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  1. Impact sub, needs to be played as such, big lad just doesn't have the energy for a full game.
  2. Brockbanks head went, he wasn't the only one but they targeted that side, just looked like he didn't want to be on the pitch. Seems i'm the only Kachunga fan...
  3. Should have had isgrove over brockbank. Should have had Kachunga over Baka.. Baka is an impact sub type, always seems to have a bad un when on from the start. Soon as those two came on .. that right side was operational.
  4. Yeah saying he's on the verge of breaking through to the first team squad, he's apparently started with us, been elsewhere then come back.
  5. Tbh he was pretty skinny so might have looked taller. Asked at work today and nobody seemed to know, was just a "Bolton player". I remember them doing a similar thing at my school when I was younger which got me into football. Great to see them doing similar and the player was a fantastic ambassador for the club
  6. Think it was Amoateng, had about 100 kids turn up to the training, absolute professional letting kids take selfies and taking time to chat to anyone. Was genuinely pleased to meet a teacher who was a Bolton fan, asking about which games i'd been to etc.. Either way, came across as a class act.
  7. Met a youth player today, tall lad who is apparently from Ghana, and being scouted by Newcastle, Giving time up to work with school kids and an absolute gent, just didn't catch his name. Massive diamond ear rings though..
  8. Seems to be a player that has just drifted around after a great start to his career. Played much more last season but reckon Evatt just hasn't seen anything in him to make him a consideration.
  9. Start with Kachunga upto and bring on Doyle at a suitable time. Think Kachunga would do well in that central position as he's all 9vdr the place when he's brought on.
  10. Done? He's only 22.. The two through balls could have been great had dapo gone that way..
  11. Parked on st Mary's multi story, and they were only just letting people off the stadium one as we went past
  12. Oh. And that ref was awful. Shame there is no footage of Ricos wrestling match
  13. Doyley work rate is great, can't fault that, but he's not putting them away. Every ball we go for the cross, it doesn't work. We either need another up top or someone who can score, as nobody else but Doyle seems to he willing to shoot.
  14. Anyone know what time the travel club is leaving? Usually leave about same time
  15. Soon be having nightmares about keeping 2 players in the box during a goal kick...
  16. He came to us and dropped down knowing he would make a dent in league 1.. Very astute tbh. Reckon he'll be gone in January. He's worked hard and tbh deserves to be in the spotlight. Good luck to him and if he knocks a fair few in on his way .. better for us
  17. I honestly hope it isn't a Bolton Fan. Appears to be someone who WANTS to play for us, and it's clear IE see's something in him, from what I can tell most of his goals come from crosses into the box and that appears to be our current way. Few forums I'm on won't let you post under an Alias, one even makes you have your real name and phone number on there.. Needless to say there is a distinct lack of banter etc.
  18. Someones created an anonymous account. That's pretty clearly premeditated that they were upto no good.
  19. Ticket system is an absolute farce. Both season tickets for me and the daughter are registered in my name. So it won't let me buy 2 tickets. Had nothing but issues this year and getting them to sort it is a pain in the arse. Going to have to ring up tomorrow.
  20. Who are the sky pundits, see them from here but can't make out who they are. Suits n trainers... tut tut..
  21. I'm 6'3 and 21 stone.. call me luv or princess all you want 😛
  22. Didn't expect that line up. Seems a strong team
  23. Thought it was a deadpool thread then.. Wouldn't wish it on anyone, but a few kicks to the crotch would suffice.
  24. Perspective is that a top half finish is an achievement for a newly promoted, playoff team. Once this team settles, the plans going to just take hold.
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