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  1. Wouldn’t be disappointed to see Gilks continue as our first choice keeper next season, he’s been superb.
  2. Really? I always thought he was a bit of a fat cnut - a character, but still a fat cnut.
  3. He’s like a rich mans Jason Lowe.
  4. Hope Newport go up, as i hate them the least.
  5. I’m convinced some people who claim to be Bolton fans don’t like us winning,because then they’ve nowt to moan about.
  6. Yeh he seemed a bit of a bi-polar poster, veering from attention seeking wind up posts, to the “Hey lads i’m a fan too” about turns.Perhaps the BN is more his calling.
  7. I really can’t see Dapo making any appearances for West Ham in league games. Maybe a Championship club would take a punt on him, but he’d probably be better playing regular football for us rather than risk being a bench warmer somewhere.
  8. I’ll never forget his first appearance for us against Salford at home in front of the Sky cameras, his voice booming out around an empty stadium, he never stopped shouting, encouraging, organising. We won 2-0 and he went on to keep 16 or 17 clean sheets as we marched up the table, the rest is history.Top fella, top pro.
  9. Yeh - Ratshit man (although i believe he was potted) Hugemongo (gone quiet) even Whinesince ‘63 has disappeared - not to mention the infiltrators from other clubs Tranmere/Bradford/Morecambe/Wigan to name but a few. Fuck ‘em all - The Whites are going up!!!
  10. Can’t say i hate the bloke, but i’m just so glad he’s no longer the manager of our football club -the gig was always waaaaay to big for him. We’ve got the right man for the job,whether Hughmongo likes it or not.
  11. Wouldn’t be too unhappy to see Jackson given a go at LB if Dec John departs.
  12. You’re not wrong there! After the strangest season of all time, it’s going to be a very long and boring close season.
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