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  1. Fuck the draw, smash ‘em
  2. Poor Frank Lamp won’t understand a word anyone says. Stay South of Watford Frank….. it’s for the best.
  3. Yeh i’ve got a ST with my daughter, so obviously buying our away/cup tickets isn’t a problem, but trying to purchase tickets for friends or family who aren’t in your ‘network’ is more difficult than it should be.
  4. He’s just not the type of appointment this club needs right now.
  5. The worst appointment this club has made in the last few years has been this corporate Burnley boy - apart from Keef Hill obvs.
  6. Buying tickets has become a pain in the arse, i used to love it when you could just turn up on the day and hand over your cash at the turnstile. Progress eh?
  7. Love a player who’s not afraid to shoot. His goals don’t seem to be thunderbolts, they’re crafted in.
  8. Fuckin’ hell, he can certainly peach one in ! Two footed anarl.
  9. Just research innit? Most folk haven’t got a clue about these players, until they have a root around. Be nice to have a player we can just refer to as Yan Dan.
  10. Or he signs a new contract with The Gills obvs.
  11. Anyone know if Zozzy still goes to games? Not seen him for yonks. His crowd always enjoyed a good old skool sing song.
  12. Aye. Imagine Big Sams Bolton side without successful set pieces. Just half a dozen goals from set pieces per season should yield a decent points return, i’m amazed IE doesn’t have his team taking decent corners & free kicks.
  13. Used to love “You’re gonna get your fuckin ‘eds kicked in” - usually sung just after the opposition have scored 😁
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