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  1. Whoever is singing the Bolton get battered song in east lower north end, please get in the fucking sea. Ta.
  2. An utterly fantastic day. 13k fans on and a genuine feeling of positivity about our club, it’s history and it’s forward journey. So glad my kids (8 and 11) have fully bought into following the wanderers, they loved it today. Very proud fan
  3. Can you send me the link too please? Tried everything here!
  4. Taking a pragmatic view, they just look calm and organised. We seemed all over the place today with too much side to side passing and no real creativity going forward. Just wish we hadn’t made our worst home game this season this one.
  5. This thread should be an interesting read tomorrow!
  6. This is fucking awful.
  7. Fantastic thread this, keep it up. It’s nice to see a lot of balanced views amongst the obvious partisan negative stuff. It’s also refreshing to see other teams noticing our renewed positivity and strength
  8. Any links here too please. Am down south so can’t tune in to local radio. thanks
  9. Does anyone know if the club shop is open from Monday?
  10. Andybarm

    Take Over

    You have to ask why sky sports keep giving him a voice? He’s clearly living on another planet
  11. Okay, figured out what the issue was last week when trying to purchase the game. I was trying to buy the match using my phone with roaming data. It wouldn’t let me presumably because my mobile account is a Uk one. Tried again today and still no joy. Went to a bar and logged on to their WiFi and it will now allow me to purchase the game so am good to go. Thanks for all the help. COYWM!!!
  12. We own the PA system that is hung from the roof of the stadium, that came with the original design. The extra PA that was installed around the pitch a few years ago was supplied as part of a deal with Saville AV from Salford keys. They were the AV company that supplied all the kit for most of the conference stuff that happens around the stadium on non match days. The stadium PA is very much out of date and possibly not very well maintained these days.
  13. Mounts, what do you mean by official site? I went to the bwfc ifollow page, the club page and the ifollow page and still didn’t see the option to buy a match pass. I did all this within the hour of the match starting. Where do I register my account (I have signed up twice now) Cheers
  14. Tried the live chat today and no one was on it, probably too busy watching the match ???? I’ll drop them an email during the week. Be interested to know if anyone did manage to get it working today..
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