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  1. His father never missed a game, but on this occasion problems with his ticket meant he didn't get in until half-time!
  2. I'm from Warrington, and as kids we played soccer or rugby (by which I mean league). The clubs you name have an interesting history and all need to be distinguished from RFC.
  3. MalcolmW


    This is the series before last.
  4. Div 2. My fascination with that season's Div 1 goes back many decades and began with a look at the final league table, where 4 pts separated sixth place from 19th (and relegation).
  5. There were set fixtures on the 16 Saturdays from 5 September to 19 December. The reverse of these fixtures were on 16 of the for 17 Saturdays in the New Year (excluding 16 January which was FA Cup First Round Proper). No matches could be played in the months without an R - the football season ran from 1 September to 30 April. At some time after clubs had been advised of their 32 mandated fixtures I believe there was a meeting in a smoke-filled room where club representatives agreed their remaining fixtures with the 3 remaining clubs. The extract you have shown indicates that 9 matches were scheduled for Christmas Day - why did neither PNE nor Sunderland play? They were actually paired the previous Saturday, so the Christmas fixtures were clearly ad hoc. Six of the nine Christmas Day fixtures were reversed on Boxing Day, with all the remaining eight clubs playing. Were Blackburn required to host Middlesbrough on the Friday and then visit PNE the next day (PNE not having played on the Friday)? A full set of matches was scheduled for 6 February even though this was FA Cup Second Round day. In the event none of these matches was played on that date. Seven were re-arranged for later dates but three were brought forward to September. I'd be interested to know whether that was before the list you quoted was printed, or done soon afterwards. Chelsea's fixtures with PNE were not on mandated Saturdays. Their home match was on Tuesday 1 September with the away match on Monday 7 September, after Chelsea had visited Liverpool on the opening Saturday. Similarly Arsenal hosted Everton on Wednesday 2 September then visited Notts County on the Saturday and visited Everton on Monday 7 September. There were six matches on 1 September and two more on 2 September, but Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest and Notts County did not play until the full fixture round on Saturday 5 September. Incidentally the listed match for Tuesday 29 December (Sheffield United v Bury) was postponed and eventually played on Monday 1 March. There were seven matches on New Year. Their reverse fixtures comprised one on 1 September, two on Boxing Day, one on 9 April (Good Friday), two on 12 April (Easter Monday), and one on 13 April. I believe the League agreed the fixtures before publication but did not initiate them. I'd also be interested to know whether the Sheffield United v Liverpool match was listed for the final Saturday (Cup Final Day!) because it was actually brought forward to Monday 14 September.
  6. Pre-computer days were more interesting. I studied the Division One 1908-09 season ( even though we were in Div Two). Each of the 20 clubs were given Saturday fixtures home and away against 16 opponents and left to arrange the matches with the other 3 clubs. Newcastle (eventual champions) began with 3 home games, placing one on the first Wednesday of September (the football season was strictly only months with an R in), and bringing forward one from FA Cup second round date (by agreement of Bristol City) to the next Wednesday. Manchester United opted for the money option, playing home matches on Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday, (with away matches on Christmas Day, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday). The Wednesday went for a fan friendly Christmas period, with their scheduled home match against Bury on 19 December followed by Sheffield United away on Christmas Day, with the home reverse fixture on Boxing Day, then Arsenal home on Bank Holiday Monday 28th December, and home to Leicester Fosse on New Year's Day before a scheduled home against Aston Villa on Saturday 2nd January.
  7. And Lincoln is our fixture pair this season.
  8. PV - the only team in the current season's 92 to have beaten every other club in a league match.
  9. Not a good day today.
  10. MalcolmW


    Thought they were from Northwich.
  11. Highly commended runners-up were Ipswich and Lincoln.
  12. ex Millwall reserve and coach.
  13. Why did the home team at OT have 2 sub goalies?
  14. Sticking your neck out.
  15. Plus another in the previous match.
  16. And played well throughout for a 10 wicket victory. Spare a thought for Ben Compton. On the field for the whole match. Carried his bat for 104* in first innings and last man out for 115 in second. Batting for over 14 and a quarter hours, he is not like his grandad - more of a Boycott.
  17. Jon Dadi B played first 89 minutes of that Euro 2016 game, whereas Eidur remained on the bench.
  18. And it they win in a closed stadium what happens for the semi? And if they win the semi what about the final. As for sporting integrity they bought a place in the EFL without ever having played a competitive match.
  19. No. They can pay players and staff. They cannot sign or sell players. Abramovich has already pledged sales money to Ukraine rebuilding or some such. Anyway Chelsea were elected into the Football League without having played a competitive game. Money talked, even in 1905.
  20. She was UK's fastest under 20 over 200m and made the European U20 final. May just be training at Loughborough (with a relay squad, perhaps). The races are the Inter-Counties CC Championships.
  21. At least they won't all be wearing number 3.
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