big way recently I believe.
  3. You CANNOT call a football ground 'The Pretty Little Thing Stadium'. Nor, dare I say it, 'The Boohoo Arena'
  4. Prising myself away from that photo for a moment .. Our Sarc is good, but his reputation precedes him. Almost every manager refers to him as our best player and he gets rave reviews even when he's been a bit anonymous. Now, where was I ? Oh, yes, my mate Michelle. We were sat by her on a flight to Barbados 2 years ago. Very pleasant. But not dressed like that at the time.
  5. Crackers. No harm to us though.
  6. He'd look a right tart'n it.
  7. Ditto. I was taken to a night match whete we lost to a team from Salford. Stood on the shale steps on the embankment. It was interspersed with red fans and I remember them gloating & I've fckg loathed them ever since.
  8. Isn't Finlay Lockett the lad Wolves keep hanging around ?
  9. Gosh. Are we back into the 'proper fans' discussions. Well, I'll own up ... I've NEVER watched a game in a replica Bolton shirt.
  10. Freedman ! I'm sure he had a breakdown whilst with us. At one point he looked in interviews like he was sleeping rough with greasy hair, unshaven & a worn out nylon coat. He did a bit of an Evatt, in starting shite & getting a bit of a run going. Then utterly fckg it up in that Blackpool match. Hopefully that Evatt similarity doesn't follow through. God, I loathed him. We were impressed by a small run of performances at Palace & we 'swooped'. I need a lie down now.
  11. You're saying they risked losing, & very nearly did, for 3 very winnable points so they could be stronger 4 days later for 3, on paper, less winnable ones ? The 3 points are equally valuable whoever they get them from. Leaving them on the bench suggests they're carrying an injury.
  12. Their vegan owner runs the club on a shoestring. He sold a couple of their better players in January, & not for that much. Plus they have 4 first choicers out with injury, not least the guy, Matt, who shattered his hand & arm against us. Then, straight after us beating them, he sacked the manager & put the under-18's coach in caretaker charge for the rest of the season. It's odd how many managers over the years have been sacked after losing to us. I could take it personally if I cared. All in all he's effectively hobbled them all on his own. He needs a good bacon butty do
  13. Not in the definition you are hoping to use it for. Plus, the 'private' owners of that 'private' land have just said "please don't come here". Of course some will, it's understandable, but smart-arsed reasons justifying it cut no ice.
  14. If a non-BWFC person reviews the whole season I'd be surprised if we had any, anywhere near. If they review us since late January I'd expect about 6 to be in the running. While we fannied about with our 3 centre halves experiment, with Crellin in the goals and trying to shoe-horn sub Conference players alongside high quality ones we were only going in one direction. The turnaround, aided by some very good incoming in (late) January has been remarkable.
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