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  1. Didn’t think so. Never mind.
  2. Having just been in the garden and cleaned up more cat crap, I agree with you on the cats. I do go and shit in their house. It’s not on purpose though, it’s an age thing.😉
  3. That’s a good question. My initial thoughts are that for years they have been telling us how bad the Tories are and not how good they are. Now they have to tell us how good they are, no one believes them. Well I don’t 😊 Just my opinion.
  4. I was in a private ‘Reggie’s Bar’ a few weeks ago. Anyone else been there? 😉
  5. Would a postal vote verified, sealed and posted by any member of this forum be proof? It’s for the kids.
  6. For those confused about my ‘drivel’ This is the latest poll in a clearer form. If the trend continues, Labours vote will be less than they had in 2019 and still have a big majority in parliament. I find it interesting. Others may not. Of course we can just ignore the polls and wait and see what happens on 4th July.
  7. £100 pay up! It’s for the kids.
  8. ‘Oh flower of Scotland, they’ve now scored five.’ 🎵 I think that fits.
  9. Yes. The difference this time is that a party could have a huge majority and be the most least popular by votes ever.
  10. Ignoring the ‘didn’t vote’ stat. 63.2 % didn’t vote blue. I’m saying it will be more than that who will not vote Labour. It’s just an Opinion. The turn out could be even lower than 2015. QED it would be more than 75.4 %
  11. You mean the Tories have a chance?😉
  12. Of course. I suspect it will be more than 66% come the election. Labour could be the most unpopular government ever elected (on number of votes) This is down to the Tory collapse, the fragmented spread amongst other parties and our first past the post system.
  13. Why post it then?🤷‍♂️ Labour supporters are becoming more of a minority. It’s not about bashing the Tories any more. Unfortunately, that’s all they had. For a bit of comparison, if your poll is correct, Labour are just 3 points above where they were in the last poll before the 2019 election. It could be interesting.
  14. No need to figure. Plainly obvious the Tories are unpopular. It’s just that most people don’t think Labour are any better.
  15. Interesting that almost 2/3 of the country don’t want a Labour government. I suspect it will be more come the election.
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