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  1. Is that including the 1400 they’ve sold?
  2. Not been there today but mate been and reported this being sung He’s our starman And he’s playing for the Whites His name is Afoylian And he’s fucking dynamite.
  3. Presuming this Troy lad has got learning difficulties. He’s like someone from spice corner in the ESU
  4. Everyone getting their knickers in a twist as per, Alf Hartigan.
  5. You're obviously as pissed off as me.
  6. They need to get themselves up to date then.
  7. Trying to get my rational head on. Pens are like a toss of the coin.
  8. I’ve already cut short a weekend away to get back for this. Absolute bollocks doing it this late. And who the fuck wants to watch Bolton burton in league one on a Monday night, apart from Bolton an Burton fans that is
  9. It’s alright away from the middle. We tried it in the middle once and there’s some right snooty fuckers. I’m to the left level with 18 yard line. Spotted that handball straight away. The far left of the stand is becoming known as spice corner. State of some of them lot 😮
  10. Strength in depth in midfield. Oxford had it also That's what lead to to that game, both games wanting to to win, could've been 5 apiece
  11. Not really going out on a limb is that 🙂
  12. I agree with a lot of those comments
  13. Dunno Thought so too, maybe incorrect?
  14. Decent crowd then to be fair, Pompey only got 11,000. They're not as tinpot as some on here make out. Preston and Blackburn only got similar in the Championship too.
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