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  1. Not me, way too cold and watched the World Cup on mute and got the game on ifollow. No brainer even with a season ticket. Shit fan
  2. I've given you a like as I completely agree. Apart from Poland, they have been battered in every game, even when they beat Saudi Arabia 2-0. But that's football I suppose.
  3. Morocco won't be pushovers for Spain from what I've seen. Likewise, Senegal for England. I reckon Ghana will go through to last 16 also tomorrow. The gap between the so-called big boys and the rest has definitely narrowed.
  4. Gonzo? Had you down as similar ages to be honest.
  5. My initial thoughts, but on seeing it on the behind angle, think the keeper may have had it. Good strike though either way.
  6. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see one of the so-called minnows make the semis at least. Morocco especially but Ghana and Japan (they've probably fucked it up with that Costa Rica result though). Senegal another team that could go far as could USA. Canada are one to watch in the next World Cup. I know the gap has been closing since 1990, but feels ever more so at this one, even the Middle Eastern teams are very good now.
  7. Exactly, massive contenders in my opinion.
  8. There'll be skullduggery and dark arts aplenty in this game coming up.
  9. Darcy Lever- Last bastion of Breightmet before Little Lever. Rumworth-Top end of Daubhill/Deane taking in Morris Green. Tonge Fold- Basically Bury Road until it reaches Breightmet. Harper Green- Flower estate, Farnworth.
  10. Don't think it would be in their nature, irrelevant now though if it stays like this.
  11. Ze Germans could lose this 1-0 and still quite likely go through due to Japan's monumental fuck up earlier.
  12. I want two under 21s prem teams in the final. If nothing else but to show what a shit idea it was to introduce them into this competition. They would be lucky to get 5000 on for the final
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