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  1. and six fingered dingle cunts
  2. A big physical side coming to boss and bully us on our own turf. Reminds me of the 90’s. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/16171920.amp/ Bring it on you inbred yarkshire cunts
  3. Them tractor locals are getting restless
  4. East Stand Upper is the place to be, we flick our snot onto the pessies and povs below.
  5. Whilst I find this a very interesting thread and looking at alternative views from other forums isn’t a new thing, I think that maybe there could be a playing to the audience from some of the comments posted. After all we have on here our own attention seeking look at me type of controversial posters. The DMB twat and hugecunt, spring to mind.
  6. Bollox decision on offside. We’ve been done over
  7. Nice cut inside by Gordon and great pass to Halfalion who slotted in it lovely!
  8. and what a header it was as well 😁
  9. Thank fuck for Fonz putting that header away
  10. @Rudyis a red! Im gutted, last time I felt this bad was when I found out the footballing genius Nicky Hunt is also a DMB
  11. Any links for this one? Doesn’t seem to be promising 😏
  12. The absence more proof that they’re not actually a Bolton fan. The question you put last season @MickyDre iFollow I don’t think was ever answered.
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