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  1. 65,000,000 x £500 = £32,500,000,000. That’s £32.5bn in the way report figures, Shirley?
  2. Owed just short of £500?
  3. Jol_BWFC


    Maybe she’s playing the long game - once she’s a granny, he’ll be all over her.
  4. I had assumed Ani’s comment was tongue in cheek. I shall not be tuning in at 5.00pm.
  5. Not that anybody else has an “option” to isolate or not.
  6. Jol_BWFC

    Euro 2020

    I assume it’s because they are just the platform that allows people who have tickets to sell them. Then they take a commission based on sales price. I did see on one site that a particular seller was offering up to 20 tickets at £1,500 a pop. That’s outrageous.
  7. Cheers. Will get it booked in then.
  8. Is the minimum wait between jabs 3 or 4 weeks? My GP practice is badgering me to rebook my second jab (currently scheduled for 8 August). They are offering it to me now. I had my first 6 weeks ago, but the booking page says it recommends 8-12 weeks between them.
  9. I think LFTs can be used only where they don’t have symptoms, which is presumably why the England players could do them. Had the same issue with our nursery though - a few coughs and the daughter had to miss a couple of days until she’d had a PCR test done (came back negative). We asked if we could do a LFT and they said no because she had symptoms.
  10. I don’t think its the issue of how many require hospital treatment, but more of how many of the 89 could be carrying a variant. I suspect Boris is more than comfortable with people picking up the Covid strains we have now. It’s the new variants that are the threat from overseas.
  11. So, 390 per 100,000. What is the current rate in the UK?
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