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  1. I'm looking for a nice, sunny, day when we visit Plough Lane - August or May. And Wimbledon was our last away before it all stopped wasn't it?
  2. Got to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks on arrival in NZ, generally at the moment
  3. Oh, & our domestic ones were both gas. Oil boilers are more expensive but I only work on big buildings with gas or biomass boilers these days.
  4. I only replaced mine at 16 years because I was renting the house out & was between tenants. Wouldn't have replaced it if I was still there because I can manage without heating & hot water. Servicing is cheaper with the new one. Your price seems a bit high.. mine was cheaper (in the S/E) - contract not with British Gas is it? Mine was £2.5k & it took them a day to get the old one out (3 bed / 2 shower/bath townhouse). When we replaced the one in a 2 bed / 1 shower flat, it was less than £1.5k. Used independent contractors that we knew both times.
  5. When did a capless captain last win a county championship match for Lancs? (Don't know the answer...)
  6. I found that removing the yahoo app freed almost half the memory. Other than that, regular clearing of cached memory helps.
  7. There were 2 Manfredi ice cream families in Bolton. Brothers, I think. My mum would know. One of them was godfather to one of my sisters - the Cannon St one as far as I remember.
  8. All of my pans are cast iron or steel so they'll do ok. I was going for a hob that has an almost all over element especially for the wok! Thanks.
  9. Any reason why you prefer it? I like the fact that you get more even cooking area with induction, and you've always got the right sized ring available.
  10. I'm probably going for Neff or Siemens when I do the kitchen if that's any help...
  11. We need rain in the West Midlands
  12. Strangely enough, Citymapper gives the quickest route as the one that I'd do - which is 131 bus from the stadium to Raynes Park station, then the train to Vauxhall & Vic line to Euston. It says just under an hour. I say strangely as it's the least walking route. Depends on the road traffic but once you're past the ground, the road to RP isn't too bad. Of course, you have to be careful to get the bus going away from Kingston...
  13. There's about twice as many trains from New Malden to Vauxhall as from Norbiton, and slightly more from Raynes Park. Nothing to be gained by going to Kingston. However, NM is further away. Load Citymapper on your smartphone, that should tell you which is best.
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