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  1. Great last night in Hobart. Earlier we were in a bar with the victorious Aussie team, later with the England team. Cricket doesn’t get better than this. Apart from the result of course.
  2. 😊Seems I/we were caught on camera. M was going to leave it there till today but it was obvious that wouldn’t be necessary. Guess it summed up the situation.
  3. Anyone watching on the tv, that was shite. Anyone over here watching live, that was shite. Commiserating in Hobart is so much better than in Bolton.
  4. No problems. Got there a little late. We met up with other Bolton Lads. Winny? Don’t remember much of the cricket. Tomorrow is another day.👍
  5. When we arrived in Sydney on the 30th, we took a PCR in an underground car park at the airport, about 9pm. It was free and results in 48 hours. (We got the results in 24) Young Boby booked us a paid test upstairs at the airport and the result came through before we reached his gaff. It can vary and change all the time.
  6. It says you can do a RAT 24 hours before which is what we will be doing.
  7. Seems we are sorted👍 I didn’t do it myself but have the utmost trust in my son.😊 Novak Djokovic should take note. Always use a trusted person to fill in forms.
  8. We are flying from Sydney on Friday. Not aware of any checks or tests. Thanks for highlighting it though. Will check tonight 👍
  9. Fifth day. Well, well. Had other plans but we’ll have to go again. You never know.🤞
  10. Yep. Went to the pub at lunch and considered not going back. Glad we did. Great afternoon and evening sessions. Small wins but very welcome. 👍
  11. Nearly 70,000 at the MCG the other day. There would have been 25,000 England fans there also if they had been allowed to travel. You’re entitled to your opinion but crowd numbers would suggest your wrong. I’ll be at the SCG and Hobart for 4 days each (if they make it to 4) Still looking forward to them though despite the last couple of weeks.
  12. Only Root, Anderson and maybe Malan are in the same league as this Aussie team and Jimmy is 39! They can make as many changes as they want, we don’t have anything to match them.
  13. Got the TMS commentary on and BT pictures. Did Starc get 2 warnings for running on the wicket? Just where that ball pitched and turned to get Woakes out?
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