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  1. Aye. That was just after I said he was shite.
  2. Henderson? He's lost the plot
  3. Whatever his name is, he's fucking shite
  4. Normally I want the underdogs, but fuck Australia.
  5. Matty Cash playing for Poland has surprised me.
  6. I was pacing the kitchen - ridiculous as I shouldn't really give a shit.
  7. Exactly. And he goes to more shit Bolton always than I could ever be arsed doing. Fair play to the lad
  8. It's basically dirty looking water
  9. My 'couldn;t be less arsed about it' is more about the fact that the World Cup is all about extra football in the summer. This is just interrupting the football we already have. That and I'm cool as fuck with a massive cock, obviously.
  10. I've never been less arsed about a World Cup
  11. mickbrown


    Looks like we're never ever going to score a goal ever again. It's pish.
  12. Especially as they bid for it with the promise of it being in summer. Bent as fuck
  13. I'm the same generally. For some reason I just can't seem to be arsed with this one. I'm sure it will change once it all kicks off.
  14. The FA haven't helped. Having it sponsored, fucking about with replays, 5.30 kickoff for the final, final before the season ends. They've diminished it.
  15. Oh, very well done sir.👍
  16. Like a hooligan babygro.
  17. Not quite, but they're was a young lad wearing a pink SI hoody and matching joggers. That was proper special.
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