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  1. Can't see a reason not to open up second doses earlier, must have an overall positive effect. I know many people of a similar age (mid 20's) eager to get their second and first doses have almost come to a standstill.
  2. Dad tested positive today, been double jabbed a few months, said he feels like shite. Not good.
  3. Had exact same last week. Really really faint line (been doing 2 a week for work since Jan and never had any sign of a line before), did another was negative. Had a PCR test to be sure and that came back negative.
  4. Nope just a pale, Futuristic Font
  5. Picked up a Pomona and a Polly's earlier, got back and the Pomona can looks like its about to explode, the top has burst out. Messaged the shop on fb and they've refunded it onto my card and advised it may explode if i try to open it.. This happened to anyone before? Don't want it to go to waste so gunna chill it and try open it outside in a bit i think
  6. Should get it by text or email asLong as you put one in when booking i think
  7. Just on my first Polly's, Moonwrecker, picked it up in M&S earlier for £3. Seems they've updated their range also. Pretty good for a £3 supermarket beer, need to try some of their proper stuff
  8. Morrison's got a load of new stuff in too. Had a Brew York Juice Forsyth the other night and it was nothing like the one I had from a bottle shop a while back
  9. I believe they're doing the cloudwater tesco stuff at brewdog as you say Vault city doing a few sours with tesco toO
  10. Bolton aside - this rhetoric of young people don't want to get jabbed and the government putting out videos is a joke considering no young people (illnesses aside) have been offered the vaccine yet. Yes it will vary through demographics and age groups but I'm 24 and don't know a single person who wouldn't have it if offered.
  11. Jealous! Enjoy all who are there we are going up
  12. Filling top and bottom tier at wednesday would be class. Since we are MASSIVE.
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