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  1. Well from the posters on here it could be hugetwatus jummypissboi ratshitman Think of any others?
  2. What a fantastic goal that was!
  3. That one was for them as well. Young Trafford misjudged the flight and went under it and their tall lad headed it wide
  4. Fuck that one were close
  5. Halfalion fouled and this could be it now
  6. Bodvisaddson on for Bala
  7. I’d say that Shrewsbury are looking the more likely to score
  8. Morizio

    Ipswich (H)

    From the highlights I now no longer think the first was offside. Does the second have a gaining an advantage from being in and offside position element?
  9. Morizio

    Ipswich (H)

    I think that Lee is a very consistent performer for us.
  10. Morizio

    Ipswich (H)

    After about 20 mins I think we started to get the bounce of the ball. I did think this was 0-0 all over it. Johnstone with a fantastic tackle at the end of the first half. Trafford looked lapsidasical initially but grew into it. Some good saves and that in the second half where he held it from the point blank range header. Suspicions of offside for our goals. A great win though! Bogey team for Ipswich Enjoyed it
  11. Easy spending other peoples money Even easier spending it in your own head
  12. I thought that the one on one save that Dixon made in the first half was immense. I’m also surprised to read that he is apparently 6’4 tall.
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