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  1. How come ? It was a straight red = 3 games as far as I'm aware.
  2. I remarked last week, about Toal, that getting red for anything not action related (dissent, shirt removed, time wasting, stabding too close) is unacceptable. But how can Evatt complain, discipline or control his players given that he rants uncontrollably so much & so often. He needs to calm tf down.
  3. Says a great deal about a Plan B which we cry out for. We know, & accept, that Evatt-Ball means 5 at the back Inc. 2 wing-backs. Sometimes it's not the best option.we should, at least, give ourselves that option.
  4. So, come the Winter window and with only 6 months on his contract, is Clarke-Harris a worthwhile target ?
  5. I'd say similar about Moore. He keeps getting chances that can't possibly fail ... yet does. He managed to damn near fck up Wednesday last season from an impregnable position. Warnock is an old dog & full of old bastard tricks but he grinds it out.
  6. Dr. Feelgood


    Maybe they should do 45m of yoga each day.
  7. Dr. Feelgood


    After over 3 years, since the reforming. Through Covid, through all the rivalry shit. 4th last season, 7 off top today. He was in the AFC camp before the merger.
  8. Dr. Feelgood


    Plus good pro's SHOULD be fit and be able to learn a new format in a couple of weeks. Sounds a bit like getting his excuses in early tbh. He knows his forwards signed in the past 2 windows have simply not clicked. F'call to do with training.
  9. Dr. Feelgood


    Maybe they DO 'train harder'. But injuring players & knackering them should be a sign that needs rethinking.
  10. At some point in the Everton v Arsenal match the Sky commentator announced, excitedly, that "Gabriel is looking for Jesus". I thought the Nativity play had started early.
  11. Despite all that even the most blinkered Rams fan, & by 'eck there's plenty of them, admitted we deserved the win.
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