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  1. Happy for Selby, but was rooting for Murphy at the end, cracking tournament and great to see the crowds back
  2. Best bit about that is Bill Werbenuick stopping playing on the other table so he could watch his mate making history.
  3. yes that's right. he's been a DJ for a while too
  4. There are some interesting personalities out there. There are just a lot more top end players these days. They all have countless 147s under their belt for example, whilst someone like John Virgo only ever had a top break of 139. Steve Davies was never really considered a character until his dominance was coming to an end.
  5. Aye, cloggers these two 🤣
  6. Cliff Thorburn, now there was a boring fucker. Fair play on his televised 147 though
  7. I can bet on a White Christmas
  8. This sport/pastime argument is bollocks. If you enjoy it then do you really give a fuck if it's called a sport or not.
  9. Aye there's no weak links in the top 16 these days, they are all top notch. Back in the mid 80s even John Virgo was in the top 16.
  10. It's better than ever in my opinion
  11. not if you've not got Sky
  12. I lived in Brandwood Street (as you will know, just off Willows Lane) all through the 90s. It was always a shithole. Don't get me wrong, plenty of decent folk. Maybe shithole is not the best word, let's say rough and ready.
  13. That looks nice, but it's just the end of the loaf, or crust. Fish barm all day long for me, but do remember calling em flour cakes as a nipper
  14. Agree with most of the drivel posted. Here's one for you, the world food market on Cannon Street, Deane or Daubhill?
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