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  1. Aye, was in East stand the other season and the bloke next to me had a toddler on his knee for the entirety. It spent most of game kicking my leg. I was close to chucking the little cunt on the pitch.
  2. I'm pissed off i fell asleep and missed it tbf
  3. Just seen the goals. Looks like Maguire put on another defensive clinic today 🤣
  4. He's got my support. Seems to know his onions
  5. There's nowt more certain in football than Norwich getting relegated the year following getting promoted.
  6. Jack says he's happy training at Arsenal until January. Rejected Championship sides in the summer too. No chance of him coming here The lad is suffering with a hefty dose of delusion given his record. Sounds like he thinks he's entitled to prem club lol
  7. @Ani I believe it was Doyle, Sarcevic and Brockbank
  8. They won but they're really shit. They play like a team of expensive strangers who just hope for the best. Liverpool will do them some damage at the weekend if they turn up
  9. Yes. That's how quickly things can change. He'll be the Bolton Cafu
  10. Appears they've started a petition about her
  11. Santos was the worst footballer to ever step onto a football pitch
  12. Doesn't sound like a pleasant experience. Poor souis. Guantanamo bay would be more appealing.
  13. was just gonna do ifollow. ill pop radio on instead
  14. Didn't go to the game. Therfore didn't hear it Which stand was you in?
  15. So after all of this it seems nobody was demanding Hungary to be banned or play games behind closed doors Have you reported what happened on Saturday yet? Or are you not really arsed
  16. The media and Newcastle fans sounding hysterical again with that impending Bruce doom bollocks. They've played 8 games! a few points off safety and are not a better team than Spurs. They also finished 12 last season. He'll be gone soon enough and he'll be tapped if he walks away from that money given how he's been treated by those deluded thick fuckers up there The takeover only happened 11 days ago 😂
  17. Have you reported it yet? I suspect you are more arsed about having tedious internet arguments than owt else
  18. Camera keeps going to her face. It's fucking scary
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