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  1. Really difficult game against Bristol, with a population close to half a million if we win it'll be a giant killing, will be up there with beating the scousers and the mancs
  2. what's billy crellin upto these days? 🤪
  3. Has he always been a cunt or did he take lessons before applying for his current position?
  4. TroySwoosh


    and Dempsey is actually called Delaney apparently
  5. How the hell do you lose an eyebrow?
  6. Yet if you look at the table we're 6th, with a game in hand on the top 3 which would put us within 3 points of 3rd. 2 poor games but we put them behind us and kick on, keep the faith tis but a blip
  7. Evatt out, warburtons out, Gartside out shazza out, sack the board, sell all the players, play the kids, last one out turn the lights off fuckinell
  8. do their fans think it's suspended?
  9. fuckinell, we absolutely dominated Plymouth and 9 times out of 10 would have come away with 3 points and now we're shit and shouldn't be thinking about promotion? We'll be in the top 8 at the end of the season, of that I have no doubt. And am still hopeful of automatic promotion, there's 40 more games to play and the attack hasn't clicked yet, it'll be reet
  10. Sadlier is the new Darcy
  11. I think radcliffe white and jimmy riddle are hughmongous' split personalities and when they join together is when hughmongous makes his appearances 🤔
  12. Outclassed? you're avin a larf! We where much the better team until Santos' brainfart and the few minutes afterwards when it all went to pot, then sheff wed played as a team 2-0 up. If Bradley had scored minutes before it would have been a whole different story and you'd probably be on here saying how we outclassed them
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