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  1. Watched with a smile, they really are a terrific team, Dapo is exceptional, was a bit greedy in wanting six, as it's not happened since the 90's, but that was more than enough, had a feeling we'd do some damage to Ipswich after the amount of chances and disgraceful officials vs Burton.
  2. The most undeserved point Burton will have for many a year, the officials will surely get demoted after this Burton well and truly played off the park, chances galore and a penalty and clear goal not given, VAR would have embarrassed that linesman, disgusting that he has taken away 2 points, ref should never listen to him again. Well played Bolton, we played the football,they were relying on throw ins and sloppy passes from our defenders
  3. After letting in 6 goals and letting 2 leads slip, this result should do wonders for our defence and team
  4. Brilliant football in the 2nd half, Bakayoko looks exciting, the link up on the right side and overlapping runs caused Barnsley loads of trouble, they got lucky with deflections going for conrers instead of own goals, First half Barnsley missed some great chances with free headers, but Bolton really player well.
  5. What a fantastic achievement, that today was one of the most entertaining one sided victories I've seen, obviously the red card helped and we had plenty of space, but our attacks were continuous, our ball retention was great and our closing down and tempo was class.
  6. Win to Exiter the league ✔
  7. Massive win! well done BWFC Legs shaking, heart pounding, watching behind fingers, relief.
  8. How long do you think their striker who ruined his hand will be out for? that was quite grim, their sub had no chance vs Santos
  9. Great win, not sure how FGR are near the top if that's how they play, didn't once look dangerous. The ref was abysmal, why that Whitehouse wasn't booked I'll never know, looked like it should have been a pen too for us Great volley from ED Terrible camera angle Only threat they had was when our passes were drilled at our own players (shin height) in the first half and when the ball was bobbling on the pitch
  10. Kane and Lewandowski licking their lips at those bottom 3 teams
  11. Fred just headbutted a player, ref went to monitor and only gave him a yellow.
  12. Pen for me too, misses him with his swinging leg but touches him with his other
  13. Messi is far superior in teamplay, creativity and assisting along with his dribbling and set peices imo. Ronaldo is exceptional, unreal. But I think Messi is on another level to anyone. It's all subjective, some may prefer Ronaldo's style over Messi and some may not see Messi as the GOAT because he's yet to win a World Cup, Higuain could have changed some views had he had his finishing boots on in the final vs Germany, but taking away team honours and judging a player purely on ability, I only see Maradona who's close to Messi. Could easily be doing Pele an injustice too not mentioning him.
  14. From footage he's the only player I've seen who I think is close to Messi, wonderful talent.
  15. Sorry about that, hope everyone's well.
  16. Pep, but I'd only have Dani Alves from the defence, midfield with pep's style would outplay/keep the ball from any team and then you have the goat upfront.
  17. Grealish is fun to watch, wonderful player.
  18. Their first goal was exactly the sort of ball Ter Stegen does to Busquets several times a game (not comparing player quality just that scenario) it looked like Comley had had enough time and space to play a pass to White who had Greenidge in space if needed. BC still shouldn't be beaten by that shot at his front post so easily though. Positionally poor.
  19. If Barca play like they did vs Villareal away, they can win it/have a chance, but if they play like at the weekend vs Valladolid (despite a 1-0 win and Griezmann missing from 2 yards) and most of the season, they won't, they are far too easy to get at and too inconsistent, especially away from home. They've not had Frenkie De Jong since the restart (hasn't been spectacular, but he's better than playing Sergi Roberto in midfield) and with Messi anything is possible, but there's too many faults in the team, that even Messi's assists,goals and creativity sometimes ain't enough. Bayern or City for me, but I wouldn't say any team left are amazing, Bayern looked very good after the break, Real Madrid are relying heavily on penalties and set pieces to win and City's defence is questionable and they too are inconsistent away from home.
  20. Doesn't that go for every club though?, the objective of football is to win, so by default every team would want to win every game, every league and every trophy. Not like it's realistic :lol:
  21. It's been a good 0-0 first half, Barca should be 3-0 up, Courtois' two one one one saves and Griezmann's sitter keeping Real in it
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