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  1. There’s no harm in him ffs. Met him in the Newcome Arms in Portsmouth years ago, the only offensive thing about him is his odour.
  2. Kind of enjoyed watching that Wycombe game in a weird sort of way.
  3. Derby should be winning 0-2 in truth. Wycombe are making a bit of a fist of it so far though tbf.
  4. No doubt we’ll get pelters for not giving Pompey more of an allocation if we can only sell a few dozen in the South Stand. I know £30 is expensive for 3rd tier football, but i thought there would be a decent home crowd in there.
  5. Aye Derby 0pts Stevenage 1pt Reading 3pts Bristol R 3pts
  6. 15 points from our last 10 games is hardly “bang in form”
  7. Not many home seats sold in the south lower so far. £30 a pop doesn’t help,
  8. Very cute. He sort of ‘engineered’ that penalty. Very experienced crafty old player is CJ
  9. Fuck The Gas. Onwards & upwards.
  10. 0 wins in the last 5 games for Bristol Rovers and 0 goals scored. No doubt they’ll play like Real Mafuckindrid tomorrow. COYFWM we can do this.
  11. It’s madness. Can’t think of many other business that makes it such hard work to make a purchase. I read a story last week where some neutral lads tried to buy tickets for our game v Reading, they found it so difficult they ended up giving up and went to Blackburns game instead.
  12. It’s bloody hard work for the “occasional supporter” to buy tickets these days. Remember back in the day when 4 mates having a beer in town could just say “fancy going to the match today?” Walk down to Burnden,pay on the day - job done.
  13. You are of course correct PW, it was indeed Stoke & not Port Vale. It was a while ago to be fair.
  14. Agreed, i thought at the time of the Pride Park defeat - that was a massive game to lose and would end up costing us big time. It ain’t quite over though,we go again.
  15. I’ll never forget Rioch in his first season as our manger saying “If we win our last 5 games, we’ll get promoted” Chester (H) Bournemouth (A) Hull (A) Port Vale (H) Preston. (H) We won all 5 and i’m so glad i went to them all. Oh & we beat Liverpool at Anfield. Great days.
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