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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Munich Villa is a good game. Really impressed with Villa, should be level at least.Having said that I’d be more than happy if they both lost
  2. We ran it ourselves. I ended up playing for the county too and Mr Richardson who I think was your form teacher at county grammar, helped with transport
  3. Won that at Burnden in 87 against Bolton School playing for Bolton North 6th form two years after winning the 5th year final against Canonslade also at Burnden. Happy memories. Anyway RIP Mick Webber sounds like a top bloke.
  4. Not one of mine. He favvers Sylvester Stallone. He’d favver Gollum if he was mine.
  5. Think that needs another edit Aldo
  6. Yes, that’s the biggest gap in the pyramid. No doubt about it.
  7. Never felt as upset as this about someone i have never met. As others have said, what a legacy Neil has left. Rest in peace Neil
  8. I was a member at Leigh Golf Club in Culcheth in the late 90s and after one of my usual shit rounds went in the bar for a pint and there was a guy behind us being interviewed regarding his membership application (as you did in those days). It was only Roger Hunt (recognised him straight away and started earwigging the conversation). He was so polite and down to earth, remember thinking you wouldn’t get that these days although that may not be fair to be honest. Bit before my time to watch as a player but his figures speak for themselves. R I P Sir Roger
  9. Is that including the 1400 they’ve sold?
  10. Not been there today but mate been and reported this being sung He’s our starman And he’s playing for the Whites His name is Afoylian And he’s fucking dynamite.
  11. Presuming this Troy lad has got learning difficulties. He’s like someone from spice corner in the ESU
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