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  1. My issue isn’t with the price of a seat per game compared with other clubs, non-league, cinema, pub, etc. It is decent value. The cost isn’t an issue for me, I am fortunate as I can afford it My view is that some ST’s such as myself who have supported the club for donkeys don’t feel as though a £35 discount is fair when we paid our money upfront to support the club when it was most needed There are different views and the club has to balance these off and only time will tell - if they get 8 tho, then they will have made the right decision Back page of BEN today “Whites offer fans reward”. That’s not how I see it and a more balance view of this debate would be to look at the other side. The BEN has taken the press release from BWFC and simply cut and paste Iles says inside that we were given a 10% discount as promised. I never saw that mentioned last year. He also says we were offered a refund but that was for the end of 19/20, we have never been offered a refund on 20/21 its really important BWFC keep as many ST’s on board as possible. I think FV have done a great job so far but why could we not have been consulted like we were on the fans survey with regards to the 19/20 refunds I’m sure there are other long standing ST holders who feel the same way but whose view isn’t been heard either by the club or local media
  2. There will be strong views on both sides but I think this is a big, big mistake Time will tell if they have got this right and they do get close to 8 thou renewing I would have proposed a 50% discount but supporters could have made a voluntary contribution of up to 50% discount back to the club and then received offers on a sliding scale depending on the contribution (free access to LOV for one game, Coca Cola cup match free, free coach to away game, etc). Think plenty would have supported this
  3. There is no way they will get more than 4 thou by 7 June BEN chief reporter who has spent the last few days silent on his Twitter feed says “Strong offer from Wanderers”. Jesus Christ
  4. This has got to be some kind of joke..... I’ve backed my club with hard earned cash when I knew we wouldn’t be attending as I wanted to support them My “reward” is 10% off!!!!!!!!! Get fucked
  5. Exeter played mid-week and they were out of form really struggling to take anything out of today real body blow, hope I’m not over-reacting but fuck me BWFC you really put us through it
  6. Feels like Stoke in FA Cup. Gutted Think we will crumble next week and Morecambe will take it Got a taxi ground at HT and the I-Follow fucked up so didn’t see much of the 2nd half but thought the Isgrove incident was a red Absolutely devastated........and the drink isn’t working
  7. Great post Cambridge As Gonzo posted earlier, it’s never a dull moment following the Whites Hopefully today there will be another piece of history to add to our great club
  8. Going for 4 thou Hope Mr Tesco Horwich pops some stella in the chiller, not fond of warm beer Team as per Casino. Need a reserve goalie on subs bench now, it’s too risky without now Taxi to ground at 5, drinking comp with Big Wheatz in Fannies, Ritzy, Kings Kebabs.....jobs a good un
  9. Thanks. That’s a great crowd at Cardiff, because of the Rugby I never have them down as that well supported
  10. Just looked at Cheltenham fixtures and they seem to have a good run until end of season Think it will be Forest Green, then Cheltenham then possibly Tranmere or us Think Cambridge will start to tumble Now
  11. If any statto could tell me please - what is the highest crowd for a division 4 game ever? Reckon there would have been 20k at Valley Parade a week on Saturday
  12. Hutch


    Think this could be a big turning point, like Fergies Mark Robins moment. Fucking hope so. Psychologically this should be massive for the players Lee could turn out to be the signing of the season Strange how a win can change your mood, I looked at the table and thought if we win our game in hand and beat them at home, we are just 5 points off Cambridge in top spot 😄
  13. So it’s great, we’ve got a progressive manager, good players, we’ve been unlucky with refs...We’re 19th in division 4 ffs, looking up to Harrogate, Crawley, Salford, Forest Green and Cambridge. It ain’t fucking good enough Most of us on here travel away and have a drink, can you imagine what it would be like now. All of us fighting between ourselves, he has completely got away with it. This forum would be in meltdown but most of you happy watching Sky+ and supping £5 cans from Rivvy just cause there is a fucking goat on the front Although Big Mick was my first choice, I’ve backed him and I liked the cut of his jib and supported him right until last night There is no point moaning about red cards or morecambe players falling over, the free kicks won were due to Baptiste pushing their lad over a couple of times and Santos going through the back. Free kicks every day of the week. That is the managers fault. The goalkeeper situation, fanny around at the back, that’s his problem Tisdale and Curle have gone tonight. He’s the luckiest manager out of the 92
  14. As the title of this thread goes, he’s definitely reeled plenty of BWFC fans into his ‘brand’ We won’t have Big Mick, Pullis, or Moyes as this guy is going to play pass and move football, entertain, and bring the crowds back.... This league is shit, it’s there for the taking, and we are closer to going into Div 5 I have been supportive of Evatt and this is not knee jerk. But I have turned now. We are behaving like tin pot club, this ain’t good enough and shouldn’t continue. Results do matter
  15. Big Mick clueless in Div 4....ffs Were Bolton Wanderers, we should be ripping the fuck out of this division. Stevenage go above us if they win on Saturday. Think about it, Stevenage Need to give Pullis a ring tonight
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