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  1. Any manager who re-signs Zat Knight is a wanker. End of
  2. I might be wrong, but I seem to remember playing Jackburn at Ewood in 1996 (think we lost 3-1 or 3-2?) and in the program there was an advert for "Radio Rovers"? I think it was just a matchday station with a phone in and commentary. I'm probably wrong, I was only a kid at the time, but I'll try and dig the program out. I can't see Gartside giving the green light for a radio station, but having said that, it may give him a platform to slag the fans off
  3. They like to act the big man,but when it comes down to it they're all mouth. Last year at the Macclesfield game in the League Cup me,my brother and elderly grandad arrived at our seats (not our ST seats) Apparently according to them "you just sit where you want for cup games" After politely asking them to move,( I wouldn't ordinarally be bothered,but my Grandad needs an aisle seat on his left hand side because of an hip problem)and in reply being told and being told to go and fuck myself, I physically removed the scroat from the seat. . At this point he says "I'm going getting my mates". He never came back. Saw the lippy bastard outside Wembley,again giving it the big man. At this point he had wound somebody up the wrong way a little too much and was promptly put on his backside to the enjoyment of 50 or so Bolton fans. His mates ran off and left him. If that's our future support then we're fucked
  4. Didn't go to the game today, so can't comment. But from what I saw last season, Pratley was way out of his depth. I had hoped that he might find his level this season, but from reading on here he's struggled pre-season. Still no excuse for him to receive the abuse that some have mentioned. Out of interest, what was being sung that has been deemed so offensive?
  5. Might need a change of flip flop there Col.
  6. It's great I know. But the Reebok is no place for bigots/racists spewing vile that has nothing at all to do with football, never mind Bolton.
  7. I'm fine with my season ticket at the Reebok thanks.
  8. No need for Sectarian chanting or songs at any football match, let alone at a Bolton game be it home or away. Unfortunately,there is a small number of Bolton "fans" who think that supporting Rangers gives them the right to sing and chant sectarian nonsense at Bolton games as well. If that's what you believe then fine, I have no problems with any persons religious or political beliefs, but there is a time and a place, and a football match isn't it. There no need for it, It's certainly not wanted, and I would rather these "fans" stay away from the Reebok.
  9. Rangers flip flops at a Bolton match.......why?
  10. anyone else having difficulty ordering online?
  11. Buy the home shirt and get Darren Pratley absolutely free!
  12. Still got all of the Road Runner Videos on VHS somewhere, watch them occasionally to reminisce, never get tired of watching them and listening the commentary. "What a goal,what a man,Super John, what a ding dong doo!"
  13. Some of these kids are 11 or 12 year old. At that age I was shit scared of coming home 5 minutes late because I'd be in trouble.
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