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  1. Don't say that you'll trigger the people who claim to have Seasonal Affective Disorder 😄
  2. Seems John Barrowman has been waving his widgie about on set a lot too https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57114481
  3. is it easing up much in India or is it still a bloodbath?
  4. The gobby cunt got what he deserved
  5. Hopefully Tranmere will be able to dish out some of Keith's leftover onions
  6. Our most important player of the season. We really struck gold with him Could have signed a equally or more talented goalie than him but they wouldn't have made such a difference to our side than he did due to his leadership and communication from the back.
  7. Just had my second meal - barbecued chicken and salad. I'm now drinking a gallon of water while sweating profusely Might have a takeaway later
  8. 2 bacon and egg barms. Feeling less like death. Probably going to be one of those days where I wont stop eating 🤰
  9. Oh they deleted it 🙂
  10. God bless you tha beauty
  11. Outstanding stuff Bolton. Fucking proud 😀
  12. 10 lions has been great
  13. Santos our Centre-back playmaker 😊
  14. Brilliant stuff. I'll treat myself to a halftime wank
  15. Yes. I'll be avoiding this thread now. my stream is so behind it's in black and white
  16. Is the ref the dog botherer?
  17. What you fail to mention is the lemon party pic you posted to accompany it
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