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  1. Don't normally go to cup matches but might just go to this
  2. 1969

    Wiggin Home

    Wigan rivals nah not for me Don't get me wrong I really wanted to beat them but after a couple of hours after the game I was over it.Now if this was against the scousers or the red filth it would sting for weeks.As stated above maybe its a generation thing.
  3. 1969

    Wiggin Home

    Well that was shite Don't think 1 player can hold his head up high.Wigan looked so much more up for it and more organised. Hopefully this will reign in expectation as we aren't as good as some think.We move on to Plymouth and try to put this defeat behind us Nows the time to get pissed and take it out on the wife
  4. Wtf was that penalty
  5. Get the fuck in again
  6. Johnson stood in a offside position before the free kick was taken and didn't time his run back correctly
  7. Yep I was right in line with it defo offside
  8. We did OK in spells but there was no constant pressure on them it was all bits here bits there.They did a job on us.Thought Johnston was m.o.m but all in all a little disappointing
  9. We've not scored for 5 minutes Evatt out bòoooooooooo
  10. Get the fuck in again and again and again and again and again
  11. Get the fuck in again and again and again and again
  12. Get the fuck in again and again
  13. Get the fuck in again
  14. Never in memory of man is Doyle interfering with play
  15. Well thanks to sky I am now out Working in Leighton buzzard so no chance of getting back in time
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