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  1. The fact that Tranmere fans sang the “Tequila” song a couple of seasons ago, puts me off that particular ditty.
  2. Nah, i’ll raise you with “El Hadj Diouff will spit on you”
  3. So are the players. It’s only the fans who show true commitment nowadays.
  4. I thought Doyles shot that hit the post was just an instinctive snapshot, i noticed some on here saying it was a “sitter” but i just didn’t see it that way, it came at him quick and i thought he was fucking unlucky with a great attempt,another inch or two the other side of the post would have seen him hailed a hero.
  5. How many did Rov Ram bring on Saturday?
  6. Incredible strike rate had Jimmy Greaves - 132 goals in his first 4 seasons with Chelsea, 266 goals in 379 games for Spurs - 85 more than Harry Kane. 422 goals in 602 total club games.His strike rate for England was a goal every 1.24 games. He retired through injury aged just 31. Phenominal striker was Jimmy Greaves….RIP
  7. I asked the same question yesterday and someone replied and said they were right in line with it & it was definitely offside. I noticed as soon as the liners flag went up that those in the WSL who would have been inline with it didn’t protest much.
  8. Admittedly our defence needs tightening up, but to say Evatt needs to improve is just ridiculous. We lost to a well drilled savvy side, it will happen from time to time. It’s how we react to the defeat that will show how far we’ve come in a short space of time.
  9. Not a lot to argue with there imo. We need another string to our bow - or a plan b as it’s more commonly known.
  10. Fairy muff. A letdown of a day, but fuck it - let’s put it behind us & move on.
  11. Yeh i’d agree with that, they worked very hard when not in posession. Is Katchunga any better the Jo Dodoo or Artur Gnahoua? Not for me he ain’t. A bad day at the office, let’s learn from it & move on. What about our chalked off “goal”? Was he definitely offside? I noticed the West stand didn’t complain much about it.
  12. 45 mins Doyle Happys charity
  13. What price would folk be happy with if we lost him in January? 10m? 😁
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