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  1. Just hearing sir Nat say the words THE WHITES was spine tingling.
  2. Like the arsenal fans a few years ago when they wanted venger out. Deluded .
  3. Didn’t think the day could get any better
  4. Ha ha 6 points and you fucked it up
  5. Ha ha predictive text , not touched a drop yet 😁
  6. Fantastic scenes with the champagne, it’s not often you get a feeling of what the club means to our players but in that moment each and every one of them showed real love for bedchamber . Must have some dust in my eye . Well done whites so proud
  7. There was a run of games at the start of our upturn in form where Arthur’s form resulted in us collecting a few points. If I was the manager this week I’d be getting his confidence up, on his day a match winner
  8. Could also focus the minds of our players
  9. Sarce didn’t look happy when he came off, maybe he new his injury had flared up .
  10. Yeah he was booked early doors against Grimsby I think ( definitely someone) .
  11. What a ray of sunshine you are .
  12. Have to agree regarding Exeter, decent team, scoring last minute in midweek after looking like they may miss out. They were always going to have a go yesterday, we are not a team of bottlers that’s for sure and even though they deserved to win in the last minute we could have won ourselves if we had defended that free kick . There keeper was up and any sort of clearance may have resulted in a goal.our manager fills me with confidence, he was disappointed like everyone was but as ever he was calm and that calmness is what we need this week. In evatt we trust.
  13. Don’t forget our neighbours from Yorkshire, funny if they turned up next Saturday.
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