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  1. No twatting trains
  2. Survived it 😅 42/2
  3. Loved it! Great win. Progress again from the last couple of seasons
  4. Registered today so maybe the link will appear tomorrow
  5. Friend has just signed up and bought a ticket. Doesn’t seem to be a link to get the ticket. Anyone got any ideas? Can’t find a bloon or stairs to throw them down at the moment.
  6. Morizio

    MK Dons Away

    Gosh that was a great save from Charles.
  7. Make em play topless. Will stop all this nonsense. One side skins and the other painted Trial it on womens footie first
  8. Morizio


    Leigh Athletic still going?
  9. Morizio


    Rigid thinking evidence!
  10. In the legendary Colin Todd 99 points season I don’t think every goal was celebrated with same early enthusiasm when it was realised we were shit hot. and we really we’re fucking shit hot. I think expectation and anticipation can temper emotional responses.
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