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  1. Dr. Feelgood


    I'm sure Billy Crellin's available.
  2. It's Arthur mkII who likes to go clubbing.
  3. Neil wouldn't do that. Never.
  4. Dr. Feelgood


    Exactly. That's not cash sloshing around under the settee cushion. It's part of his business. Only a proportion would be available to DCFC. Better news for them than recently though, tbf.
  5. Dr. Feelgood


    Trouble is Chesterfield is pretty close. Thankfully he is bought in to our project.
  6. Dr. Feelgood


    Yep. Now all over the place. Well bloodhounded. He's not done that without a better offer &/or he's not vonvinced of any major turnaround. Who's got a vacancy in the Premiership or 2nd Division, that carries a bit of prestige. ?
  7. Dr. Feelgood


    Really ? Nothing showing yet on line. A better offer I guess. Or has Colleen put her foot down ?
  8. Dr. Feelgood


    I'd not sneer at £266m but I guess there's more to their business than money to piss away on a football club and clearing their debts. Still, sounds more promising for them than Kirchner ever did !
  9. If we presume the obvious jokes are told ... he's 19 & has played 22 times already for Gillingham. So there's some sense to the signing.
  10. It's about fluid, automatic player rotation. The wing back on one side moves upfield then the appropriate centre half covers the space he's left. Not complicated ... on paper. I suspect the full back who stops at the half-way line disapperated a very long time ago.
  11. Nowt to do with us but my Goodison bothering chum tells me that Richarlison is off to Spurs and Calvert-Lewin is off too, not sure where. For fees, but there's a sense of a fire-sale going on. The money gained is not all going to be available to Fat Frank. Shame. 😅🤣😅🤣
  12. Oooh, booooo !! I did like him.
  13. Lamcashire Senior Cup. Lancashire Junior Cup.
  14. What ? Auntie Sharron ? Every time you see Auntie Sharron or Auntie Shaz you flinch ? What's wrong with using Auntie Shaz ? Or even Auntie Sharron ? I'm sure Auntie Sharron is cool with it. High five for Auntie Sharron !!
  15. Aye, & when you get there ... it's Brighton. Shit hole full of smug bastards.
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