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  1. Over 200 fleetwood tickets still not been collected
  2. Could teach our captain how to attack a ball in the opposition box
  3. Can’t even get a bus on pizza cup night😀
  4. Problem is so many local venues are doing these type of set ups, unless you live near the ground it’s not worth it
  5. Certainly won’t need all 3 open
  6. Shame it couldn’t be shifted to the Saturday may of got some more interest
  7. On the whole since IE arrived his signings have been good Crellin, Dixon & kachunga have been the bad ones he simply needs to get a tune of of these players which he previously has, if he can’t then that’s any other story
  8. Aye few lads tip up for an hour take £5s and fuck off😀
  9. Same with me sure someone said they charge £5 bottom end of tesco?
  10. Absolutely santos & johnston have a good understanding because they play regular i do believe he thought Dapo might of gone and Thomason started playing well so that gave him an headache the Sadlier signing was a puzzling one tbh
  11. But this is what happens Bad game then dropped next cant work like that
  12. Sadlier, Sheehan & lee all unused Saturday surely one of them could effect the game
  13. Was going to say that’s not exactly going to plan
  14. He hasn’t which is a shame Unless IE changes it he will want first team football
  15. Offloading could be the problem take kachunga would love to see him go however who will take him? One of highest earners his contract will have to run Sadlier is a decent player he won’t go short of takers
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