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    The one with the bald head, right at front on the photo, is a bouncer at Royalties night club, and the one wearing the cap on the right hand side is an Ajax fan who goes to every game and lives in Eindhoven!
  2. Not yet - only just come across Big E, today, on here with a couple of his/her posts...
  3. I burst into laughter when I saw that on SSN! Roll on the scum fans when they come over to a-dam.
  4. I will be going to the mediterannean restaurant up in Belmont for New Years meal and drinks with friends.
  5. Crewe Alexandra - mainly because when at Uni I went to a lot of there games as I was living in Crewe and Alsager at the time. Almere FC - city where I currently live Ajax - just because ever since I was a child I often wondered why a team would name themselves after a cleaning cloth!
  6. Apologies - I jumped the gun and didn't see this post.
  7. Talk about complete lazy journalism on all parts, including the FA! Budweiser is a product, originated in the US but now brewed around the world, made by AB-Inbev which is actually a Belgian company - same company that makes Stella Artois, Becks and is licensed to produce Corona in Europe. Therefore it is not an American sponsor but a Belgian sponsor! http://www.ab-inbev.com/
  8. I know you will But that won't be for a while, for a long long while
  9. I wasn't watching the TV, my head was facing the other direction - so as not to get the glare or light. Already could see the flashing colours before my eyes, never mind the excrutiating pain as though my head was about to explode at any moment along with with the hot and cold spells. As I said it was only a mild migraine - I can take sound, but its the light that hurts the most. Lasted almost 5 hours but still feel weak with it now. Anway, last night was either BBC2 or Nat Geo (which basically was the same type of programming) - so give me BBc any day - no bloody commercials
  10. So would I, normally, but was stuck in hotel, on Isle of Wight, with a mild migraine - so was in a darkened room with only the TV on. I actually missed the last night of the Festival - luckily not many big headline acts so did not miss much.
  11. I actually thought Sunday night telly was great - there again I did have BBC2 on for most of the evening as the other channels were shite. Story of Ireland Top Gear repeat James May's Toys and then the Syfy channel for the Battle of Los Angeles (in fact should have had Gold on as this film was crap)
  12. I could ask her, but not in Amsterdam this weekend - I'll be at the Isle of Wight festival, instead
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