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  1. I think we’ll finish in or around the play offs. Ones to watch are Sheff Weds, Ipswich & Pompey imo.
  2. Burndens Bogs


    Absolutely no chance. Derby ars a basket case of a club. IE knows he’s onto a winner here and his journey has only just begun. Nothing to see here, move on.
  3. Had a mate once called Patel, he insisted it was pronounced Pay-Tel.
  4. Good going forward, defensively meh.
  5. It was Maggie Tetlow who raised this issue again at the end of last sesson.
  6. The medium white sliced toastie stadium has a bit of a ring to it.
  7. Nothing against the sponsors name as such, its just a bit Meh. In a “Mow my lawn” kinda way.
  8. Be reet. in Gareth we trust
  9. Football without fans is shit. This game is shit.
  10. Yeh Wigan are always on about us playing in Horwich, they seem to think it winds us up no end, when none of us could give a flying fuck. Anyrurd, i know a Bolton postcode when i see one.
  11. How so? I was right next to the Atletico fans and never saw Bolton fans start any trouble. Some dick unfurled a Real Madrid flag so Atletico fans responded by throwing cig lighters & coins, our lot threw them back & thats when the Police steamed into Bolton with batons hitting anyone in sight.
  12. Might be better having a good season
  13. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Traf decided not to play for us again next season - as long a we don’t make another Crellin/Dixon mistake. There must be quite a few experienced keepers who would jump at the chance of being number 1 here.
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