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  1. Highly illegal for the obvious reasons of pollution, disease etc but this has gone on probably still does on the more remote farms and it causes all manner of problems when the skeletons are unearthed. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/fallen-stock
  2. This is a myth😔 Morizio, Cell 1564, West Wing, HMP Strangeways.
  3. Did you use the compound fracture as an ad hoc rest?
  4. Who was the bummer and bummee?
  5. Woman had new boyfriend and they had sex, while after she developed bad griping pain in her tummy area. Wouldn't shift so she went to the doctors who examined her and said you need to go to the hospital immediately. At the hospital she had an operation clearing all her tubing out. She’d been infested with some parasites that eat flesh normally on dead bodies. Her boyfriend worked at the mortuary.
  6. I’ve heard that the problem with these swinging sites is that is usually fat ugly birds up for grabs who lord it like they’re some sort of page 3 model princesses. Think of that monster in Farnworth with the xhamster profile and worm husband and you get the idea. Apps such as Tinder, PoF, bumble and badoo are apparently the way forward. Pretend it’s a relationship you are looking for, promise them the earth, fuck em and leave.
  7. Morizio

    Bull ****

    This match? Interesting line up which indicates that Bergsson maybe at left back? It was great fun but I now think that there was a degree of naivety about how strong top flight football was and just maybe a lot of those players weren’t quite premier league quality.
  8. Morizio

    Bull ****

    Greenie, the manny road north hero
  9. Morizio

    Bull ****

    When younger and higher education one of the fellow students was a former Bolton YTS player, he had some interesting tales. McAteer is from a boxing family. At the trial match he played with the YTS, his mum and family attended with a big banner saying “come on our Jase” Stubbs and Macca were heroes to the kids. Macca had a mobile phone and let one of the scouse YTS kids use it, who rang his mum and said “mar, I’m on Macca’s phone!”
  10. Morizio

    Bull ****

    Taylor was confident after the first leg saying whenever do you start a match 1-0 up. Greaves didn’t think we’d do it. Fuck off Wolves 😉
  11. Morizio

    Bull ****

    First leg of that play off match being discussed. Went to 1-1, then Venus put them 2-1 up and McDonald sent off.
  12. It seems very clear to me that you don’t know much life must be full of surprises for you on a daily basis
  13. A memememememe poster that the post review function sorts out. Cmon @Carlos surely there’s a threshold
  14. Fucking hell! Nothing like doing your research before plunging in🤪 I hope it works good🤞
  15. Shitewhite63 the bummer will chip in next to stick up for the bumdee ratshitman 🤣
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