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  1. Gilks may not be up there on goalkeeping stats alone, but he got more out of the 4/5 players in front of him. If we get another keeper in, the organisation from them needs to stay at a similar level. No point getting a better keeper, but the defensive level dropping overall.
  2. Bolton. Surprise exit. Andrew Gartside leaving his role. Did a significant job too ... From Nixon
  3. Feel like Dapo could score loads if he just gets in at the back post more often, similarly whoever plays wide right. I'd definitely take him, hopefully with some competition so we can play whoever is in form.
  4. I'm not sure that would be good enough to be up the end we ultimately want to be. I'd like to see a few brought in and some of those in that team being options for rotation/ experience/ coming on.
  5. Definitely strange, but it's so close I don't think we even need the percentages now. Down to 2 games. I'm not sure either Morecambe or Tranmere win 2 so we may only need a point come the end. Hope we get 3 next week to make sure though.
  6. Or remaining games? Morecambe H PPG 1.95 Exeter A PPG 1.23 Crawley H PPG 1.67 v Bolton A PPG 1.67 Walsall H PPG 1.23 Bradford A PPG 1.19 So on paper our opponents earn more points home/away respectively.
  7. Think we're comfortably the best team since the Jan window. Morecambe are 4th playing us when we still need results. I'm nervous about it but no reason we shouldn't be able to win. https://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:league-two/daterange/fromdate:2021-Jan-31/todate:2021-Jun-01/type:home-and-away/
  8. We must have missed about 6 within the 6 yard box since the start at Newport. If we can just bring the chance conversion back up to normal in the next 4 games we will do fine. Hopefully we can get the first goal to settle us.
  9. Quite like the outlook. Rather than look over our shoulder and worry about Morecambe, keep the attitude focus on winning the league, where we are still in the chasing pack.
  10. If you haven't bet each way your return is £1020. We're generally 5/1. So to get your return you would have to stake £170 at 5/1. So your cash out offer is about 80% (136/170) of what a fair cash out would be. (even that is based on the odds being fair, which they probably aren't). I put a promotion bet on in Jan/ early Feb at 20/1. On the basis we had a good run and if we did well in the next few I'd have a good value bet. When we won them all there was no way I was cashing out. Similarly now, Cheltenham play away Friday, then we play bottom of the league Saturday. I'd be too tempted that this weekend could swing in our favour.
  11. Was just looking at this too. Think a win v Newport would be nice, given the Tranmere/ Cambridge game. Tranmere/ Morecambe/ FGR with about 20% chance each of top 3. Morecambe currently looking the most consistent.
  12. Think we're being a bit harsh on our attack. I think we need to work out the number 10 position with Sarce out, but we're doing well still. From a betting preview yesterday; I like to look at the last 12 games to see how a team in performing and Bolton are flying. They have taken 32 points from a possible 36, I have them top of the expected points table, the highest expected goal ratio and shots in the box ratio over these 12 games. No side has scored more goals and only Tranmere have a better expected goals scored tally, whilst only Morecambe have had more shots in the box.
  13. We signed those 2 though and then a load of conference/ league 2 players. We were under the salary cap and weren't at the limit either. Say we were actually paying slightly over the 1.5m when accounting for registering sarce and Doyle pre cap. I doubt most teams are paying £500k a year.
  14. I don't think goal difference is going to swing in our favour. If Cheltenham draw 1 that we win, we're level on points. For it to come to gd we have to get exactly same number of points, so they will only improve their gd and we're 9 behind them. Maybe we can edge Tranmere and fgr, but we can just get more points than them too.
  15. I don't think any of them have lost a game with us yet. The only loss since Lee signed seems to be Tranmere and he didn't play. And we haven't lost since deadline day.
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