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  1. New pint fillers in the concourse
  2. My 1 gripe taday is them new bottom filling contraptions yes they are quicker but they also leak like fuck
  3. As said earlier not every game is going to be free flowing football but 3 points are 3 points. Peterborough were wankers to a man every fucking one of them total shithouses We battled and got the points,deserved them as well. I love a late winner
  4. 1969

    MK Dons Away

    That will.do.Now on to Peterborough
  5. 1969

    MK Dons Away

    Get the fuck in
  6. Very good performance today and what makes it better is I don't think we where at full throttle so hopefully more to come. Thanks Radcliffe White for the tickets granddaughter and her mate loved it
  7. Have you still got them tickets going mate
  8. 1969

    Plymouth (A)

    Can understand making changes for injuries/fitness but not 5 fucking changes every game.We need a settled side and build from there
  9. 1969

    Sheff Weds

    Thought we were the slightly better side until we missed that chance 1st half.After that our heads seemed to drop and S.W did a job on us.We move on
  10. We wondered what the commotion was.Bad time for the stewards to grab him just as we scored
  11. 1969

    Port Vale Away

    After Santos being sent off that will do
  12. 1969

    Port Vale Away

    The fa really need to look into this cunt of a ref,something's not above board
  13. 1969

    Port Vale Away

    0-4 Dapo x2,Morle and Dempsey
  14. 1969

    Wycombe (H)

    Well that's was proper ace Outstanding team performance I would actually say that it was better than the Sunderland win
  15. Even though women's football is not for me ,every credit to the lionesses for winning it Thought the interview after the match with Kelly (the one she fucked off half way through)was brilliant
  16. 1969

    Ipswich away

    1-1 would of taken that before kick off
  17. 1969

    Ipswich away

    Get the fuck in
  18. Not a bad pre season game but you could see from the start both teams lacked that bit of an edge due to it being a friendly.Only just seen we equalised in the last minute as we left with 5 minutes to go as had to drop grand kids off at a party. And as a side note the club shop was packed before the game,bought both grand kids a new top.Left 100 fucking quid lighter but was good to see so many young uns getting stuff which hopefully will be the next generation of fans
  19. What a load of bollocks
  20. No,but he is now saying she's his mature bit on the side
  21. Grandson's helping lay new carpets in all the suites at the stadium.He's just rang me saying Sharon and sjm turned up and she stopped and had abit of a chat with him,he's now buzzing his tits off.It's the little things like this what cost nothing but are worth a fortune to people
  22. 1969


    Just put £5e/w on Bolton, Bradford &Burnley over 9k if it comes in
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