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  1. I had it in April and ended up in hospital. It really floored me for weeks and I still can’t walk 50 metres without resting. It’s shit. My lad has just had a positive test but he feels ok apart from losing his sense of taste. I know one person who has died of it.
  2. I’ve mentioned before that I had Covid in April and still have breathing difficulties and tiredness even now, but I still wear a mask in every shop. Some people are like sheep, if they see someone not wearing one they won’t.
  3. Don’t normally post on here but Casino knows me and I work with a mutual friend of his. So he can verify it. Ive had Covid. Was in hospital April 13th with it and I’m still suffering today. Can’t walk 50 metres without being out of breath and I get extremely tired all the time. Its wiped me out for months. I’m middle aged with no previous conditions and never been ill. It’s definitely not a fake virus.
  4. . Was with you in the stand at Millwall, along the side. Mental. Was that the same year that there was trouble near the pool table in one of their pubs? Or was that a different year?
  5. They are using 31 empty milk crates at the back of the terrace ITK
  6. PP has given us a backbone. Other clubs are saying that we are really strong in the second half. That is due to organisation and plan B,C,D. I can remember people on here last season saying they would give anything for a 0-0 draw away from home. Granted we are a division lower but the same principles apply. COYFWM.
  7. His dad Neville Neville worked with me at Edbro in Bolton. He was a twat, just like Gary
  8. . Little Hulton lad got stabbed. Could be another Little Hulton lad who did it.
  9. Just a hunch. Anderson has got outside investors lined up (Saudis?) Holdsworth not so sure.
  10. For the City game we went in cars and had a curry on the curry mile before the game. Left our cars there for the game but the walk back after was eventful to say the least. We had to have our wits about us. Seemed like they were coming from all angles.
  11. . Come on Miami, this is going to be a good season. Get your coaches going again ????
  12. 60 million Turks flooding into Syria!
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