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  1. Not just a yank, BTW, but a fireman, recently rescuing folks from the ice storm.
  2. Wonder why they are called The Bengals?
  3. Met a yank int bar yesterday, from Cincinnati, so hope they win. I think that they are still in?
  4. You’re the expert, but announcing should get them rethinking?
  5. Brilliant book, essential reading for anyone wanting to get up to speed on economics.
  6. Bloody good job we don’t have many guns here
  7. Lovely Jimmy Anderson, from Burnley. Whats in a name?
  8. He hound be booed every time he’s near the ball.
  9. Are the fans at the ground aware of the injustice?
  10. Kachunga won’t play for us again. Hopefully.
  11. Big comeback for John ont cards
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