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  1. 😊 Seem to remember thinking that getting home safe with a hard earned point was better than a battering on Anfield Road.
  2. We were in the paddock behind the managers benches in the Liverpool section. Fortunately, we didn’t score. 😊 You’re right, they weren’t happy.
  3. Yep. I was there that day as well. Lots of criticism of Ian Greaves tactics that day but that’s football. You play to your strengths. Sam learned a lot from his mentor and we had the the best years as fans to enjoy as a result.
  4. I remember most of what went on in the sixties and seventies, not sure about anything after that. 😊 Actually, I remember pretty much most of everything until that bloke who’s name I won’t repeat came into our lives and turned it all upside down. Onwards and upwards 👍
  5. It would be great to see it but for me, I have my memories. No one will ever take that away. We now live in an era where everything is available online. Not sure whether that’s good or bad. Is a book better than a film?
  6. Not sure if it’s been mentioned on here but two years ago we got stuffed 5-0 by Gillingham. I was there and pleased to have a team to support. We are now disappointed that we didn’t win against that same club. We’ve come a long way in a short space of time. Patience is not something that many supporters have but it’s what’s required now.
  7. Frank was through on goal with only Gary Bailey to beat. Frank fainted to go left, then flicked the ball with the outside of his right foot and the ball went past Bailey’s left into the back of the net. I was in the stand above the Bolton fans in the scoreboard end where the goal was scored. Tickets bought through my United connections. Glorious night. Liverpool fans will be celebrating tonight but nothing like we did that night.
  8. 1978 pal. 21st December 1978 to be exact. We then did the double on them the following April. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18373692.amp/ Anyone who didn’t go to that match or in fact wasn’t even born, look at that photo of Frank scoring the second goal. Look at their positions in the photo and wonder how he scored. I’ll explain later.
  9. If we had a WW back then, someone would have been saying the same thing after we went to Chester and drew 2-2 back in 1992. 2-0 down at half time and booed off by the travelling Bolton fans. (I was one of them. I didn’t boo though) Bruce (and Colin) were in the early days of building a team then and the rest is history.
  10. You must have gone downstairs before the first half finished. Lots of boo’s as they came off. Agree with the rest though.
  11. Can’t blame them for that however frustrating it is. The problem is the referees. Totally inept at controlling the game at this level. The Premier League isn’t much better. The quality of refereeing in this country is shown up by the best in Europe and beyond.
  12. I heard Brockbank deleted his account because of abuse on Twitter last night. If that’s true it’s disgusting that another of our players has been targeted.
  13. Great effort. Where about in Southern Bohemia?
  14. It’s a Wogan thing.😊 Remember them in our away kit due to a colour clash. Chris Waddle was playing for them then.
  15. Think that was 1980. Jack Charlton manager. Took my current wife for the first time. Her next was the Worthington cup final in 1995.
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