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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Good reading Matty sir well done. Fcuking odd lot though!
  2. Some fella behind me thought we'd brought Baka on as a defensive midfielder last night to our mild amusement.
  3. 5-2 couple of free kicks from Dapo would be nice.
  4. Amen brother, I do all the spreadsheets too, but cash is king for boozing money and other day to day bits. Once it's gone it's gone. Had to do it that way when I was skint a few years ago (after earlier using debit card) and I've just stuck with it.
  5. No need for that, stick around. I'm not having a go at anyone, I'm just having a pop at the undead. Do you see any upset Zombies around here?
  6. Tannoy is brand name.
  7. In fairness the ground has had a lick of paint and does smell like it did in 97/98.
  8. Consultation respondents: Maggie from ST That chap that writes the fans view articles.
  9. Very good, serves me right for the poor grammar.
  10. I fully understand the meaning of the term flower.
  11. Cognitive dissonance much?
  12. Influence of Paul Scholes on Kieran Lee's game under Munchen youth system is clear and obvious. Controversial?
  13. Reckon they both would tbf 😀
  14. Would Rooney bring you a fishing rod, chicken breasts and some cans of Stella when you really needed them?
  15. RoadRunnerFan


    Thought he was a goner for a second there.
  16. Idea must have come from the consultation with the ST
  17. 25 mins to get served at the Ale bar in the fanzone and just that Maggie from the Supporters Trust waiting for the Prosecco bar. YHIHF.
  18. I do, meant Kendall Roy though, not Logan. Apologies.
  19. You say No Dignitas, I say No Diggity. The joke's on me with a Nathan Barley/Logan Roy from Succession inappropriate cultural appropriation kinda vibe.
  20. No Dignitas, no doubt Play on player, play on player Yo Dre drop the verse
  21. I reckon he'd push back as well
  22. Your forgetting the tinfoil hatters opposed to Bill Gates & @Not in Crawley prying on how we spend our cash.
  23. Thought the Hart is a cunt stuff was a bit overblown. Now IAMIN. CUNT!
  24. Exactly, and chuck in SKD for good measure.
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