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  1. We have no game the following Saturday neither, as Cambridge through in FAC. Hartlepool also through in FAC so they do have a game. We should play a strong side and win 👍🏼 Surely one for the chosen few though….. Baltic.
  2. Nah, you don’t really see them out there. My BWFC wrist band (a strip of material worn around the wrist), was actually hand-made by a Thai LB many years ago. 😁😁
  3. I was in the Philippines for that Accy game and I always wear a BWFC wrist band on holiday. I was so embarrassed that I turned it around that night so it didn’t show the clubs name.
  4. Have you set off yet? Presume you will be making a holiday of it?
  5. Wow 10-0 already. What a team. We are playing some lovely stuff.
  6. That Xmas game at home to Leeds @ Burnden. OMG.
  7. Spot on. It’s a total insult to the professional game.
  8. I agree but even in defeat earlier in the season we looked a bloody good side. How it went so horribly wrong even before the injuries properly kicked in, we may never know. We appear to have stabilised now thankfully and I personally will be satisfied with a mid table finish.
  9. Had a chat with GT @ Crawley, after the game. What a lovely young lad. So proud to play for BWFC and there was so obviously so much respect for him from the rest of the players. I sincerely hope that he can cement a first team place for us this season.
  10. Come on let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We have won 2 games in the last 9 in the league and both were at home to relegation fodder. We have also suffered humiliation in the FA Cup. I accept that we are struggling terribly with injuries but the reaction to a home draw with Cheltenham shows how far the bar has been lowered.
  11. Yes the lad said it was far better. Just need to get to Jan with no more injury issues and see who is available then.
  12. A few Cheltenham took a slapping @ Bolton trinity street. They were mouthing off when a few Bolton yoof were getting off the train. They didn’t expect them to get back on and plant them.
  13. Would have taken a point beforehand. It’s just a case of limping through until January.
  14. Sounded like a comfortable night after the nervy start. There’s quite a few teams, that even with our injury issues, we are better than. Mid table comfort and then kick on next season hopefully.
  15. You are of course correct Sir but when the culture has created a nation of sheep then what can one expect?
  16. Will we sell these prior to going on sale to members? 1100 not many tickets but it’s midweek I guess. Can anyone give me a steer please.
  17. We really need a win here. Similar game to Crewe and let’s hope for a similar result. If we don’t concede first we will win this.
  18. We have 2 big home games coming up, followed by well attended aways…. I agree that everyone needs to stick together but we need more from the players. Yes injuries are mounting up, but this dreadful run started a long time ago and we couldn’t use that excuse at the start. A few nil nils would be a starting point.
  19. When you know. Then you just know….. UTW
  20. Thank you. I’ll be watching it out here somehow.
  21. It’s a young uns’ place here mate. It was the only option we had re alcohol restrictions elsewhere in the country. It’s still fucking brilliant though 😎😎
  22. We went in that place with a few off here last season. More bouncers than girls. Don’t expect too much…….
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