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  1. ha, afraid not mate, didn't recognise him for months before I saw his name badge! Top bloke though, loves talking about his time at Burnden, says he has never been as gutted in his life as when he lost the play off final to Tranmere, and I could tell he meant it.
  2. he actually runs the leisure centre bar next to my work and served me a pint last Friday (and Thursday for that matter) - and that ladies and gentlemen is a FACT (think he does the Syria stuff at weekends though)
  3. I agree, played with him for 5 years back in early 90's for Bradshaw, he's a top bloke, I must owe him about 500 pints as I never had any cash back then as I was a tax dodging student so it was always his round. Never a problem.
  4. Went to the Charlton game on Saturday, they are garbage, no idea how they were unbeaten for 11 league games before that. Fancy them to go on a bad run now + us to do the opposite 2-1 win.
  5. Ha, fair point mate, far to lazy to post more than twice a season. As I watch 10 times more Bournemouth games than Bolton games (& both my boys are Bournemouth season ticket holders) it's a big day in our household this one. I did enjoy giving them both a dig in the ribs on the way home after our 2-0 win last season. I'll be back again in April to post before the away game.
  6. 1-4 Bournemouth playing some superb football, they dominate possesion even against the best teams in the division, only a matter of time before they give someone a hiding, end of the road for Doogie. unbelievable thing to say but not one of the Bolton team would get near getting a game for Bournemouth with their current respective squads.
  7. thinking about it again, you're probably right, especailly if Doogie starts with Tony Caldwell up front.
  8. I've been to most of Bournemouth's home games this season and unfortunately they are not shit (although they were crap the day Bolton beat them 2-0) I'm not sure any of the current Bolton players would get in their team, and I mean, any. Saturday could be a disaster / the nail in the coffin for Doogie as it could be really embarassing if Bournemouth take the chances they will no doubt create, expect them to have about 65% of the possession and I'll go for a 2-1 away win followed by a new manager mid way through next week
  9. I would say the worst team / squad we've had for 22 years since Rioch took over all those years ago from Phil Neal. Anyone who disagrees I'd be happy to be proved wrong, so send me a worse one if you can find it. However still no reason not to get to the matches when you can, have a few pints, eat a few pies, sing a few songs, boo, have a piss take with your mates, whatever, anything other than sitting around in the house over Xmas watching crap on TV
  10. I agree, bascially the same as going to the Reebok!
  11. Bar Mello Mello - one of my locals, you're right, full of cranks but at £2 a pint you can't complain.
  12. Daisy O'Brians is probably best pint of Guinness in town, decent for an afternoon pint. http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/13/1383/Daisy_OBriens/Bournemouth
  13. 20 min walk to ground from the station, maybe 25 if you've had a few cans, loads of taxis at station tho' if you cant be arsed pubs mentined are 5 minutes from station, the other way, so even further walking back from the ground - ring united taxis if its pissing down (01202 556677)
  14. All, I live in Bournemouth and will be at the game. We will get battered by Bournemouth based on what I've seen this season. In terms of after the game I'd recomend starting at the Litten Tree on Old Christchurch Rd for the Arsenal / Liverpool game then doing a pub crawl down the hill from there (Oneill's, Walkabout, Yates's on the same road) you wont have any issues getting in most of them places - the other side of town is a bit fussier Enjoy.
  15. 100% agree + Bazzer Crazy Legs now works in my local leisure centre, managing the bar. He is still a legend. Anyone planing to come to the Bournemouth game in November let me know & I'll get him to come for a pre-match pint. In fact his bar is about 15 minute walk from the ground so we could even meet in there.
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