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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Southampton away. What a day/night. A reflection of that era tbh - hard to think that we’d take that many away again for a night match. Went with a mate who was a Derby fan. He couldn’t believe the atmosphere - best away match ever in his eyes. As usual though we cocked it up in the last minute - can see Felgate flapping even now.
  2. Look a threat going forward for once. Great second goal. Still no confidence won’t ship more at the back. Much better though - shame but understandable not more here to see it. COYWM in the second half.
  3. Never met Michael and probably never will, but “thank you” from the present generation of Wanderers fans, “thank you” from those no longer with us, and “thank you” from those yet to come. COYWM.
  4. Right, let’s try again with this one. Everybody get the f*** in. Please.
  5. Who’s in? Not had one for 10 years (s*** fan), but 100% this time. Don’t know what you’ve missed until it’s (almost) gone.
  6. Meltdown on FB, BEN etc. Who cares - as long as they were the highest bidder....
  7. Fuzzy memory but in the 81-82 season didn’t we beat Derby at home in dramatic fashion 3-2 just before the Sheffield game to give us a chance of staying up? Can’t find any details but sure 1or 2 late goals - Wayne Foster? Either way wasn’t as “all in” as Sunday. Mental.
  8. Also no chance now of play-offs so worry is they’ll roll over.
  9. Wilbraham. The one person ever to wear the white shirt who makes Ian Moores and Gregor Raziak look world class. Hope to god he proves me wrong and he actually jumps off the ground today.
  10. Awful. Awful. Awful. Apart from ALF no one looking for the ball when we have possession. Tell tale sign something is wrong behind the scenes.
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