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  1. boltondirtbag

    Sweaty Ken

    I agree he s a shithouse but is he saying anything that we don’t know about coyle’s reign ?? i don’t know any of the ‘facts’ from that time but table tennis competitions, no proper training etc etc were all the stories coming out then. which most of us believe were true to provide balance though how the fuc does he have a show like that !!!
  2. boltondirtbag

    Sweaty Ken

    Exactly :-)
  3. boltondirtbag

    Sweaty Ken

    U don’t even need to read the article it says it in the title !!!!
  4. boltondirtbag

    FA cup next round

    Wank !!!!
  5. boltondirtbag

    Luca Connell

    Saw him like darrener against Newcastle . only slight but gets stuck in , is a good passer of a ball and good organiser. he played at the side of max broughton ( lad linked with scum for a million 12-18 months ago ) and looked a far better prospect from that game. good to see him get his debut and as said above everyone happy for him. I think this ‘may’ mean vela s off (ie Our home grown player ) and Luca May well fill that hole short term at least . I am guessing but at the Hull game Pritchard was in the squad that went. So naturally thought he would be on the bench yesterday- he does not class as home grown . from yesterday’s performance we won’t miss vela at all - absolutely shite
  6. boltondirtbag

    Hull away

    Agree with this you don’t bring on oz against a team like that away from home . Especially when he does not even usually make the bench . its almost like he does not know what he s doing . Useless twat
  7. boltondirtbag

    Hull away

    Wait until you see the goals . not even school boy defending shite
  8. boltondirtbag

    Sweaty Ken

    I know ken did not mention him but is Dyer not out of contract in January? If he is bye bye
  9. boltondirtbag

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Thought s with you meldrew and your mum .
  10. boltondirtbag

    Sweaty Ken

    No idea if this has been mentioned recently . I am staying at the hotel and have been for over three weeks now . Wife attempted to charge s drinks yesterday to the room after the match . She was told due to an ongoing dispute between bwfc and heathcoates they would only accept cash . my wife told them that we had been doing the same for all the period we had stayed and they agreed to honour charging to the room. Its like fucking ground hog day . As a positive though we have had to extend our stay on a weekly basis and have ‘struggled’ due to the hotel being so busy. So at least on the face of one area is flourishing
  11. boltondirtbag


    Firstly well done but starting running it is amazing and liberating. It sounds like shin splints Have a read of : https://www.runnersworld.com/shin-splints/ Should help But basically your probably doing too much too soon. Which is really common . Like mounts says try different types of exercise such as cycling or swimming ( as both less impact/pounding on your legs. Have u looked at your running style ? I know it’s a bit early but it could be your trainers are wrong .the only real way to do this is for someone to ‘analyse’ you while you run . http://dougietobutt.com/tobutt-sports.html Does this via videoing you on a running machine in the shop . It is free as long as you buy some trainers from them. The trainers and staff in the shop are great and knowledgeable but the trainers are in my opinion not particularly competitively priced. Other places do it such as sweatshop but in my humble they (sweatshop) will try to push you to the karrimor brand ( ie there own and sell you shit you don’t need (insoles). Anyway sorry for waffling . In conclusion probably shin splints , maybe wrong shoes as well. If you want any other advice either pm me or ask on here the above is all good advice
  12. boltondirtbag

    Transfer Gossip

    according to Nixon : Bolton. Blackburn. Parkinson wants Danny Graham. But there’s an option in his contract that means Rovers can keep him. And that would mean a fee as well as top wages.
  13. boltondirtbag

    Transfer Gossip

  14. boltondirtbag

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    Stunned !!!!!! 3 goals at home Yessssss
  15. boltondirtbag

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    I don’t give a fuck what you think of parky or the players. Just concentrate on what we can do as fans. Get behind the fuckers for 90+ minutes. Sing til u can’t sing. Shout til you can’t speak and get behind them in any way you can Then we can have a post mortem afterwards about it . COYFWM

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