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  1. Big game for Barnsley on Tuesday away to exeter
  2. Exactly my thoughts Get next Sunday done and keep it ticking, win the home games few points on the road job done derby should be the ones worrying
  3. Last day fixtures Barnsley v Peterborough Sheff v Derby portsmouth v Wycombe
  4. Said weeks ago if we can’t get play offs with our fixtures then it’s a poor show
  5. Peterborough & Wycombe have very win able home games next week whilst Derby play ipswich
  6. Also nice to see no marks accy & morecambe getting beat
  7. Taxi on standby its all in the organisation @Elvis is running with the elite on this as another piss poor show from the AHM
  8. Thought you said ET hence getting later train?
  9. They can have them all Β£7 piss in plastic cups no thanks
  10. Fancy someone off here to score against San Marino but yes well done
  11. Thought they had a rapper with their guy
  12. Any semi final dates knocking about
  13. Excellent response by both clubs
  14. In plus 6 bank account has taken a beating recently
  15. Looks like we’ve been on block 521 for a while would think not many more getting sold
  16. Β£50 on train direct bish bosh
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