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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. No point loads left still over 20k sold
  2. Steejay drinks double that machine💪🍺
  3. Aye think we’ve talked about this before would’ve loved a Dutch or Italian trip
  4. Something went on with John which is a shame as I’d have him over Williams any day, sadlier no world beater but offered more then some are currently doing
  5. Dan & Jerome are poor Everything fell right against fleetwood for Vic but generally he’s not much better and take a look at his career stats very poor I like JDB but we ain’t seeing him either injuries or IE sees others ahead of him
  6. Personally his last few transfer windows have been poor especially attacking wise and we ain’t talking freebies either IE obviously has his model/ideas on what’s needed for promotion but just look at the teams that have been promoted in recent years wigan, Rotherham, ipswich , Sheffield weds & Plymouth all well drilled sides which got the job done
  7. Sales look decent according to the online map saying that it’s never a true reflection imo
  8. His sending off at vale was warranted silly fouls
  9. Rather have him upfront than some of the clowns we have
  10. Just noticed Steve Thompson is caretaker manager at oldham
  11. 18 without defeat Portsmouth ipswich taking to the championship pretty well
  12. Pre season counts for nothing apparently
  13. For me he needs balls into him rather than being behind the front 2 he won’t bang worldies in his work is in and around the box plus who would you drop from midfield personally I think he will play dan & victor if Charles isn’t fit, I would like to see JDB & Charles together at some point
  14. Plenty of dropping the soap in them showers when he’s in the big house
  15. Supposedly got a right monster cock on him
  16. Paris now out until mid October
  17. Yeah think we’ll edge this need more from our midfield especially if Charles is injured 1-0 too
  18. Was shocked at the cost of lessons £45 for hr & half
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