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  1. I reckon letting an early goal in is a masterstroke against teams dedicated to shithousery. The score & barely attack again, so all we need are two late goals. Sorted. If we can dig out two late goals.
  2. We do seem to have a number of 'good from the bench' guys who seem to be not so much when given a start.
  3. Two feckin' minutes. Two. Wtf is wrong with us ?
  4. I would have paid very, very good money to see that cunt in that trough of despair. ... and the BBC numpties shouting that Cavani's dive was "definitely a penalty". It wasn’t. I think the ref was possibly in some danger from the Uruguayan players, subs & officials as they left the pitch.
  5. She is an admirable woman. In the realms of Saudi or huge US acquisitions her capacity for pouring funds into the club are obviously more restricted but there's just something worthwhile about her. It's a club to be proud of again after years of embarrassment.
  6. Of course, Argentina are better box-office than Poland so FIFA will do all they can to help them.
  7. VAR is a fevking joke. How on God's Earth was that a penalty ? Very pleased it was saved.
  8. Not sure his ability is a let down, but his stop-start time with is gas been. He arrived injured, hasn't had an undisturbed run. Add that to the scrapes he's got into & it's as frustrating to us as it must be to him. Desperately need a good clear run.
  9. Shane he doesn't carry beer, or wine though.
  10. Which 'poor man' is this ? Coz I need to explain to him why he's poor.
  11. It's only a few years since they were done for this sort of thing before.
  12. tbf last season we manipulated it this way for our own purposes with injuries, form and a promising transfer window incoming.
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