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  1. Overplaying the City card cos someone's onto you? Not my words the words of top gear magazine.
  2. Solid performance, good win, rot stopped, clean sheet, 2 decent debuts. Plenty to be happy about toneet.
  3. Lee can't play forever and we can mix n match based on opposition.
  4. Bod used to love a bit of open mike in the Man n Sycthe.
  5. Ders more to Doyler dan dis.
  6. What yearsvwere you in 6th form there Rudy? I was in 6th form 97-99.
  7. Did your own research lead you to think that the sweets were safe? 😉
  8. I read we still had a sell on on Holding but KA cashed in thappearance/performance bonuses. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/19508834.bolton-wanderers-cash-bonus-newcastle-united-target-rob-holding-left-arsenal/
  9. Getting down to some choons with DJ Ashton.
  10. Gordon Sharrock came out with that line to me when I did work experience at the BEN and he taught the thumb headed news nonce everything he knows.
  11. Give your fucking head a wobble.
  12. But an international sports entertainment franchise built on the back of a plane crash, well that's pure Corinthian spirit of course.
  13. Taught me at Thornleigh too. Never had any beef with him personally but a lot of my mates weren't fans. RIP Tony
  14. Just heard the game is back on as Doncaster have intervened. YHIHF ITK
  15. He's the type of guy that will never settle down.
  16. Eoin Doyle does not have the makings of a Varsity athlete.
  17. My money is on HugeMongus or DubiousRoger
  18. They were in this league last season Stevie - they were in admin for a while. Very different side though, very different £££.
  19. Great work Matty and Mantra. Let's agree with the Ipswich fans and hope that full back that couldn't get a game for us isn't the mastermind.
  20. No Dawson was first season down when we finished with that good run when he was in the side. He missed the last game or two due to the loan rules, Freedman said he could have exploited some loophole but didn't and we missed out on the play offs. The infamous ' Rob Hall' Blackpool game.
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