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  1. Wigan, Burton and Reading taken 7 points off us this season,Piss piss poor. Back to today, i get it that Dion was knackered but my heart sinks every time i see Jerome & Nlundulu coming off the bench, i just think “end of goal threat” it’s fucking depressing. Not too long ago we were bringing on Bakayoko & Dapo off the bench, but at the moment our back up strikers are just shit & our squad strength isn’t as good as IE seems to think it is.
  2. Can’t tackle, can’t shoot, no pace, shit in the air - apart from that he’s the complete player.
  3. Win lose or draw, we’ve been piss poor today.
  4. The Wigan perfomance pissed off a lot of our fans make no mistake. Not heard any abuse hurled IE’s way though.
  5. I think the answer is “not very” We’re too inconsistant, but if all our lads play well on the day then it’s winnable.
  6. It feels like a defeat somehow, playing bottom of the league away and getting a draw. It looks like some of the players confidence is shot after that tvvatting last week.
  7. Iredales having another ‘mare
  8. One of the most depressing seasons in the history of Bolton Wanderers FC. Can’t see the DVD being a best seller
  9. I was thinking more about our local derby motivational methods - or lack of them
  10. I’d love to know what methods their coaching staff use to fire up their players before they play us at our stadium. Twice now at our place they have come out like raging bulls & perfectly motivated to be playing in a local derby, our lads on the other hand seem to just treat it as any other game and didn’t look particularly arsed that they were being battered.
  11. Exactly. It’s been a tough one to take has this one.
  12. Typical Wigan picking on easy targets.
  13. I noticed Iredale, Williams and Santos all pull out of 50/50’s yesterday - unacceptable.
  14. Not many ‘Tics’ turds from Howfen, if any at all.
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