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  1. Hahah Where is @Roger_Dubuisthe cunt?
  2. I thought it was Sheehan
  3. But then he did that shot and wasn’t far off scoring. Frustrating is how I find him, like they N’Gog we used to have.
  4. Felt good that goal back and equaliser, would have been immense if Dapo’s last effort ripped the net in half.
  5. Never boring being a Bolton fan. What a come back on a day when it just seemed that it wasn’t going to go our way.
  6. What are you on about? Are you saying the exits are down to what someone put on here?
  7. Forum full of grasses🤑
  8. Fuck off @Cheese& @MickyD I got it in before you 🖕🤣🤣
  9. I must be missing something?
  10. Thank you for not being cryptic.
  11. I think some people have to have a scapegoat. Seems that one particular poster who is pretty blind to what Doyle does has moved onto criticising the manager now.
  12. Oh well! Bring on Gillingham on Saturday. Are they any good?
  13. Quite and it appears to me to be by a one issue poster, like we’ve had before but on different topics, ala cuntodiet
  14. I thought he’d fucked off but was clearly just waiting Total shithouse cunt
  15. What happened to you pile of steaming red filth today you fucking cunt
  16. Fuckery fucking piss bastard sticks. Big wake up call today.
  17. Fancy meeting up?
  18. Where you flying in from?
  19. Which one is masquerading as rog then🤨
  20. I think that watching on the screen is different to being at the game as the view is limited to what the camera is pointing at. So I agree that it does give a different perspective. Out of interest, do you live miles away which is why you watch the matches this way?
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