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  1. You're probably right, but I only knew one person who went there, and she went to the grammar one.
  2. Saw it last weekend. Very strange. Wouldn't watch it again.
  3. I'm looking for a nice, sunny, day when we visit Plough Lane - August or May. And Wimbledon was our last away before it all stopped wasn't it?
  4. I probably know her then, they took boys in the year after I left.
  5. Kirkebrok was the other side of Deane Church Lane, we're back to dodgy there - I was meaning Glen Ave, Greenbank & Greenhill(?)
  6. Blackshaw Lane, other side of Croal Mill to Callis Road. Nothing but a steep drop to the Middlebrook at the bottom of Callis. Yes, they then built the Fernbank estate when they'd moved everyone to the new Merton estate, and had to rebuild part (all?) of Merton estate in the 80s due to dodgy concrete or something.
  7. There were only about 3 or 4 male teachers there when I was there, my 1st year coincided with their first year, plus a visiting ballet teacher for the 1st and 2nd formers. None of them had any reputation for being handy, you'd be embarrassed to even think of them as that.
  8. Going back a fair bit, the streets closer to town than Melbourne Road were rougher, Alice St, Jauncey St, Hibernia St - all rough. From Melbourne Rd up to Deane Church Lane, bounded by Willows Lane & Wigan Rd (or the Middlebrook) was ok. It also got rougher when they knocked down Merton Mill and Saviours church and built on the cleared ground.
  9. That is very true, think it went downhill when I moved out and the Mount let boys in.
  10. They were sitting on my arm, probably hoping I had a mouse in my other hand...
  11. None of the owls that I've held would have fed 4 😄
  12. They're all feathers, light as anything - you wouldn't get any meat off one.
  13. I was brought up in Deane; I'm probably posher than any of you.
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