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  1. They were in this league last season Stevie - they were in admin for a while. Very different side though, very different £££.
  2. Great work Matty and Mantra. Let's agree with the Ipswich fans and hope that full back that couldn't get a game for us isn't the mastermind.
  3. No Dawson was first season down when we finished with that good run when he was in the side. He missed the last game or two due to the loan rules, Freedman said he could have exploited some loophole but didn't and we missed out on the play offs. The infamous ' Rob Hall' Blackpool game.
  4. Why did Arnott not arrest Aitch?
  5. Hope he does well. Was delighted when we signed him to a new contract last year but for whatever reason didn't work for us or at Trashmere. Good luck Ali.
  6. Don't bother pal I'm only joking with you - the #sickening thing is an old one on here. I'd say the chances of him coming back are slim to nothing, so it's probably a waste of your time looking him up every week.
  7. Greenidge is on loan at Barnet for the season. Looks like you've missed him off your loan watch thread (good idea btw)- can't say I blame you as his contract is up next June and I doubt he'll be back. Missing him off? #sickening.
  8. In on the free tickets for not taking the season ticket refund. Chose this game instead of Liverpool as I don't agree with the U21s being in it.
  9. Never seen the point in resting a keeper, other than to give the back up a keeper a run out. Do keepers get the same benefit from the rest as an outfield player?
  10. Another thread ruined and a good poster understandably royally pissed off. Any chance we can keep this stuff on Behind The Stands even if it happens at the game in question? It's fucking depressing.
  11. Manchester Schmanchester, no way they will brave the Spoons in the Eccles citadel.
  12. I'll keep this really really simple. I need a really good reason to boo my own team's players, main reason being it flies in the face of why I am there, I consider myself a SUPPORTER not a SPECTATOR. 'Taking the knee' is not a good reason to take against my own team's players no matter what my own views on it are. Personally I find it difficult to understand that someone's politics would get in the way of their support of their club and the players that represent it.
  13. Booing is at its core an attempt to silence an opinion and an expression. Which is poor but not untypical of the general mindset of those who profess freedom of speech but really just want to be free to offend those they see as 'other.'
  14. That parking lot would have alleviated congestion on the outskirts of paradise. Something which Joni singularly fails to point out, perhaps because it doesn't quite fit in with her blinkered view of the world.
  15. Just managed to get back in. All the best Happy and thanks to all those that have helped get the site back up and running.
  16. A Farage of Gammons
  17. Yeah I know where you are coming from Ronnie feels good to be excited about signings and getting our business done early. To be fair we did Sarce & Doyle early last year with the wage cap but brought a mixed bag in after that. Trust Evatt enough to think that wont happen this year.
  18. Aye it's a long time since January. 😂
  19. Luton and Rotherham have both gone straight through L1 in recent years so no reason we cant do the same.
  20. Iles mentioned on his podcast that Mason was in the directors box for the Exeter game.
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