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  1. Better than last time we played against bottom of the league
  2. Did you not see the women hammer throwers? The rule require a jump-off. One additional attempt at the final height. If still tied then height changed by the current incremental change (5cm in this case) - both fail, then lower by 5cm, both succeed increase by 5cm until tie is resolved. That could take a while, especially in PV. If both agree not to jump off then it is a tie. The jump-off rule only applies in HJ and PV and only to first place. A tie for third would always give 2 bronzes.
  3. Too much exposure to baseball nowadays.
  4. Broady last British man standing.
  5. The league table today is quite unusual. 1 - French club 2 to 6 - traditional Lancashire clubs 7 to 12 -traditional Yorkshire clubs.
  6. The answer to the question Gonzo hasn't asked is Wigan (hardly a surprise).
  7. Expected to be in starting team for u21s first tournament match tonight.
  8. but what colours would they play in?
  9. What we very clearly need is a goalkeeper!
  10. Begin with an index or measure at 100 and express future years as the growth (+/-) is applied. Thus growths of 5% followed by 10% give indices of 105 and 115.5 respectively. If the same growths appeared in reverse order the indices after 100 would be 110 and 115.5 respectively. If you begin with zero all future figures will be zero, so it was not your best ever suggestion.
  11. He still is a serving MP!
  12. but didn't. Hartley and Croft put on a swift 91 to rescue Lancs and set a demanding target. Notts were 55/6 but Clarke and Hutton took them to 122/7 (needing to reach 295 to win). Stuart Broad took anchor with Anderson bowling from one end and Hartley from the other, scoring 3 off 50 balls. Hartley took a wicket with the first ball of the final over but Olly Stone (tweaked hamstring in the field) came in and saw out the remaining 5 balls. Played 4 drawn 4, so only in 7th position in the table.
  13. The National Insurance number system is designed to readily identify numbers issued In Northern Ireland.
  14. I was at the Pirelli, having just had my latest Covid related jab there. I was told to wait 15 minutes before driving, so when 5Live said the Saracens match would kick off 40 seconds late I thought I might as well wait 18 minutes, otherwise it would have gone off while I was driving home. (I'd heard Newcastle score 5 goals on the way there.)
  15. ? I don't think they have picked a team two weeks in advance of the match.
  16. I doubt it, She is from East Lancashire but Tom and his father Bill are from Ormskirk area, where the family have been market gardeners for decades.
  17. That was some knock by tom Hartley, 73* off 50 balls, 5 sixes and 7 fours. The moreso as he is really a bowler who can bat a bit, rather than an all-rounder. [I've known his father for over 60 years!]
  18. Whoever finishes third is going to be very disappointed - quite possibly the same for fourth. I'll be happy with either fifth or sixth.
  19. Surprising, as the thread is less than 6 years old.
  20. So what was Cameron's Operation Cygnus in 2016 about? A pandemic nowadays can be expected every generation or so, due to the global village effect of modern life. What cannot be predicted is when one will occur.
  21. Falconer was due to be selected as prospective MP for Dudley North, but the selection panel refused to endorse him because his children were being privately educated and he refused to consider changing even if state schools improved under Labour. So Blair ennobled him as soon as he got power, and appointed him as Solicitor-General straght away.
  22. BoJo appears before the Committee of Privileges next Wednesday (22nd) at 2pm till 6pm. Available livestreamed on Parliament live.tv or on catch up.
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