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  1. Odd hes not getting a look in after the form he's been in. Has he been in many squads since he got busted at the casino?
  2. The sooner they figure out how to use Foden in this England side the better. Doesn't seem to have got going yet internationally. He's could/ should be a game changer for us.
  3. Sterling is at a goal every 2 games so far for Chelsea
  4. We could have a great year of heavyweight fights next year if ducking doesn't occur. Wouldn't be surprised if Joyce weighs in with a surprise or 2.
  5. Parker looks fucked Come on Joyce lad
  6. 2 keepers on the bench too lol
  7. Why is Toney not on the bench is he injured or something?
  8. Tbf they usually wheel out doom porn for any hosts that isn't a fancy European country. We were even expected to be met with rampaging nazis at the last World Cup in Russia. Same at the Ukraine/Poland euros. Just gotta accept 1000s of slaves have died making the stadiums where footballers will be kicking bags of air about and the gays can't be bumming each other all over the place
  9. 75 pounds? Last time I got one they were 35 quid
  10. What's happened to West Ham? Are they finding their natural level or something
  11. 20 years since Brazil won a World Cup they're due on.
  12. Long live the Williams and Thomason partnership in midfield. Nice and solid.
  13. Like the red one, The White one looks the victim of microsoft paint on the shoulder Why are the badges mahoosive?
  14. Lovely They deserved to concede a late goal after all the dramatics on the corner with MJ 🙂
  15. Same team at the weekend. Ta
  16. Heard more shushing than owt on the radio. Definitely didn't last long.
  17. Thought they'd be back to nonsense and sport waffle. It appears they've gone full Talkqueen though.
  18. Called off boxing too who've been preparing for months 🤦‍♂️
  19. Poor do. Should have just cracked on with it. Liz wouldn't want us behaving like bin dippers
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