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  1. Not sure I can be 'Sprung' for this one. Not sure I'd want to be. ????
  2. They shouldn't need any more practise.
  3. I agree. Just pointing out that wages will have to come from fan income - there's no other meaningful income.
  4. No, it is us who'll have to pay. Board to organise.
  5. No, it is us who'll have to pay. Board to organise.
  6. Trouble is, Mounts, we are a helpless carcass again.
  7. Rembrandt

    New Kit

    Ah, leisure shirt.
  8. We've had far too many distractions. Just get on with the job - that's hard enough.
  9. Stop pissing about & run the fookin club !
  10. Had to change to a West Lower wheelchair space. Back to the touch line. Hope I'm not repeating myself.
  11. They're a bit wooden anyway. Fit right in last season.
  12. I had a season ticket for NW Group through to Final. And, like now on & off, was in hospital (bad back). I never got to Bromwich St. but got out for final Group game through to Final. Long time ago.
  13. Just what I need in my hospital bed. A good laugh. ????
  14. More to the point - try to do a Leicester or Burnley & not repeat our last time.
  15. Hope it's not a repeat - Tosser del Mar. Should cover last season's squad.
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