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  1. I've seen the vids and read the news reports, I've still no idea what the hell was going on?
  2. we are, I spoke to the ticket office re my link problem and the lovely helpful lady said that we will be.
  3. Well I just tried to tag another user into this post and it just hangs. So I was going to put that Rudy's suggestion is far more appealing to me and gives me something to look forward to.
  4. The quickest ever turn around once they've realised how their decision could be interpreted. Which was for me that they are elitist bum boys and can do what they want and fuck the plebs.
  5. I got mine a few weeks ago and the links didnt work. Rang them and a helpful lady resent them and hey presto now in my phone wallet ready for use.
  6. Does this current shambles of a site allow that?
  7. the group of death was telling, took it out of the three qualifying teams. the engine dropped out of them on the 70 minute mark fuck off krauts😁
  8. https://www.fightback4justice.co.uk Have a chat with these
  9. I've had to change password and when trying to log in on other devices it just stays on the sign in screen and I cant sign in.
  10. Highly illegal for the obvious reasons of pollution, disease etc but this has gone on probably still does on the more remote farms and it causes all manner of problems when the skeletons are unearthed. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/fallen-stock
  11. This is a myth😔 Morizio, Cell 1564, West Wing, HMP Strangeways.
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