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42 minutes ago, bwfc87 said:

I meant by no choice the machine automatically said payment was £5. I did think it was weird as every other time it was £8. But for a few fixtures late Oct, early November when I went with my Dad in his car payment was £5 for whatever reason. 

You’ll be fine, if they have mischarged, it’s their fault, not yours. I went in Stock St (I think) in Manchester, the machine wasn’t working, so I couldn’t pay. I took a photo of that. They then sent me demand for loads of money for unpaid charge. After plenty of threats, both ways, they worked out that they were wrong. No apology, though.

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1 hour ago, freds dad said:

I parked on the hotel car park for the Exeter match and haven’t received any charges on my account.

Do you get the first visit free or was my number plate so dirty the ANPR a couldn’t read it and if so how long do I go before cleaning the car.

Pretty sure your first visit after registering your number plate is free. Charges do take a while to come through though. Sometimes even a couple of weeks.

Just checked, and my Exeter one hasn't come through yet. We played Bristol on the 2nd, and the charge didn't go through till the 13th.

Edit: Confirmation from the parkgood2go website:

Q: When will I start being billed for my parking once I have registered with good2go?

A: As a customer of good2go, your first parking event will be free. You will start being charged for your parking from your 2nd stay onwards at any good2go car park.

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