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  1. if we and France win our groups we are the same half, so a potential semi final, could possibly be a Spain/Portugal in final, but way to early, need our best players to stay fit and we are rightly faves with France. Possible Scotland/Germany quarter final.
  2. Good draw really for England, Wales in the worst group if they get through their playoff's, as for Scotland, Germany are shite but not the game you want first up.
  3. Hopefully not Scotland or Italy, boring playing these two regularly, think we're gonna get the Dutch.
  4. Goal of the season just happened at Goodison
  5. oh and Maghoma is classπŸ‘
  6. Some of our goals and play today was phenomenal, the combination quick passing moves was a jot to watch. our biggest league win since 7-0 v Swindon in 97 at Burnden
  7. Always makes me wonder how our future would have been had we stayed up that year when the goal wasn't given, no Big Sam, none of the incredible players we had wouldn't really change it in hindsight, same with the Ipswich semi final disgrace too, terrible defining moments that would completely reshape our future, also if Stoke weren't given that pen in 2-2 game. As for now, think they'll be fine with the promoted sides struggling.
  8. Before the goal I thought we were comfortable but out attacking was poor, Shrewsbury just had one of the most boring/non event performance you could see. Maghoma' 3 goals recently have all been fortunate but if you don't shoot as they say! Big miss from Charles and not sure how Nlundulu or Thomason never scored, but a solid if not glittering display. Our first open play goal from a sub of the league season (had 2, both from Morley, 1 a pen), was well worked, could easily have gone t' corner.
  9. Great first half of the first half, then very very poor.
  10. Udogie and Phillips should have both seen second yellows, Foden, Bellingham and Kane were outstanding. Bellingham's defensive play and counter for Rashford's goal was proper class, him, Mbappe and Haaland are gonna have a good battle for the future Balon D'or's after this years. Him and Foden are god tier.
  11. These are garbage but our goals have been class.
  12. Hopefully these missed chances don't feck us, 3 yellow cards too and a lot of space on their right when they attack, game should be over.
  13. Maybe won't start in the friendly v Australia a few days before the Italy home qualifier.
  14. Okocha - most talented, skillful and entertaining player I've ever seen for Bolton, no player as given me the joy he gave me, he made me smile and laugh when he used to dribble and pull out his showboating. 2nd Youri.
  15. Bellingham as everything to be the one of the best ever England player.
  16. Brilliant 1st half, our attacking as been class, Bellingham and Foden πŸ‘πŸ‘
  17. Be surprised if Ukraine finish the game with 11 men. Incredible pass from Kane.
  18. Haha well Messi as been the best for many years now and I've grown up watching him week in week out, but there as been years where he's still been the best player but didn't win due to others winning other competitions, so now he's won the World Cup and had a good season stat wise, I think it's only fair to assume he deserves it.
  19. Messi Overall play, goals, assists, chances created, dribbles etc Haaland is incredible and he scored goals like a younger/ Barca Messi used to surpass/get near. He also of course plays in a stronger league, but Messi as proved in the *World Cup it doesn't matter the opponent or the quality. * the World Cup being to many the pinnacle of football, the only thing missing from Messi's honours, the thing people were on the fence about deeming Messi the goat, that alone disregarding stats and subjectiveness will get sentimental voting. The only thing to not look kindly on Messi is PSG's Champions League and that Messi even though he's still providing incredible moments, isn't the Messi of old, at 35/36 that's expected. and if you completely disregard Ligue 1 because of it's standard then you have Haaland in all comps v Messi at the World Cup, which Haaland wasn't even in, so what do you judge them by? it's like people will vote for goal of the season on it's importance rather than what the actual goal looks like, it's all opinions, what is wild is to say Messi wasn't even top 10.
  20. Didledee

    Salford (h)

    Maghoma constantly creating stuff tonight, great goal from Morley, v poor from Nlundulu before it with his control
  21. Didledee

    Salford (h)

    Maghoma heavily involved, 2 chances and a great through ball for Nlundulu.
  22. Didledee

    Salford (h)

    What a goal for your 1st for the club! πŸš€
  23. Ansu before his long injury was every bit as exciting and class like Barca's new star 16 year old Lamine Yamal, but he hasn't been the same since, gets the odd goal but hasn't got back to the level he was at, struggles to get starts 'cos Xavi likes Gavi or another mid playing false LW with Balde acting like a LW/LWB.
  24. Started really well, didn't deserve to be losing, but we ended the game poorly as our subs yet again didn't contribute when they should v 10 men especially, those last moments shouldn't happen. Delighted with the win, but not sure what to make of it, a lucky goal as won us the game v 10 men, well on top until the subs came on, then it looked like we weren't playing v 10.
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