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  1. Apparently maybe Boxing Day. Can see a bit of rotation with Tutte and Thomasson over Christmas Brockbank will be back soon as a LWB option.
  2. Think he has been given the all clear to play
  3. I guess the Premier League money gives them at least another month.
  4. Think you are maybe missing the key position, an injury to Gilks would probably be the most damaging. I do think some of the others who maybe didn't impress earlier in the season may look better coming into a more confident team.
  5. They seem to have called it off because they only had 12 players available rather than all being in isolation.
  6. Presume the rule will still apply that you can only make substitutions at three points in the game (per side). Of the 4 teams playing tonight only one made more than 3 (they made 4), 2 only made 1 sub.
  7. Taken off the three players who featured last Friday.
  8. The difference between a successful run of results and continued inconsistencies will probably be the organising and shouting Gilks does more than the actual saves he makes. If he can organise the defence there should be a lot less saves to make.
  9. Reading IE’s comments this morning seems Crellin as a few weeks left before Gilks will replace him if no improvement. Obviously no real plan B if he had got injured. Seems that Darcy will start tonight as well, presumably in place of Crawford if Delfounesno is available.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me with Evatt if he had Baptiste as a wingback.
  11. Do we really need 6 Centre Backs in the 18? The lack of a goalkeeper on the bench will cost us one game, no excuse when you can name 7 subs but only use 3.
  12. Didn’t think Bury had been liquidated yet?
  13. Delaney, Crawford, Miller and Tutte would provide the four required.
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