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  1. Play offs is the requirement for me not arsed about others
  2. Looks like a few bites off 63s comment😀
  3. £86 mate, giving it another look today and getting boxed off
  4. Price bang on but be a 6 hour journey think il pay the extra for this
  5. In the same club as adults wearing replica tops and folk who use words like gammon & woke
  6. Good for you guys that way much prefer the London route and I shave an hour off each way
  7. Ipswich will be booked this weekend just deciding on what to do about Plymouth
  8. Must of took a while to think of that name
  9. Charlton & Lincoln both Tuesdays last season
  10. Run now & again I believe i think more minibus travel this time
  11. 😀😀 Just looking and it’s screaming very expensive might have to be a little selective this season, plymouths the fucker as you can’t get back on train and not long after ipswich
  12. Thought you was 40 already😀😀
  13. Excellent time to start hammering the credit card
  14. Fuck that when we’re getting stung for £26 at crappy places like Cheltenham
  15. You still must have a dash on your hands?
  16. Usually empty seats on midweek games by season ticket holders this won’t make any difference, s/t are cheap enough to miss a few anyway if folk can’t make it
  17. New training wear looks alright
  18. Few of us looking at Italy see what fixtures throw out first
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