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  1. yes but at each other not on the pitch , was talking to an 80 year old Huddersfield fan today said he remembers lobbing half bricks and bottles about,80 fuckin years old,but never towards the pitch
  2. She had a coffee,a coke and one half of lager in 4 hours, believe me she doesn't need a drink to be mental
  3. I agree about megson , I hated him at the time , but think he's been the best manager since Sam
  4. how can you get booked for excessive celebrations in front of no fans
  5. let's ask george Graham if he thinks 1-0 is enough
  6. Don't want to see maddison in team ever again, not even on the bench,he's a prick which I don't mind but he's a useless prick ,which I do
  7. was on the embankment that night,it was a foggy night remember Sam chasing Jordan down the pitch disappearing into the fog,I think Jordan had done him earlier in the game
  8. Was in the burnden paddock at the embankment end when he scored THAT goal, my favourite ever bolton memory, r.i.p.
  9. I've been a bolton fan over 50 years,I'd rather switch wife and kids
  10. if football is this corrupt on a national level, what about the domestic level -ie ipswich -bolton playoffs
  11. in 45 years watching the whites thats got to be the worst derby game I've ever been to, not one player could give a fuck and if fans think it's a nothing game fuck off to old trafford and sit in corporate with there fingers up there arses
  12. small town in fleetwood, ur just a small town in fleetwood
  13. they can be down on sat if they lose tonight and on sat and other results go against them -fuck em
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