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  1. Hopefully have some more reinforcements by the time of the rearranged game.
  2. Watched it live without the benefit of replays but he had a good game for me. Should have done better with their goal, but saved 3 or 4 others (and a pen). He’s not at the top of our replacements.
  3. Looked soft to me, but I was watching it live so no benefit of replays. There wasn’t much argument from the players.
  4. Not sure where the goals are coming from (Dapo aside). Glad Johnston isn’t starting.
  5. Akinfenwa will be rubbing his hands with delight if Johnston is in the starting 11.
  6. Thankfully for me, the thought of the Andersons never crossed my mind these days. Anyway, I’m in for this.
  7. When Sweet Caroline comes on, that’s the game I instantly think of.
  8. You’ll have to wade through to find the episodes, but it’s a decent podcast so not a bad way to pass the time. They have an option to sign up for bonus episodes and I think they dissect whole chapters of the books on some of them!
  9. Do you listen to the Quickly Kevin podcast, with Josh Widecombe and a couple of other chaps? They love taking about them.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/louislouisrob/status/1450568670078451712?s=21 A bit wet.
  11. Yes, he did. He doesn’t offer what the wingers can in terms of beating men, putting in a cross etc, but he looked decent with more space to work with. He was able to link play a bit better and draw defenders wide, making gaps for others to run into and finding runners in or around the edge of the box. Some good hold up play and lay offs to MJ and Jones.
  12. I thought he was much better than I’ve seen him previously and he had some good moments and link up play. His confidence is up, although he’s not at the same level as some of the other players.
  13. That must have been taken well before kick off. Was much fuller than that.
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