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  1. I remember hearing it on occasion since I started going in 04/05, less so in recent years
  2. Might be wrong but Blackburn or Burnley comes to mind, might've been one of the Coyle games
  3. I remember them putting fences up at the esl south corner
  4. Said the same, not sure what they were expecting
  5. The less said about tonight the better, should've known with us scoring so early on it wouldn't last. The last 15 minutes of normal time was atrocious, invited pressure constantly and it looked certain they'd score. Fairplay to Stockport, great support throughout. Do wonder how many there usually spend their Saturday's at the Etihad though. Queue for a pint at the only bar was awful too but the pie, mash and gravy looked bloody good!
  6. Should've known it was going to be a bad night when I got to my seats on Row I 🤦🏻
  7. Let us know how busy it is, might head in when we get off in an hour or so
  8. Just got two adults over the phone
  9. Ffs just tried to buy 2 tickets.. collection only now. Fair enough. Rang back asked if my mate can pick them up Sunday before the charity game, "no we'll be too busy can you not get anyone to pick them up from Monday" Managed to sort someone to get them on Monday thankfully
  10. How long does it take from becoming a member to being able to purchase?
  11. RIP Happy Wanderer, echo the comments of others.
  12. Disagree. Like it or not these are our rivals, naive to think otherwise
  13. Left slightly early got on first train before wigan lot Loads of theres steamed through the back into the home fans queue, noone really took them on tbh, police weren't interested major fuck up from gmp but they got away with it
  14. GMP fucked it at the station too. Load of wigan came down the back path straight into the home queue shambles
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