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  1. I like to put talksport on and see how long i last before whacking the radio and putting something on which makes more sense like a Peter Hitchens spoken word CD.
  2. So he has to now give us a penalty and become the new Uriah Rennie.
  3. The Park is shut now. So the closest is the caravan park opposite or further down the road there's a boozer called the Thomas Mitchell. If you go along the seafront the Ranch house is probably the best and cheapest. Not much to look at but a great selection of beers. If you go in any of the pubs in the town centre a taxi will only cost you a couple of quid to get to the Globe. I'm going just wish the weather was better.
  4. Morecambe for me, as its walking distance.
  5. Last night was depressing, an understatement yes but what was so dissappointing was how well we played in the second half. We really put Spurs under some decent pressure however they broke away and show us what real quality is with their movement and finishing. I felt that Mark Davies was annonymous last night. He didn't offer anything not even a dive. Again he lost his man for Spurs 2nd as he had at Villa. The ref didn't help but i don't like to use that as an excuse. Gallas and Kaboul did a real number on Ngog and bullied him out of the game. Now I feel it is in hte lap of the Gods. I was really confident before the match and now my belief is shattered. I know we keep saying it but WBA is a MUST win and should be a more likely win than Spurs. But unfortunately we also have to rely on other teams doing us a favour. In Coyle we trust, we have to.
  6. The man is a crook, pure and simple. Watch how he tells Meireles to shadow him so he can knee Sanchez in the kidneys is ridiculous. The stupidity in actually thinking he could get away with it is amazing. If that had been any other player the manager would have ripped into him and fined him. With your team still in the tie and then to jeopardise everything by doing that is bewildering. All the abuse Beckham got for his kick on Simeone, what will happen to Captain Marvel? He should never play for England again as he is with doubt a liability.
  7. Full credit to Coyle, last night, he saw it wasn't working and changed things. Petrov had the legs of a 20 year old the way he tore back to tackle Albrighton. Eagles is always going to be a Marmite player but at least he brings some creativity. Ngog is the player who infuriates me, he's definitely not a target man in the SKD mould. Hopefully this will give us the momentum to snatch some points off the Maccams and Spurs next week. I really feel for those Villa fans, to watch that every week. The first half any decent team would have finished us and then to be hit with that sucker punch after taking the lead. But worse than that to have the manager who relegated your hated rivals to then manger you and now with the distinct possibility of relegation yourselves, things couldn't be worse. As the pendulum has swung for us, it look like it is now against the Villa.
  8. After reading Terry Connor's comments on the BBC website, he already looks resigned to defeat. How can he motivate his team after saying that? With Bolton at 2/1 lump on and have a very merry weekend.
  9. O'Neil - cos he turned around Sunderlands fortunes. Moyes - he consistantly turns out a decent team that COULD be challenging for the FA Cup. Jol - has made the Cottage a fortress and Fulham a rock solid team. Coyle - who having had 2 of his star players out all season, little money to spend and the heart attack of one of his players has guided his team to safety (hopefully). Wenger - after facing immense pressure from fans to leave at the beginnning of the season has stuck to his guns and clawed back his near London neighbours. Lambert - led the unfashionable Norfolk club to safety without bankrupting Delia Smith. Pulis - took the Potters on an entertaining UEFA Cup run and cemented them as a team everyone hates to play against.
  10. With the season drawing to a close, in my more idol moments I have begun to think who will win the Manager of the Season award? I think a good case could be put forward for at least a dozen of the Premier leagues bosses. In fact it is probably easier to say who won't win. So who should win it for you? I would go for Brendan Rodgers at Swansea. Not only has he upset all the experts opinions about Swansea but also they have played some very attractive football whilst also having a very mean defence. Just shows you Mr Abromovich when looking for a manager it doesn't always have to be Europe's flavour of the month.
  11. Is this a particularly new phenomenon? Did clubs in the past prioritise games like this and rest certain key players in matches the manager were either unwinnable or meaningless?
  12. Bolton on our best run of form for the season, Arsenal on their worst run. Come on they got turtled by Fulham Swansea and the Filth. Must be a victory right? (2-2)
  13. Snow_white


    what i mean is that Al Habsi did well and didn't get the start he deserved now we have Bogdan and i hope when Jussi is fit that we sticck with Bogdan as for me he's proved himself. I hope this helps.
  14. And Phil Neal to agree with all 4 of them.
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