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  1. Believe it or not, Arthur Morris Tobacconists is still open. Incredible when you think of the shops that have closed.
  2. Planned on going with some mates but spent the afternoon in Townleys with my heavily pregnant wife due to high blood pressure. They decided to keep her in overnight. She very kindly said I could go to the match. Which I did. Obviously a keeper. We’ve been married 40 years this year. It was a great night. Blackpool that is. 😊 The final is another story.
  3. Started with flu like symptoms for me then just the cough. Went to the doctors on Monday and she diagnosed the 100 day thing. Told me to come back in a couple of weeks if it hasn’t cleared. That will then be about 59 days. Still a bit of leeway.😊
  4. 100 day cough. I’ve had it for 49 days. Half way through. Anyone else?
  5. Past tense, future tense? 🤷‍♂️
  6. Those Scottish National Socialists, once the darlings of the left are now ‘pariahs’ 😊 I guess Labour don’t need them anymore with their huge lead in the polls. That’s politics for you.😊
  7. ‘A very Tory coup’ It’s the Daily Mail so probably crap. Or maybe not. 😉 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-11040663/amp/ANDREW-PIERCE-Boris-Johnson-betrayed-toppled-Tory-coup-inside-accounts-reveal.html
  8. Jumped before he was pushed. Semantics.
  9. It does look a bit odd but it’s the corner of Newport St. The old building now gone and a newer one there now housing The Olympus Restaurant.
  10. Yep. Those nuclear weapons do make all the difference . There is no doubt that with the correct suppprt, Ukraine could push the Russians all the way back to Moscow. A cornered rat is at its most dangerous though. Over 300,000 Russians sacrificed for his egotistical folley. He’s quite happy to sacrifice more.
  11. No photo of Hitler or Molotov but Stalin and Ribbentrop. The Molotov - Ribbentrop pact that, as you say, didn’t end well.
  12. Russia is like a third world country compared to China. Economically and militarily, Russia is in a state of rapid decline. They do have a lot of nuclear weapons though. It’s the only thing that keeps them relevant as a major power.
  13. Lost the argument when you start calling people thick. Anyway. Russia needs China more than China needs Russia. America and China need each other equally. Other parties are just support actors.
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