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  1. There is a post box at my kids’ nursery, so when I dropped them off, they put it in there.
  2. Postal vote ages ago. Why go to the ballot box, when the ballot can come to you?
  3. BOOM. I’ve dropped him a message already, but suggest you do the same if you’re not happy (no pun intended) using the donation tab.
  4. You can donate via the tab at the top of the page (PayPal or using a card). I’m sure it will pop up in Happy’s notifications somewhere, but I’ll drop him a PM anyway.
  5. Yeah, boxing is not my thing. I’d be happy for you to donate £100 to WanderersWays on my behalf, if you’re ok with that?
  6. Yes, it was £100 that Khan wouldn’t see out his current term. You were convinced some skeletons would come out of the closet and he would leave his post before the end. Yes, indeed it is today. With Khan having seen out his term (even with a year extension!) it’s finally settled. It would be foolish not to at least ask what the double or quit bet would be. But no, I don’t have any appetite for a double/quit. I’ve waited about 4 years for this one!
  7. Just like in GERMANY, it’s arses for me.
  8. Those odds are auto promotion.
  9. The second goal - I think we left 2 up top and we had two in the wall. It meant we were outnumbered at the back post. Gilks had no chance of cutting it out. For me, Williams’ yellow card was a big moment. He had to back off from then on and it showed in the second half on some of the challenges he couldn’t make.
  10. Crawley 1-3 Bolton. Dapo, Santos, Doyle
  11. His fingers look like ET’s.
  12. You might well regret it if you go and we miss out. You definitely will regret it if you don’t go and we go up. See you at London Bridge.
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