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  1. Dr. Feelgood


    8 years of investigations, a 3 month trial. Fraud is notoriously complex but fck that's a long time. Now, as per MK, he's going out swinging & I doubt he cares less about who he hits. Where's Basinni when you need him ?
  2. A shame but, as we're regularly being told, we overrate our youths all the time. Teams higher up, with more cash are able to nick ours, we will do it to others. But as said above, the lads 2 or 3 seasons off getting first team games even if he continues his promise.
  3. Itvis legal. There's no restrictive practice, you can move easily enough during the windows. It limits the periods you can actively move but you still can. It doesn't fundamentally restrict your actions. Furyher, an employee could terminate his contract & move. It would mean breaking your contract & leave you liable to be sued. Each contract is a fixed-term one, setting duration and notice periods. The will look a little different to yours or mine, for obvious reasons, but the fundamentals are essentially the same.
  4. I was mildly surprised Tutte got an extension. Not displeased as he's a no-fuss, honest pro who let no-one down. Very much a cover for MJ. But that's a big tear, an operation needed, 4 months out and effectively a new pre-season required once fit. So February at the very best. In the real World it should give Comley a chance to be reallocated a squad number but I think he's fully written off.
  5. Dr. Feelgood


    To loudly agree with all the above the deferment of the punishment last season, getting less of a punishment than Sheff. Wed for the very same offence, the footdragging designed to keep them up & consequently send Wycombe down was an outrageous manipulation by the EFL & I hope Wycombe do sue and win. But they won't. Something nasty in the woodshed has gone on there. It's not just protecting the big club with history coz they did Sheffield well enough.
  6. There were 3. 2 just simply cheating, one debatable but I think was him running into someone who couldn't possibly get out of the way and then going down like hit by a sniper. At least 2 warranted a 'simulation' booking. He's a magnificent footballer, but also a cheat. At 36 he's beyond changing. I'm hoping he gets recognised for it & any ref's first instinct becomes "did he dive ?"
  7. This was the weekend VAR roared back. After a few weeks without it being overbearing we now have ref's literally not making decisions & simply referring to that AND still fckg it up. ... & while we're on it, welcome back to the 'Ronaldo's a Fckg Cheat but We Aren't Going to Call Him Out Show' as MotD will soon be renamed.
  8. A great player. As often said, without an injury & Sir Alf's parsimonious manner Greaves would have been in the England team in 66 & Hurst just a squad player. But that doesn't reduce our chance of winning it just the same. He had the ability to make the game look easy. Maybe, to him, it was. Nice guy too, if a tad "cheeky, chirpy, chipper Cockernee". You cannot begin to imagine the money he'd be on if playing these days.
  9. ... aye, & Liverpool got more than the rub of the green at Anfield. After some weeks of it looking like it could be used more sensibly it came back with a vengeance.
  10. P8 W2 Pts 8 17th The Neville Sisters won't like this at all.
  11. It seems like that doesn't it. Maybe explains why Andrew Gartside couldn't keep on going.
  12. Dr. Feelgood


    On their fans forum above this is confirmed and the view of "take the hit in one go & we'll be back right as rain having cleared the debt ... we've done it before" seems a common enough view. "Admin clears the debt & we can then start over" another. "Without the debt we're much cheaper to buy". For the most part they don't seem to understand what's coming.
  13. Dr. Feelgood


    Is this their 3rd time in Administration ? They did the Phoenix thing of folding & resurrecting themselves in one fell swoop in at least one of the previous times. iirc it was their shenanigans which led to many of the current rules (along with Leeds picking which season to take the hit by timing their fold depending where they would finish). Couldn't happen to a more deserving case.
  14. OK, there's only so much of a pie, but Premiership clubs would eat the extra wage as, in their terms, he'll be on nothing with us. Our development costs are nowt in real terms. If a Premiership team sees him as 1st team potential they'll pay surprisingly high. Of course, only 3 months ago a Premiership club wished him well but let him go ... but he's proving them wrong currently.
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