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  1. You must be viewing a different one to me. I have no doubt he did, just that the match video just showed a tumble for me. I've read people saying there were other angles & clear images of a coming together.
  2. Just before you get kicked in the nuts for a second time. Good idea.
  3. There should be a peril to a failed appeal or "why not" is the view. I've heard that there's clear film of him shaking Iredale but I've not seen it. The match video was very unclear. Has anyone got a link ?
  4. If we can spare him, great. I truly believe he can come through.
  5. Dr. Feelgood


    I suspect we may see him again next season.
  6. I looked at X this morning. It's my first time, post game, & I read the lot. Goodness me.
  7. I like the guy, tbh, though he's a bit full-on with his shithousery.
  8. I advisd against watching pork then, until you've worked it out.
  9. He played 50 times in 18 months for Stoke, only scored 3 times. One of those his first, was in January 23 & was his first goal in over 2 years ... admittedly at higher levels. So, however decent his career he's been tailing off. He's their Jerome I guess.
  10. It's only just clicked that the Newcastle Sporting Director, Dan Ashworth, who's about to join Stretford, is Zac Ashworth's dad. I suppose I'd been aware as the lad joined us, but had forgotten.
  11. 👆👆👆 Mackem, obviously, auto-incorrect, but I quite like Mackerel.
  12. Ir is. Mackerel mate of mine says the fans never fancied him and "he doesn't look like a manager". No, me neither. It can have helped that the fans never wanted Mowbray to leave & it was him & his Birmingham team who beat them on Saturday. Mowbray, incidentally, was taken ill over the weekend & will be given time off for a few weeks.
  13. I used to control a weekly payroll of £4.75m. They were shite at football though.
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