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  1. Apparently Wigan have sold a similar amount.
  2. You couldn’t be further from the truth.
  3. After the match Evs will no doubt say “It was nice to get the fans back in the building” 1-2 tert Roverrrrs. Full time just gone at Barrow, finished 0-1 and the relentless Whites remain unbeaten in pre season.
  4. Blackburn at home next Saturday. Can’t see many Whites being up for this one, maybe 5k or 6k on including 500 dingles.
  5. Tracy does Tokyo? Apparently, she also gets prodded & poked. Good luck btw.
  6. My Mrs works fot the NHS & they’ve been told by bosses that they don’t have to isolate if they get pinged.
  7. I used to love U2 back in the early days, i saw them at Free Trade Hall M/Cr after they'd released their debut album "Boy", the venue was only half full, but i really enjoyed it. I last saw them at Wembley in 1987 when they were promoting "The Joshua Tree" must have been 100,000 people there and i fuckin' hated it ,i've never listened to them since. Oh and Bono's a knob. I almost always prefer a bands early days, before they become pampered/ preening/ sold out/ dog shit.
  8. Young 'uns first half, then made 10 subs in the 2nd half with 25mins to go, they finished with pretty much a full strength X1.
  9. Full Time - Preston 0 Bolton 1. Should have been more by all accounts.
  10. Gethin Jones just put us 1-0 up,10 mins into the 2nd half. Starting XI: Dixon; Jones, Santos, Baptiste, Gordon; Sheehan, Williams, Sarcevic; Amaechi, Afolayan, Bakayoko Subs: Hutchinson, Senior, Aimson, Brockbank, Conway, Thomason, Tutte, Darcy, Delfouneso
  11. End of August, the “irreversable” easing of lockdown measures will be errr reversed.
  12. Imo The Clash only made 2 decent albums - the debut album “The Clash” and “London Calling” Like you said, there are one or two songs that are ok from other albums, but they are few and far between. They became too Americanised and tried to cover too many musical genres. They lost that raw energy that they had on their debut album.
  13. That’s a point, Little Whitts has disappeared again. Back in GERMANY?
  14. Feeble 4 pints out & about earlier, followed by full chicken roast dinner, now chilling on a sun lounger in my back garden catching the last of the rays - heaven.
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