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  1. RIP Derek . A great ambassador for bwfc and a genuinely nice man.
  2. No idea about him but we must have had him on trial earlier in season https://www.hullcitytigers.com/under-23s-win-at-bolton/
  3. I think we are being a tad harsh on graham. I agree the other day he was bypassed when he came on but two things one which has been said: -he’s 17 - they were already passing around us with experienced players in that position. I m guessing he s has very little experience coming on as a sub ( at any level ) and having to get to grips with the game . he has been ‘ok’ when he s started a few mistakes but ok in the main and not really off the pace like the other day i would still however go with weir either way people will get behind him if he plays 3 po
  4. Smashed in Tenerife gutted couldn’t use season tickets passed the ball nice and defended well . did not look a complete threat but we are getting there!!! fourth in the league u should be lucky !!!! Twats we will get there
  5. Well done everyone . Enjoyable throughout . Some good football from the young lads . shit last penalty from senior but he had a great game . Good passer , good organiser and made plenty of blocks . we could win this cup 🙂
  6. Can’t wait for tonight . Shit cup and young team but we really do have our team back now. give many of the kids the send off they deserve ( some may never play again) show FV (again) what it means to us all. Remember anything this season is a bonus. Most think we are down. plus it’s 5 quid . If you can get your arse down there and enjoy the backing that will be on display again KHSWA
  7. I think he works in their estate agents in Bromley cross ( William Thomas )
  8. I think they have a younger brother Stephen ?
  9. David went to Turton as has been said . keith has a look of traf about him ??
  10. Sad as fuck but I ve just looked at the league one table ( first time this season- as the results have been a side show really - with everything going on ) We can stay up with some signings. in fact who cares we are still here
  11. Thank Fuc for this . I can stop reading this fucking thread every two minutes and hopefully get some sleep now. but we have our club back and that was something I thought would not happen with all the false dawns get season tickets on sale and get some money in and let’s start to rise again
  12. Did not think this day would come after all the shit . Get behind the fuckers for all the 90 minutes like at Wycombe. Forget the result we still have OUR CLUB something I m sure we won’t take for granted again. Been up hours can’t wait come on you fucking white men
  13. I agree he s a shithouse but is he saying anything that we don’t know about coyle’s reign ?? i don’t know any of the ‘facts’ from that time but table tennis competitions, no proper training etc etc were all the stories coming out then. which most of us believe were true to provide balance though how the fuc does he have a show like that !!!
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