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  1. So, after 144 years as just plain 'Everton' it looks like they'll be changing their name. There may be an early flurry, but until they get themselves organised, ship out a pile of coasting players and pay a lorra, lorra money for some proper ones the only change will be a more friendly, sycophantic media ... for a while.
  2. Dr. Feelgood


    My chum who's son does an Everton blog Rooney got sniffy when told he was to have an interview. He felt they knew him & if they wanted him he wasn't submitting to an interview. tbh. I suspect he was afraid of the written part as he'd left his crayons at home.
  3. We could end up with 7 new potential first team players from this window. This is great ... though makes you wonder whether that's as much a comment on our weakness prior to that.
  4. .... oh, please make it so.
  5. It is pointing somewhere. Frankly I hope not & I hope he's with us for at least 18m more but we're going to habe a lot of benchwarmers from next week.
  6. Not with that arse she wasn't.
  7. Is this a young Ms. Britton sneaking a first glance at the Wanderers ?
  8. A couple more poised to come in, a couple to exit on loan or perm. Plus possibly some deregistered. The final squad, notwithstanding those with long term injuries, will be stronger than it was in December. There will be a potential starting line up with 6 new players in there. That's some alteration mid-season. The same pattern as last season. Maybe our general recovery as a club opens up new options as we progress but, despite our January window being praiseworthy, it's a shame we can't get it done in the summer window. Still, we're a million miles from where we were 18 months ago.
  9. Amazed. The panes DID suggest there but can't recall that stand being so deep ... or full.
  10. Indeed. Soon we'll have a very decent bunch of largely top level 3rd Division players.
  11. As Youri says, I think you had to be there.
  12. Not really the issue. A half season later he moved to Stretford for £10m ... we'd have got him for a Sordell (£3m) plus £250k. He only played 2 league games for Stretford before being loaned back to Palace, Cardiff, Palace again & finally re-signed for Palace. Stories at the time were that he was shagging Moyses' daughter. Not only that but being very indiscrete about it. I agree he's a prick & inconsistent. But he'd have been better than Sordell AND we'd have moved him on for considerably more than the £250k we scrimped on.
  13. Oh, certainly. But we'd have had a player, not a Sordell who never played. We'd have got that extra point, stayed up & who knows. Then made a profit. It'd have been worth the small extra.
  14. Could have been OUR cock though, intead of Sordell. £250,000 killed it. Ooops.
  15. Ta. New information to me.
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