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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. You reckon he’ll be given the chance? Bad appointment and he’ll be potted I reckon
  2. Blue nose cunts never forgiven them for that first match at the reebok
  3. Strange appointment more mediocrity for a while. - good.
  4. Absolute bobbins that. They wanted it more and deserved to win, fair play to them.
  5. In never seen us win at Pompey. Went back in the 70's for a cup match, I think, on that league liner train special or whatever it was called, loads of Pompey lads to greet us. And that 4-0? dicking getting pissed on in the away end
  6. I was 14 and stood on the Lever End, great atmosphere and what a performance
  7. RIP Roger another sad day, I was buzzing when he signed for us.
  8. Good game that although the ref fcuked us over. He missed a deflection for a Bolton corner which was massive and yet spotted a minor one deflection which resulted in a corner for them, the disallowed goal and the push at the end. Dreadful, fcuk him twat
  9. Just round the corner from that place - drinks on you then?
  10. Remember it well, I lived near Chester at the time and drove down to Wrexham, passed a boozer half way between Chester and Wrexham rammed with Bolton fans. The rest is history of course.
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