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  1. Nearly 22000 sold, few more on day. Not bad really
  2. It's probably so that we know what to blame if we get beat tonight
  3. Just bought our 4 season tickets seats online. Easy peasy
  4. I know at least 10 lads that don't go regular but have got tickets because have a contact in ticket office
  5. Does anyone know if it's pay on the day/sold out?
  6. Well done lads, onwards and upwards now! Also had a £10 on 2-1 so even better!
  7. I really don't know who to blame today gartside, the manager or players. Won't boo the players while playing, but something needs to change!
  8. Can take a loss, but the heartless performance from the majority of the players cannot go on freedmans head!!
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