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  1. It says cashed out, so I assume he cashed out for £315, pre-City comeback. Well done @Mounts Kipper👍🏻
  2. Mr Grey (RIP) just asked me if @Rudy was there? 💣
  3. For how long were we subject to an embargo? As I recall it was a couple of years after we went into admin? With all the negative press about how Derby escaped a points deduction a couple of years ago, I can’t see them being let off “early” form any standard transfer embargo. I’d be surprised if they are free to sign players next season unless on a free and subject to a salary cap etc (like us). BTW, I’m just quoting you - rather than expecting you to know the answer off the top of your head!
  4. Maybe the FA could get @NeilhartCEO on a consultancy role. #visionary
  5. Groups of young men, training together all day, physical job, macho environment, communal showers and changing room, scared to come out as gay for fear of how it would be seen with colleagues. @royal white may have first hand experience of it from his time in the army.
  6. Ref could have had a bit of common sense and treated it like taking a free kick when it’s a moving ball - ie just asked him to retake (and add an extra few seconds if Fleetwood were concerned about time wasting). But if it’s a decision that helps relegate Morecambe, well done that ref.
  7. Wow, that’s really harsh. Standard league 1 ref.
  8. Just watched the highlights. What did he give the free kick for? I couldn’t work it out without the commentary or build up.
  9. Jol_BWFC


    Were you in the far left block, stand behind the goal? Couple of rows back?
  10. Nice touch that he’s wearing a pink shirt.
  11. Was it salmon coloured?
  12. Jol_BWFC


    Have we sold out yet?
  13. Grey is already covered.
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