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  1. My general feeling so far this season is that it has been quite poor and has been disappointing. I know we are a newly promoted side and have had no luck with injuries at all. But matches like last night, 0 2 loss to Rotherham at home, 0-4 home hammering and penalty shoot out loss to the Pie eaters. Sarcevic malarkey, 5-3 embarrassment to Stockport on TV. With context, we've had a real rough season so far, despite this the support has been magnificent. Countless sold out away crowds, 16k average attendance with 2 21k crowds. And also, we are still 16th, so its not a disaster. However with all this taken into account I can completely understand the negativity at the moment. For me, I 100% back Evatt, hes got the right philosophy and ambition to bring us back where we should be. But there's so much work that needs to be done. First of all, the attitude needs addressing, we are probably the softest team in the division and we get bullied by teams constantly. If we combine our possession style of football, with being a bunch of hard bastards that press together, foul, be aggressive, we will be a very hard team to beat.
  2. Its a problem. I think the focus should be to really impose and implement our philosophy from the 1st second, dominating possession, high pressing. I've looked at data, and it shows that in most games we are dominating possession, but much more intensely in the 2nd half. We are essentially making it easy for our opponents early on, going a goal behind, then playing catch up in the 2nd half. Sunderland is a perfect example. And 1st half possession was 48%, 2nd half 64%. Rotherham game, 1st half 62%, 2nd half 78%. We just need to get better at what we do best, but from the very 1st minute.
  3. Always makes me so proud to see the potential in our historic club. To see Bolton Wanderers rise from the ashes, 147 year history, and 20k+ plus against Rotherham in the 3rd division. Best club on the planet. Fucking come on you Whites!
  4. 19,000+ already confirmed for tomorrow
  5. They are only bringing 1,400. Could easily put them in South upper in the corner And wanderers fans lower tier next to WSL, like we did against Peterborough in 2017.
  6. Just looked at the ticket sales map, can't remember it looking that full for a long time. Still a full day to go and pay on the day, surely they are considering opening lower tier South stand for us ?
  7. The problem is, is that Eddie Davies saved us last time, as he was willing to, because he had an unbreakable love for this club. Ken Anderson meanwhile couldn’t give 2 flying shits from Beevers about this club, the only thing he cares about is how he personally, financially gets out of this, and that’s why no deal had happened thus far. Hes a cancer to this club, and the sooner he’s gone the better
  8. Also, as I predicted before, Parky would blame the shift away from himself and put it all on the referee, and Swansea’s quality instead. Just a little stat here, never mind 2 wins in 30 or whatever. But our posssession in the last 3 games. 23% 32% 30% 44% 39% Don’t get me wrong, these players are the biggest bunch of slow, untehcnical dinosaurs I’ve ever seen. But Parky has been giving the players the most difficult chance of trying to win games with 30% of the ball. But of course we’re not as capable at keeping the ball (even though they are professional players), so then I’d argue, why can’t we be solid with 11 men behind the ball? Why can’t we press instead of sitting back? That doesn’t demand money, Why can’t we play horribly, and dominate set pieces with our tall team? So when you break it down, Parky literally has no idea how to manage, and shows he is good at nothing. Please bring someone new in, just a fresh face, anyone, I don’t think our supporters can watch this excuse of football. Even if we lose 6-3, I’d take it anyday. As this football is the most soul destroying, boring, uninteresting style I’ve seen throughout any league.
  9. Parky replaced Le Fondre, with 36 year old Donaldson, let that sink in We stayed up last year miraculously, and Ken, Parky, and all the staff should have worked hard, to take us forward. But they didn’t, Ken didn’t find investment, Parky didn’t improve his tactics and adapt to the league, and continued to play 19th century football. In fact they made us worse, and should be ashamed, as 2 seasons of recovery has been flushed in the toilet.
  10. Yeah, I’ve been dormant past few weeks, just as most of us are, in the sense that we just accept what we are . But sometimes you just realise how bad, and how many things there are wrong with the club. Hopefully in the near future we can be a proper club again, and we’re we can actually get value for the money we aren’t paying
  11. No, you're right, these players are atrocious. But the way Parkinson and his joke staff set them up is embarrassing. Rotherham scored 3 goals today. We have not scored more than 2 all season. That is beyond embarrassing
  12. Haha oh what a surprise, you reply again. I'd rather be dramatic than just a morbid, motionless being, which this club is. Dead players, dead manager, dead fans and atmosphere, dead club. We're all ready pretty much relegated, and it sounds like your happy to carry on playing. Instead of changing, and trying to play a different way. Yeah, we might not score more, but I will guarantee you, if we showed just 10% of the composure that every team has in this league, and try to pass the ball, we might not only relieve pressure on our defence, not only potentially build attacks, be more direct, tire out the opposition, create more chances. But ultimately the main thing at this point, is it will for CERTAIN be more entertaining than the so called football we are apparently playing now. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.
  13. Before the red cards when we had 11 players, we had 17% possession to a team 14th in the league. But of course the manager will shift all the blame on the red cards and on the ref. Next week it will because the opposition has a 10 million player or something. Parky is by far one of the worst managers I've seen in football, absolutely shocking. And he's quite disgusting also, taking advantage of our plight as a means of job security. He knows we cant sack him, if he cared about the club he'd leave, and take his primary school of a coaching staff with him. But he doesn't, he wants to keep his job, because there is no chance in hell that he will manage a championship club again. Horrendous manager, and disgusting 19th century football. I've never in my time as a Bolton fan been so disinterested in our team. A team full of dinosaurs, who couldn't do a step over even if their life was on the lines. Yes the money, money, money, but there is no excuse for the manager to set up the same way every week, playing the most disgusting style of football, and guess what it doesn't even work. So why the FUCK has nothing been done? What are we waiting for? He should have been gone over a year ago.
  14. We have absolutely no idea how to play football it's a complete joke
  15. Leitner, who was brought on for 30 minutes, comeotleted more passes than any other Bolton player, for the full 90. That stat, along with and endless list now are all reasons as to why Parky should piss off, he’s completely out of his depth in this league. The players are shite, but there is no reason whatsoever for them to play this bad. One of their players comeptleted 140 passes today, 140. Parky would be disgusted if one of our players tried that many. We can’t manage 3.
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