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  1. Every time I watch Sterling play for England my blood pressure goes through the roof. He’s awful for England. Hopefully that means he’ll have a blinder for the next few matches and I have to eat humble pie.
  2. Awful thought but what would happen if we went into admin and still no one bought us ? End of bwfc ??
  3. I might start a rumour that moriniho is taking the job for free to prove what a good manager he is.
  4. Thought they were shit but it was a nothing game. Got better when Rooney and Gerard came off. Is it me or is Gerard only good when playing with top class around him ? Who've we got that could do a better job in glen john sons role ? I bow to those with superior knowledge.
  5. A new manager needs to suss out what he's inherited, appoint his own staff, get used to the club, get rid of those he doesn't want, source the ones he does want, get them, get them all to work together, find the formula etc. All this with a backdrop of a club with problems otherwise he wouldn't be there in the first place. Anyone who thinks this can be done in less than a year is blinkered. Imo you've got to give someone 2 years and hope they don't go too far backwards if unsuccessful.
  6. fatty


    looks like he needs confidence along with a few more of them
  7. fatty

    Boo Boys

    :lol:. But seriously, far too early for that.
  8. But the lies told were after the event- there seems to be a lot of emphasis on the authorities told lies but very little mentioned about the facts leading up to the event. Serious question - how many estimated fans had no tickets and what was the allocation ? It was a sickening disaster but doesn't seem as crystal clear as some suggest.
  9. But is she fit ? Rules .....
  10. As much as I sympathize the blame can't wholly be attributed to the police. It was a catalogue of disasters starting with the number of ticketless fans turning up.
  11. First home game and on beckfords back. For fucks sake. Supporters ????
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