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  1. Semi v Villa from 04 on the official youtube channel.
  2. Late to the party i know but just started watching American Horror Story. 5 eps in. Ace
  3. Question regarding the Rangers BWFC love in. Does it work both ways?
  4. Work next door to a website clothing company that cater for (pretty little women) anyway a load of vans just pulled up and all stock has been removed and all mask wearing staff have been sent home. Building in lock-down. was military style operation. they even gave us a pack of mask when i tried enquiring as to why the rush.
  5. I would if you like the musical. Its a great spectacle. All bells and whistles. Forever Autum is ace. Wont spoil it but its good. Get it booked
  6. Went to watch the live stage show. It was Liam Neson who was narrating not Burton but was ace all the same!
  7. Not technically todays games but tomorrows. Andy Lonergen set to start for Liverpool on Saturday as doubts over Adrian after injury on Wednesday. He must be in dreamland
  8. Every wanderers shirt in my lifetime bar 4 and randomly a mexico shirt with Borgetti on the back
  9. Theboybell


    Video of him posing for a selfie and pleading for the fan to sort him some Cocaine. Cant post but someone cleverer than me can do. Such a sad and desperate state of affairs
  10. No spoilers here but final GOT is very underwhelming IMO
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