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Minibus - Reading To Liverpool And Back 24/1

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Can't get home by train after game so I'll sort out a minibus from Reading and back after match.


I'll get the minibus sorted from one of the companies I lease vans off and get one of our courier drivers to drive up there and back.  I reckon about £200-£250 max between whoever fancies it.


Leave about 8ish and back after match.  Pick up and drop at Reading station.


If you're in the Reading area and fancy it let me know on here or PM me.  Ta.


Number updates to follow!



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not fancy a stop over mate?


I do mate but hotels in Scouseland and Manc are a nightmare to try and book when I try to tie it up with trains so probably go for the minibus option if others fancy it.  There are a few of us round here!  

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Try an apartment.


Google air bnb , Liverpool arts village rembrandt.


We stayed in it in October for a night out. It's 200 quid. There were 4 of us but you could easily get another 3 or 4 on sofas.


Meet the guy beforehand and leave the keys in the post box when you leave.

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8 for a 5.30 start! You southerners are crazy.


Have you ever travelled from Reading to the North West on a Friday afternoon?


It's not a pleasant experience. And that was back in 2001. Motorways were a definite NoNo as 30 mph was a stunningly good average speed. I generally used the A5, but now even that is overflowing. On one occasion I used almostly exclusively Roman roads and it was definitely better than M5/M6.


oops - just realised we are talking Saturday!

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I'll arrange for a pick up from Ealing Broadway station at 10am if that helps.


Drop off same place on way back.


Up to 8 bodies at mo but can get up to a 17 seater if any other London whites fancing jumping aboard.


Need to confirm numbers by Friday 16th so I can book the bus.

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