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  1. Too young for the early seventies, but there is definitely that feel. Would love to do Port Vale but got to work. I'm 53 but feel like a giddy 18 year old. COYWs
  2. Jack Grealish reminds me of Paul Gasgoine, but a poor man's version.
  3. I'd side with Gazza, but to say Rooney didn't commit seems bizarre. Both great English players.
  4. Yes me too. Seems like a really decent guy. Our loss, Birminghams gain
  5. EE seem to get it judging the lads sat behind me.
  6. Agreed. Need to see this a lot more. Thought England looked ok tonight but Germany better, I’d give either team a shout in the World Cup
  7. Doesn’t open til 12 though. Is it not a 12.30 kick off?
  8. Getting beat by them is my biggest fear. It correlates to us getting beat by Wigan
  9. Actually thinking about it, that couldn’t happen either, doh
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