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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. kaydan

    Wigan (A)

    That was us it hit. Utter Bellends - no damage done thankfully.
  2. Check who you bank with. I get FreeAgent free with NatWest. It’s great and very easy to use.
  3. Mexico - around the pool. My phone has packed in my daughter saw it on Instagram. Straight to the swim up bar for a corona!
  4. Was a belter! Took the lad to his first ever T20 game. We’ll be going back!
  5. Brilliant! All those goals are scrappy as fuck!
  6. First game I went to with my mates from school rather than with my Dad. Stood at the back of the paddock near the segregation, the original crazy corner! Think Sweep from off here was with us.
  7. It's on the 5 live sport special podcast.
  8. Testimonial for Davies in 18 months if he stays!
  9. Remember a 3-2 at chesterfield from 2-0 down in the late 80s. We had it on a roadrunner VHS. Think it was a cup game.
  10. NSU looked pretty packed to me? More in there than I've seen in a while.
  11. Imagine being a Coventry fan. Not finished in the top 6 of any division since 1969/70. How many promotion battles have we been in since then??
  12. Console wizard - Tonge moor rd.
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