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  1. That could get us 2½ Dans !! Or, tbf, a Collins.
  2. It is if you weren't aware.
  3. As in THE Kenny Wright ... of RMI fame ? Blimey, if so.
  4. He was certaining carrying weight. I don't recall the Pineapple cut but you could be right.
  5. Anyone know what "No N. E. T. A." on a Scottshish flag means ?
  6. This. Listening to the commentariat it seems to be a current requirement to adore Trent. But he's experimental so far & not up to it yet as shown in that match. Pick your best & play them in their best position.
  7. Well do your best to not watch England's games then, there's a good chap.
  8. Re. this Turkish side. How come none of them appear to go to 'Turkish Barbers ?'
  9. When Blake first arrived some fans were not impressed. I recall him getting booed for 'not trying' when, in fact, he'd simply not chased a lost cause. I accept there's a fine line but it rapidly became argued that he'd not given full effort.
  10. THIS is what you were suggesting. 100% bizarre.
  11. The second half we were poor.
  12. By the skin of our teeth & having a number of players under-perform. But you're actually suggesting he brought on lesser subs because the opposition wasn’t up to much. Stunning.
  13. So last night, having lost the initiative at 1-0, he brought on less worthy substitutes because the opposition wasn't all that ?????
  14. Never heard of him, which is pretty much par for the course currently. 21 years old, Middlesbrough player. Played 21 Championship games last season, scored 5.
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