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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Kevin Davies would disagree!😊
  2. She’s also a very good cricketer.😊
  3. Tend to watch and listen to cricket more. Isa Guha and Ebony Rainford Brent are good. Fit in very well with the regulars, Aggers and Tuffers etc. I like Alex Hartley (met her in Tasmania) lovely girl but better on tv than radio for me. Generally, women talk more sense than men. Proof of that is the fact that this board is 99% blokes. 😊
  4. Whatever peoples thoughts, it’s popular. Tried to get tickets this morning for both the womens and mens matches today at OT. Sold out!
  5. Don’t forget to say ‘duck’ Always works.😊
  6. It has the advantage that all of the top English players are available because of the break in the Tests which is good for the spectator. Rather watch a Test myself though. Until next week of course.😊
  7. Yep but Joe Root playing for Trent Rockets (Notts) tonight? Just doesn’t seem right. It’s like John McGinlay playing for Wolves in a Carabao cup match against us. Those graphics are beginning to hurt my eyes.
  8. It’s a bit like cricket. Happy to beat New Zealand but they ain’t the Aussies.
  9. Learn from Lancashire CCC on how to quench the thirst of fans.
  10. Good question but to be honest, Trafford had an easy day. All their efforts went straight to him.
  11. Wycombe will always be one of my favourite away days. The circumstances of that day and all that. “As it been done yet” 😊 I’ll be happy if they finish second after us.
  12. It’s a long itinerary. 😊
  13. Got the train there and back. Free for us pensioners. (Almost, £10 extra on our free bus pass) 😊
  14. Hopefully you’ll see M when he comes over and asks for a lemon and lime bitters. 😊
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