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  1. Lee is good enough, Thommason just isn't ready yet, he was nowhere near the first team at the start of the season Isgrove, Tuttee, Sheehan, Sarcevic, Katchunga, all being in the running ahead of him.. it's needs must though Afolayan seems a shell of himself, confidence has taken a proper knock. Baka isn't a midfielder, but also appears to not be a 90 minute player.. works well as a sub but every game he's started he's just not made much impact We need a battler.. and or someone who can come in a captain as Santos seems to have bee struggling since stepping up. Need him at his best.
  2. Baka does well as an impact sub Delafonso is stealing a living.. every match he does zilch. We need a battling midfielder, we're getting bullied too often and the refs do nothing.
  3. Got one here you can have if you want. We bought it then hot a booster from sky. I'll dig it out and get a name for you
  4. Said it at the start of the season. If we avoid relegation and stay mid table, we have done well. Teams been clobbered together, luck hasn't gone our way and we can't afford an out and out striker so have 4 forwards. The fact that Delafonso (Worst i've seen in a Bolton kit) and a 39 year old goalkeeper coach make up out 14 fit players speaks volumes about how thin our squad really is.
  5. Sonny Sharpest Ahmed.. used to teach him maths.. Must be yts wages as he's probably only 17.
  6. seem to remember Pollock having a strange run. Amazing midfielder though
  7. We always have that player that gets stick regardless. Blatant red, no attempt to get the ball. Santos and Doyle getting reet stuck in the scrapping! Santos had one by the throat and Doyle chucking people on the ground. Showing a bit of fighting spirit at least. Gordons doing great, think the back five we seem to have adopted is working to build some confidence.
  8. Yup, the one before that was about 3 seasons before.. going through wiki and some of the players we've released would do a job, didn't know Vela went on a free.
  9. We're currently where we should be for now.. Fans have to get used to it, that we won't win every match, we're going to have bad spells and we are going to struggle in this league. We need to start getting the young talent out there and selling them on like we always have, we built a team on a shoestring and that's going to have it's issues. Have we actually started with the same back 4 in two consecutive games? We've been hit by knocks and injuries more than I remember recently.
  10. Doyle isn't scoring but he's allowing the ball to get up field. We've been lumping it up recently and that isn't working. Our players have just one thing.. cheapness.. We're skint, we can't invest and any players that are free transfers are usually that way for a reason.
  11. polar opposite.. I use maps for walking etc but for driving sat nav just makes it much easier. Anyway opted for the Tom Tom Go Expert, £310 but hooks upto my phone for live traffic updates etc. The amount of use it get's I thought I may as well invest, especially with all these new laws being brought in about phones and driving..
  12. The pitchfork brigade are out on social media "Evatt had to go.." etc. That said it will be the sale lot expecting back to back promotion on a shoe string
  13. If your keeper is constantly under battle he's going to let them in. If the defence is constantly under pressure they will get through.. Midfield is the issue. MJ puts a shift in. But Dapo goes missing, Katchunga works well on the right but isn't a winger, Thommasson is very raw and new, Lee puts a shift in. It just doesn't work for some reason.
  14. Wiki has him at six four.. thats surely wrong?
  15. I could list which players were shocking but tbh its the whole lot. Need an on pitch leader.
  16. We look likeva team that's having their first ever game together.
  17. Whole midfield has been headless.. defence is under constant barage as we can't string a pass.. Nd... forgot he had come on..
  18. Saw Santos go running down amd appear to be pulling someone back. One our coaches came back out and was signalling to someone there had been a fight.
  19. Scumbag crewe fans shouting during the minutes silence
  20. Some absolute amazing work between Thomasson and Williams today running around the middle of the park. I'm assuming the former went on as he was knackered? ND and Baka just didn't get going.
  21. Nice mention of him by the announcer at half time today. Influenced my life massively by creating wanderersways. Been about 20 years.. Met him a few times and was a genuinely nice bloke.
  22. Went in the east stand, told we could only leave one way, then told we were not allowed to leave heading towards Tesco.. wanted us to walk around the whole stadium to get out... left 5 mins early luckily and just walked through and ignored him Absolute dross game, losing it too easily, too many poor passes. Baka and Delafonso just disappeared. Glad Doyle and Kachunga scored, Felt that we lost any real threat when Kachunga and Thomasson went off..
  23. TBH I was tempted to take my daughter and her friend, we have 2 seasons tickets so that's not an issue, but i can't just register the details of a random 11 year old girl that hasn't been before. Small amount of things like that do add up. They should have the ability to add a guest to each membership, The sold tickets would still come back to you in the event of any "trouble"
  24. Has anyone used either the Tom tom go expert Or Garmin Desl 700.. Got an old Garmon atm and its a bit naff and outdated.. want a premium one as I do a lot of driving.
  25. Got every faith in IE. Think some fans are just expecting back to back promotion. Someone ringing in the radio yesterday saying they were hoping to get in the premiership in 5 years. We've got to build slowly as we don't have the money. We might be in league one for another season, its just one of those things, start of the season people would have been happy with mid table, then build from there.
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