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  1. Felt a bit sorry for Williams yesterday at times it was like in the warm up and you have a circle of players with one in the middle trying to intercept the ball
  2. As has been said we have a first eleven who can compete against anyone in this league, it’s the bench/rest of squad where we struggle, but that’s where we are and over the next few transfer windows that quality squad strength will improve.
  3. Yesterday was difficult to take and it still hurts but I think we will be ok, think Wigan finished 20th last season and with the addition of a few quality signings may go straight up. We are a good side and not a million miles away , like to see Thomason play on Tuesday, Izzy right back. We will be fine , bring a few recruits in the window plus the injured players we have coming back and the play offs are a realistic goal.
  4. The four changes killed us, full strength against these and it would have been a different result, Rotherham and Shrewsbury IMO were better on the day than these lot
  5. RIP, Never got the chance to see him play but from what my dad and grandad said about him makes him a true wanderers legend for me.
  6. Just hearing sir Nat say the words THE WHITES was spine tingling.
  7. Like the arsenal fans a few years ago when they wanted venger out. Deluded .
  8. Didn’t think the day could get any better
  9. Ha ha 6 points and you fucked it up
  10. Ha ha predictive text , not touched a drop yet 😁
  11. Fantastic scenes with the champagne, it’s not often you get a feeling of what the club means to our players but in that moment each and every one of them showed real love for bedchamber . Must have some dust in my eye . Well done whites so proud
  12. There was a run of games at the start of our upturn in form where Arthur’s form resulted in us collecting a few points. If I was the manager this week I’d be getting his confidence up, on his day a match winner
  13. Could also focus the minds of our players
  14. Sarce didn’t look happy when he came off, maybe he new his injury had flared up .
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