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  1. Rice and Phillips will be starting in all the big games. We can afford to have shit centre backs with those 2 in front of them.
  2. Sam Matterface spends more time describing in homoerotic detail the clothes manager's are wearing and what hair and facial hair style player's have than he does the game. Lee Dixon is a twat too.
  3. Football fan twitter is a very odd place.
  4. Jarrod Bowen definitely deserves his chance
  5. Tomori has just won Serie A with AC Milan. Ex Chelsea
  6. On to Liverpool losing in the Champions League final now 🙂
  7. Quite the cliffhanger.. fucking hell
  8. It's going to be another one of those days where I'm switching from game to game somehow managing to miss every goal 🥴
  9. What a set of screeching scrotes
  10. Some proper scruffy fuckers there
  11. There'll be another pitch invasion here at full time if it stays the same score 🙂 Great game tbf
  12. Second half has been more entertaining anyway
  13. Think they might sneak this, they're both fooking shite so far
  14. The Rangers flag has reappeared in the window on our street again 🤢
  15. Wait, people are seriously getting worked up by L/H Liverpool posts?
  16. Has it always been a "thing" going on the pitch after getting to a playoff final?
  17. Lucky he just got stitches. Could have been a lot worse the speed that shit for brains was going.
  18. Hopefully Rangers and Liverpool lose in their European finals 🙂
  19. Thread is as tedious as the Brexit thread. Admittedly this one is slightly less gay.
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