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  1. Did you hate him for that, bit harsh even if he did. I don't like Clattenburg as a ref as it happens,but if he's got a frilly pair of knickers on I don't give a flying fuck.
  2. As above but cab or scab a lift from Howfen
  3. I don't think a snatch is ever clean in that sport
  4. overthinking it big time, glad to hear you're well and hope it stays that way
  5. Scunthorpe pies were as good a pie as I've had
  6. Spot on , thanks, hope you get better soon ✋
  7. I'll stick my neck out 6th-18th
  8. Aye, without going into details this guy has played a blinder. I want to punch his head in, been that blatant, but nowt anyone can do.
  9. There's covid chasers out there. We've got a guy at our place putting on all the symptoms of long covid and I know for a fact will end up with 6 months full sick pay, Occy Health are scared to death of calling it out. Call me unsympathetic, but I know exactly what he's doing the slimy fucker.
  10. Bollocks, I realised in the mid noughties that friendlies at home especially are not worth going to. Away maybe, I really enjoyed the Scotland tour in 95. I remember going to Burnley in the early noughties on my own (last minute decision) and I'd not seen any news on our new transfers that day. We had a black lad playing midfield and he was trying to shoot from just about anywhere in the Burnley half. Said to a guy next to me, Who's this fucking idiot? thinking was A Triallist on the paper sheet programme. Turns out it was only Jay Jay (in my defence he was really shit
  11. Aye, I wasn't blaming funding, more the culture around how much we want winners/medals. Some coaches definitely overstepped the mark with certain kids. Like you say, different people need different approaches.
  12. Thought this was common knowledge, massive sports fan Major, especially cricket. Whilst not actually agreeing with it, I'm going to sound a bit of an hypocrite and say I'm glad he did. Not keen on that battle axe he got to run it, but fair play got results. The bullying in gymnastics that came to light was probably a result of this in my opinion though. Anyway, love th'Olympics, come on GB.
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