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  1. Nah, where were they at other world cups? Italia ‘90, USA ‘94,France ‘98, Japan ‘02, Germany ‘06 etc? They might have took 3/4/5k, but those numbers tonight were just fucking incredible -and almost 6000 miles from Argentina? How did they get all the tickets? How have they financed it?, coming from a country apparently wrapped in poverty, travelling to the most expensive World Cup host country in history? Summats not quite right. I smell a rat.
  2. Nah, they’d both be out muscled & out sprinted.
  3. They looked and sounded like Argies to me, it was like a home game in Buenos Aries.
  4. Exactly. Ok so theres 5k ex pat Argies live in Qatar apparently, but those numbers in the stadium tonight were just huge.
  5. Anyone any idea why theres so many of the fuckers? There must have been 35,000 Argies at that game tonight. No one else has travelled to Qatar with anywhere near those numbers.
  6. I reckon there was closer to 13k on. A frustrating night, not helped by a shocking Ref & shithouse timewasting oppostion, although you wouldn’t expect anything else from a Joey Barton side. If we’d scored first we would have won the game comfortably.
  7. Fuck Brazil, the Whites are playing.
  8. The Jam Rolls will get pulverised by France, they are shocking.
  9. Can’t believe Polands attitude in this game, they’ll only have themselves to blame if they go out. Hope they do tbh.
  10. Thought Tim Rim played ok, Antoneee was fairly meh, Pulisic mom for the Septics. We just had X1 6 out of 10’s. Plenty more in the tank, don’t panic folks.
  11. England 1 Wayells 1 Welshers go home feeling proud they’ve not been beaten by the English bastards, meanwhile - USA 1 Iran 1. Engerland win the group wit’ th’iranis runners up. Onwards and upwards
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