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i stayed in hiedelburg for a few days, proper nice student town


good atmosphere round town watching the games, or lying in the sun by the river


got the regional train up to nuremburg on the thursday, only paid about ??15 for a 9 hour round trip, ran like clockwork


ticket collector on the second train took a disliking to our songs and beer spillage, for some reason we got met by english plod at Wurzburg =;


on arrival at nuremburg station a lone loon led us into god save the queen, and then el haji diouf will spit on you, closer inspection revealed a bwfc tatoo =D> (anyone off here?)


didnt really have a clue what we were upto in nuremburg, but ended up in that market square - decent enough down there


in retrospect dancing on the tables for half an hour after beating T & T was a little sad :-#


mooched around a few bars, including 'erotic' bar (8 euros in, couple of free beers, some laughable porn and a couple of 'shows'), didnt think there was a great deal going on though really


kipped at the station for a bit before the 4.48 train back.


good trip, top venue, top weather =D>

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we got away with one stage of the fare i think , ticket collector bottled it on the last connection due to a few large pissed up stokies in our carriage



also forgot to add, what the fcuk is it with 'you'll never walk alone'. think i was the only one in the square not joining in. with that and all the gerrard and crouch songs it was like being on tour with liverpool fc =;

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too good for here that


too good for whiteboy anyway

I'm just trying to re-enforce the idea all women are not incredibly stupid self obsessed dictators! I'll get my coat and try my chances on the Oscar Wilde forum website then! :D

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F??ckin fantastic, hard to believe who won the war, that place is superb, spotless and the infra structure is second to none



Anyway had a superb time, pics and videoes to follow when I sober up


A huge mob of Bolton out there =D>



One Bolton youth drove there in a camper van and sold it for ??100 for beer :D


Totally agree Jay. Set up and organisation second to none.


It was nice to see you outside the bar near the station in Nuremberg.

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