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  1. I'll trump you with chippy in Cromer near the pier, proper chips and a fcuk off large piece of beautifully battered haddock with mushy peas, all that after a wonderful crab starter, magnificent. Washed down with local ale too boot.
  2. Remember it well, I lived near Chester at the time and drove down to Wrexham, passed a boozer half way between Chester and Wrexham rammed with Bolton fans. The rest is history of course.
  3. Second jab today in Enfield military precision in at 14.00 jabbed by 14.10 gone by 14.20 after a 10 minute wait to see if I grew two heads. Only bugger was I've moved since my first jab and had to travel 60+ miles as couldn't change to where I moved too. Was worth it thou.
  4. Thanks to those highlighting the national booking vaccine website. T'other half (62) hasn't had a letter, but told her to give it a try and was successful booking an appointment for next Monday. The site appears to be now asking for 60+ to book an appointment.
  5. The vaccination program must be cracking on at pace round here. I'm 63 and just received a SMS message asking me to come forward for a jab. Booked in for tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Shocking, that must be game set and match based on that trajectory, unless they get that vaccine rolled out chop chop
  7. Last ten years we've been away for NYE, including Prague, coldest place I've ever been too. Tonight is homemade curry, TV and plenty of booze, we will enjoy, FUCK YOU COVID
  8. Goes off in his truck somewhere to Isolate, I dunno
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