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  1. Up shit creek without a Whelan.
  2. It’ll be a damn size noiser than this next Sunday for sure. It sounds like the swimming baths.
  3. I’m guessing The Torch & maybe the fanzone next to the Arena which is an area designated for fans seated in the East side of the stadium.
  4. Agreed. Sharon has a knack of always doing the right thing.
  5. Up to now it’s looking like it’s between Us, Derby and P’Boro for 5th and 6th. It’s all about hitting some form now. Derby seem to have imploded - 4 points from their last 5 games. We’re not much better with 5 points from the last 5 games. Peterborough have taken 9 points from their last 5 games. Wycombe have taken 7 points from their last 5 games. A place in the play-offs is back in our own hands.
  6. We’ll see what happens in 2 weeks when the next wages are due.
  7. Any further points deductions for going into admin or failing to pay players this season, will now be applied next season. The deadline was yesterday.
  8. Depends if theyve got David Wheater as their Union mon
  9. The most enjoyable game i’ve seen since the Accy semi final. Well played England
  10. Hearing that The Torch is Plymouths for the day.
  11. Maybe if we provided free Jelly & Ice cream on the Wigan bus?
  12. There can’t be that much coming into the club with an average attendance of 12000 at the DW this season.
  13. It’s looking like we’re just massive
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