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  1. Thanks a bunch. That's 20 years of therapy fucked.
  2. Wrong game then. Ooops !! 🙄😳🤪
  3. This is National League, Northern Division we're talking about of course. Div.6 or 7 level.
  4. Scored a lot the past 2 seasons but showed precious little with us. We were in quite a state then, of course. Maybe it proves that a poorly organised club, a poorly organised manager & coaches will fail to get the best from what they have.
  5. Clattenberg thought he was part of the game. Tosser. Fully paid up tosser and he loathed Bolton. Kevin Davies especially. He may as well have booked Davies in the warm-up & got it over with.
  6. Not soon enough. An anathema to taste & decency.
  7. A long, long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away I ran the Administration Committe on a large industrial site. Toast, it's bread type and brownage, plus its "covering" (butter/marg/veg based) and its orice given the number of slices available in a toasgie loaf was far too often a topic. ("10p a slice ! There's 16 inner slices in a loaf. My wife could donit for half that". "The contract is up for review in 6 months, ask your wife to bid for it then".) As was the quality of toilet roll (answer ... if you guys can just stop nicking it we could put good stuff in). Finally, the bacon
  8. Obviously a very good player but I'm a tad confused how he'll fit into a midfield alongside Foden. Ah well, I must reluctantly accept that Guardiola knows more than me. Or thinks he does. As an aside, Grealish is my choice for the most fundamentally dim footballer playing today. Properly thick as two short planks. Not that this affects footballing ability it may be argued. Now to see if they have the readies to stump up for Kane.
  9. Here's an idea ... let's not open this debate again.
  10. 2-0. Sheehan & Bako. 14,321
  11. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/08/02/premier-league-referees-told-not-give-soft-penalties-like/ After introducing, supporting & developing the farago that culminated in last season's referreeing standards in the EPL where VAR was micro-analysed & had no focus on 'clear & obvious', the faintest contact was penalised as a foul, players 'winning fouls' was encouraged, handball became a mystery as defenders kearnt to play with their arms behind their backs, he now says he's spoken with players and managers and this season these things will be relaxed. He refers to the r
  12. Ian Walker artived at Bolton as a seasoned pro with England caps and a great pedigree. He had 499 Premiership appearances. He fulfilled a 3 year contract ... and left Bolton with 499 Premiership appearances. Obviously Jussi was a great keeper and thorough professional and fortunate with fitness in that time. But Waljer never got so much as a 5 minute appearance as sub when we were plenty up. I understand I may be being sentimental but I think that was harsh ... & (witness Allardyce's soft side with Sam Ashton) was clearly down to Jussi's temperament. I know little of him outside
  13. ... & Fadiga & Fojut making rare appearances. Not to mention the sainted Uriah Rennie with the whistle.
  14. With Ian Walker allowed a very rare outing in the nets and the young prospect Vaz Te scoring & having an assist. This could be Vaz Te's year. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/fa_cup/4565044.stm
  15. Bless you. Thanks. So, helping Alexander learn the trade !
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