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  1. It’s not bad for a stadium made of celery sticks and lettuce leaves.
  2. He made the near post run and one of their defenders followed him until the cut back. He helped create the massive hole that left Lee the time and space to score. If you look at the screenshot below (just as the cross is made), it’s more obvious.
  3. Apart from when it’s an attacking set piece. Imagine if he could chip in with even half of the goals either Beevers or Wheater did in the 16/17 league 1 promotion season. They scored 16 league goals between them. I rate Rico a lot (and I appreciate he’s there to defend, not score) but he should be doing better as a goal threat. No goals in 88 games for us.
  4. Must have imagined it, as Bolty went back to Oz last week.
  5. I couldn’t care less what mrs Dodd is saying, this is a great initiative. Well done Mrs @MickyD
  6. Not enough room with Wigan and Blackburn.
  7. We’ll make top 6 if we’re playing our best 11 available (assuming no major injuries). I can’t see us making play offs if we are playing a rotation - today is case in point. I don’t see Lee/Morley/Dempsey as a combination. MJ needs to replace one of them and I’d start Dapo too.
  8. Evatt’s fault today. Lee, Dempsey and Morley not the right decision. Especially with Kachunga ahead of them. I’m not sure we concede the first goal with Williams playing - Johnston doesn’t need to be that far forward. He went shit or bust. It ended bust.
  9. All out attack. Who is protecting the back 3? Goals galore. Shit or bust.
  10. What a trek this is. Sober Dan delivery almost complete. Bloody lovely weather.
  11. Chances of you making it down for your hotel breakfast…
  12. The odd thing was that the ref called the player over and pointed out the multiple fouls he’d committed. Then said “anyway, crack on” and didn’t bother with the card.
  13. You’re like one of those entrenched Tories who is instinctively wired to defend anyone wearing a blue rosette… 😬
  14. Really good that. I’m in +3.
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