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  1. It’s just another day for those with a drink problem to latch onto an excuse to get pissed.
  2. I'd certainly remove the blood and suicide page 😲
  3. There is an NDA in place so it’s all pure speculation.
  4. Can anyone name all the players in the photo?
  5. it's no wonder potential buyers are put off by all the shambles surrounding the club and KA, especially KA. If i had £m I'd stay well clear of bwfc
  6. Blimey mate thought you'd gone, great to see you are loyal to the cause COYWM
  7. Well done Tony, what a man, totally proud of you and wonderful of @mrdanwalker to help his cause.
  8. Zozzy is a lot taller and dafter The guy to the right of the balaclava is a lad I know (Ian with the tach)
  9. I'm hearing it's Donald Trump who is taking over. Apparently instead of a defensive line-up he will build a wall.
  10. I think you are worrying too much, it will be a shared IP that the system picks up.
  11. I actually was threatened to say that by some kgb guy from some shitty village in Wiltshire
  12. You should be able to delete attachments.
  13. I think we need to realise it’s all assumptions about who the interested parties are. Some will sow webs of deceit trying to send folk into the wrong direction for one reason or another. We all need to sit tight and wait for the outcome if and when KA sells the club. There will be NDA in place so all this ‘it’s xy and z is purely speculation. Rest easy until the deal is signed.
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