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  1. OK maybe the away game example is a bad one, (I was at the Wigan game when they did "unresereved" seating - shit show) but home games at the UniBol are a much more diluted experience. A standing area benefits standers and sitters as long as ticket details are adhered to. Which I feel at home games they will be.
  2. Is there a reason why we can't just have a safe standing area and leave the seats as they are? The disasters were associated with capacity rather than standing. If everyone still gets assigned a "seat" but stands rather than sits (as happens at every away game without issue), then what's the problem? Make a standing area (such as Block I) then people know where it is allowed and this also prevents any investment required from the owners. That corner has stood for the last 20 years anyway, it actually wouldn't change much. The danger comes with overcrowding, not standing. Why complicate things?
  3. I'm a firm believer that luck levels itself out over the course of a season, and despite the frustrations from last night we have to be super proud of that performance from the lads. We are a newly promoted side (some people seem to have forgotten this already) and technically we should still be finding our feet in this league, however it's clear from the first 6 games that we can absolutely challenge for promotion. And that in itself is a massive achievement. Dapo's end product is improving, and if he keeps working on it we have a top top player. The Doyle sub (and the timing of it) was a poor decision. He doesn't offer too much else other than goals, but we are so reliant on him. Unless we are a couple of goals clear we need him on the pitch for 90 mins. Kachunga has a great song and is a fans favourite, but his performance has been lacking recently (almost looked low on conficence??). The 2 chances he had Doyle scores and we walk away with a 2-0 victory and 3 points on the board. I couldn't help but thinking watching Burton was like the years we had under Parky. So dull, so 1 dimensional, so SHIT! Long live the possession winning, football playing whites!
  4. A game we could've probably done without but disappointing to lose it all the same. Nothing seemed to quite fall in our favour, we even lost both the pregame and prepenalty coin toss! As others have said, yesterday really illustrated how important MJ and Sarcevic are for us in the middle of the park. I really wanted Brockbank to shine last night, who doesn't want a local lad breaking into the team and becoming one one of our main players? Unfortunately, he really seemed to struggle down that right hand side. How we react on Saturday is really important now. It was a second round League Cup game, if we lost last night against anyone else it would've been brushed under the carpet. That's difficult to do for us fans due to the opponent, but lets hope it's much easier for the players and they get a result Saturday. The momentum we have built is incredible and the positivity around the club is something we have been missing for the last decade - we all want (and need!) this to continue!
  5. FYI the article below says no alcohol for sale in the stadium tonight. Sure that will catch a few out! https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/august/-preview-wigan-athleic-vs.-bolton-wanderers/
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